Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Bhubaneswar Customer Care Telephone Number : omfed.com

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Company : The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd
Head Quarters : Bhubaneswar
Industry : manufactures
Service/Product : milk and milk products

Website : http://omfed.com

Customer Care Telephone Number :

Customer Care Telephone No. : 0674-2547119.
Fax : 0674-2540974
Email Id. : omfed AT yahoo.com

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Public Relation Officer, Omfed : publicrelation AT omfed.com
CSS, Omfed : cssomfed AT omfed.com

Contact Address :
The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd.
D-2, Saheed Nagar,
Phone No: 0674-2544576, 2546030, 2546121, 2540417, 2540273

Name and address of Dairy Plants :
Rourkela :
At./P.O : Luakera, Rourkela-9
Dt. : Sundargarh,
Tel./Fax : 0661-2651312
Email: omfedrkldairy AT yahoo.com

Sambalpur :
At: Godavanga, P.O: Kalamati,
Via : C.A.Chiplima, Dt. :Sambalpur,
Fax.- 0663-2571072
Email: omfedsbpdairy AT yahoo.com

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Balasore :
At./PO: Januganja, Via: Remuna,
Dt.: Balasore, Pin.-756003
Tel./Fax : 0678-224108
Email: omfedbalasoredairy AT yahoo.com

Dhenkanal :
At.: Paikadahikora,
PO: Baladia Bandha, Via-Govindpur,
Dt.: Dhenkanal.
Tel.-06672-243612, Fax.-06672-243211
Email: omfeddkldairy AT yahoo.com

Berhampur :
At/PO.: Ankushpur,
Near Kukudakhandi,
Berhampur, Ganjam
Tel./Fax.: 0680-24851288
Email : omfedbhmdairy AT yahoo.com

Jeypore :
At/PO: Umari,
Near Jeypore Railway Station,
Via.-Jeypore, Dt. – Koraput,
Tel./Fax- 06854-233446
Email: omfedjprdairy AT yahoo.com

Bhawanipatna :
At: Bhangabadhi,
P.O: Bhawanipatna, Dt.: Kalahandi,
Tel./Fax : 06670-235597
Email: omfedbpatnadairy AT yahoo.com

Keonjhar :
At. : Silisuan,
P.O.: Raisuan, Dt.: Keonjhar
Email : omfedkjrdairy AT yahoo.com

C.F.P (Cattle Feed Plant) :
At.: Radhakisorepur,
P.O: Radhadamodarpur,
Via.-Athagarh, Dt.: Cuttack
Email: cattlefeedplantomfed AT yahoo.in

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