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Tamil Nadu Amma Call Centre 24×7 : ammacallcentre.tn.gov.in

Organisation : Government of Tamilnadu
Service Name : Amma Call Centre 24×7
Headquarters : Chennai
Industry : Government
Service/ Product : Citizens Grievances
Website : http://www.ammacallcentre.tn.gov.in/

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Amma Call Centre 24×7

Amma Call Centre 24/7 is a single window IT enabled facility of government of Tamilnadu that acts as an intermediary between citizens and governement to enable expeditous disposal of grievances of Citizens through toll free number 1100.

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The Amma Call Centre located at Chennai provides information and Complaint Registery Services for the benefit of the common citizen with respect to all government services. We are providing information in Tamil and English languages.

How To Contact Amma Call Centre 24×7?

** Petitioner to call the toll free number 1100
** AMMA Call Centre associate to register the Grievance/Petition
** Two messages will be triggered simultaneously at once Grievance is registered.
** One message to the petitioner acknowledging the registration of the grievance along with a unique reference number.
** Respective GRO also to get an intimation message with petitioner’s contact number and nature of grievance.
** Mail with details will be sent to the Nodal officer on every day for their tracking to call the petitioner and resolve the Grievance/ Petition GRO can capture actual Grievances as per voice of the petitioner GRO to capture the closure comment in CRM given to them using their own username and password.

CRM Software

This is a CRM software that fits unique needs of effective Grievance Registry and Closure System. CRM is designed in such a way that would populate auto messages and mails to the respective GRO/Nodal officers once grievances are captured. GROs have got option to capture petitioner Grievances and close the same after contacting the petitioner.

Particulars about CRM Username and password-:
GROs are given with unique Username . Username would be the registered mobile number of the respective GRO. Password could be generated by OTP as a part of security. Each OTP password will be unique

Only the respective GRO who has been registered in the data base with their Mobile number would be accessible to the CRM

How To Use CRM By GROs?

The Citizen’s Call Center located at Chennai provides, information and complaint registry services for the benefit of the common citizen with respect to all Government services. We are providing information in Tamil and English languages

1.Field Explanation:
a) Reference ID:- Need to punch the reference which is getting generated for the grievances captured in CRM. This reference ID would be unique. Press the tab “CHECK” a few fields such as ‘Department’, District, Jurisdiction, Officer Number, Nature of compliant, Sub Type, calling number, Citizen name would be auto-populated once reference number is punched. This will not be editable and only for the reference

b) STATUS- This bar shows two options ie. CLOSED and TRANSFER.

c) CLOSED-GRO to select this tab when the grievance is closed. Before closing the grievance GRO to select the tab “DISPOSE TYPE” which will ask you to select either ACCEPT or REJECT. If the grievance is valid GRO to select ACCEPT and REJECT if its invalid grievance.

d) GRO-PETITIONER TRANSCRIPT::- GRO to enquire as to the nature of grievance with the citizen doing out call. Capture the grievance in detail for more clarity and in order to ease of resolution.

e) DISPOSAL-GRO to capture the solution given to the petitioner in detail as disposal comment.

f) UPDATE- GRO to click this button to close the grievances completely.

How To Transfer Grievances?

This option is created to transfer the grievance to the department concerned in the circumstances that the grievances was routed to wrong department earlier. GRO can select transfer grievances selecting department.

a) GRO to punch the reference number in the field “Reference ID” then select TRANSFER option in the tab-“STATUS”.
b) Citizens contact number and Name will be auto populated once reference ID is punched in CRM.
c) GRO to select which department the grievance to be transferred to (Tab- Department)
d) GRO to select grievance type (Tab-SubType). This is the type to indicate what kind of petition citizen has lodged when out called by GRO/ when identified it was wrongly assigned.
e) GRO to select District and Jurisdiction appropriately. These fields will not be reflected/populated in case the grievance to be transferred to HOD or department level.
f) Once these fields are selected, contact number of the officer will be reflected automatically (Tab-Officer Number)
g) GRO to capture the reason for transfer in the Disposal field.
h) Click the tab “UPDATE”
i) Now the grievance is transferred to another GRO/Department.
j) An auto SMS will be sent to the GRO whom the grievances is assigned to. Mail will be sent the respective Nodal officer as well.
k) Such transferred Grievances will be disappeared from the list of the GRO whom its was assigned earlier and will be added to the GRO to whom it was transferred recently.

There are five columns which need to be cross checked/updated appropriately prior to Closure or Transfer of the petition.

** Column#1- Call Centre description- This will show the grievance details told by petitioner while calling 1100 call centre. These are the details captured by call centre associate.
** Column#2-GRO Petitioner Transcript- GRO to call the petitioner and to probe grievance in details which has to be captured in this field (Grievance explained by the petitioner in detail)
** Column#3-Disposal- GRO to capture whether the grievance is valid or invalid. Reason to be captured if it is tagged under INVALID. If Valid and solution is provided to the petitioner, GRO to capture complete details of the solution provided.
** Column#4-Transfer- GRO capture the reason for Transferring to other department.

This empowerment is given only to the HODs. HODs can re-assign the petition as and when required if solution given to the petitioner by GRO is not appropraite.

There are two ways to reassign petitions:
Option 1: Reassigning single Grievance searching with the reference ID. Login->Click the tab ‘Grievance’-> Go to drop down and click ‘Grievance reassign’->Search grievance using Reference ID->HOD to capture the reason for reassgining in details->Click of the tab ‘Reassign’.

Option 2: Reassigning Multiple Grievances. Login->Click the tab ‘report’->Go to Summary report which will show Grievance details->Can see number of grievances->can select multiple grievances->Click on tab Reassign.

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