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Lime Road Gurgaon Customer Support Helpline Number : limeroad.com

Company : Lime Road
Head Quarters : Gurgaon
Industry : Online Shopping
Service / Product : Electronics,Men,Women,Baby & Kids,Home & Furniture,Books & Media,Auto & Sports
Website : www.limeroad.com

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Lime Road Customer Support Helpline Number

** Feel free to give us a call on our phone number +91-124-4420900.
** We are available Monday through Sunday between 10 am and 8 pm (except national holidays).

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Write to us :
** Come, discover, enjoy and do share your experiences with us at customer support.
** It helps us make LimeRoad better every day.

Other Queries

** For Order related enquiries/customer support please write to heretohelp AT limeroad.com
** For Scrapbook related queries please write to scrapbooks AT limeroad.com
** For corporate sales please write to sales AT limeroad.com
** For business queries please write to business AT limeroad.com
** For vendor queries please write to vendor AT limeroad.com
** For vendor queries click here
** For hr queries please write to hr AT limeroad.com
** For pr queries please write to pr AT limeroad.com

Corporate Address

4th & 5th Floor, Plot No. 48,
Sector 44, Near HUDA City Center Metro Station,
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001, India

About Us

We are passionate about finding things that rise above the mundane; that we think will catch your eye and arrest it. Moreover, to bring these to you wherever you are and whenever you feel you have the time to indulge a little.

So we created a company to bring you products you will fall in love with; to give you a chance to create your own space, to tap into those hidden talents and make your personal looks and collections; to help you share your creations with friends to get that second opinion, to inspire or be inspired; and to help you shop in a way that you will find mesmerizing.

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  1. I Return the product before7 days,and refund is credit in LR credit, but I want refund in my Bank account,plz reply me

  2. I purchased a Jeans under the offer “buy 1 get 1 free” but I received only one so I want to return this product.

    1. For any queries you can call to phone number +91-124-4420900.

  3. I have returned one casual shirt I ordered but still didn’t receive the refund so please refund the money in my bank account.

    1. For any queries call phone number +91-124-4420900.

  4. I want to return my order. Please help me.

  5. I bought shoes in offer buy one get one free on 3rd march 2017. I received my order but I received only 1 pair so please take your product and refund my cash.

  6. I want to return your product. Kindly refund my amount to my bank account.

  7. My order number is c0009641652s1. Please refund my money.

  8. I have cancelled and returned the product for order number 0008458475. However, the refund of Rupees 3257 has yet to be done. The toll free number has the IVR only and no assistant to help. No response would lead to a complaint in the consumer court

  9. How to return my order? My account is closed.

  10. I had to return my order and want to transfer the amount to my bank account.

  11. I want to return my product please call me.

    1. I want to return my order. Please help me.

  12. I returned 2 of the products that I ordered. I got refund for only 1 product. Please help me.

  13. I did not receive my order. Please return my amount or else I have a to take a legal action against you.

  14. I have ordered the brown leatherette sling bag and because of some reason I have returned the product by February 2. In Return tab its showing return picked but I didn’t get my money back. I have called the lime road helpline and told my order no. but it came as wrong. How can I get my money back? My order no. is 0008420229.

  15. How can I change my house number?

  16. I have ordered a T-shirt with offer buy 1 get 1 free but there are only one one piece of t-shirt. I want to get the refund of my money. My order number is 0008595390.

  17. How can I cancel my order?

  18. I want to return your product & refund my amount.

  19. I am a regular costumer of limeroad. This time I got the material is not good. So I want to return it. What can I do? Please tell me your procedure.

  20. I want to shop buy 1 get 1 free, round dail black analog watch but when I add it in my cart it shows only one item with showing discount, its means I can’t get buy 1 get 1 free, only single item will deliver if I order, can you clear this concept, and guide me how to get buy 1 get 1 free item?

  21. I ordered a casual shoes and formal shirt and I want to know my order is placed or not. Which date the order will come and my order no. is 0008537207.

  22. The product was not satisfactory, hence I would like to return it but the customer care number you have provided has not been helpful in any sense. Please help. My order no. is 0008400501S1.

  23. I want to change my shoes because it is very large.

  24. I want to return your product & Kindly refund my amount.

  25. Dear Sudhakar, Your Limeroad order 0008276726 is out for delivery today by our transport partner delivery_surface. Please keep Rs.549 ready to handover to the delivery boy. Sir, I had a book with jeans got a second when I had a free will

  26. I ordered casual shoes. My order no. is 0008224181. When will I receive the product?

  27. I have purchased one T-shirt but its size is very big. I want to change my T- shirt. My order number is 0008262920.

  28. I have ordered one Maxima wrist watch before 2 days. My payment is also got confirmed and I got the message regarding that. But I didn’t get any shipping message yet. Don’t know whether product has been dispatched or not or what would be expected delivery date. So can you help me with this?

  29. How can I return my received order?

  30. I ordered 2 Kurthas and 1 top on 22nd January. I received 1 kurtha and 1 top but I didn’t received the 3rd one. I want to know the status of my 3rd shipment.

  31. Please cancel my order numbers 0008184794 and 0008180850. Also refund my money back.

  32. My Order number is 0008067621. I have received my order but quality is not good. Please take return your material.

  33. I ordered 1 item on 18/1/17 twice by mistake but I did not get any information about confirmation of one time and payment debited from my account twice. Please refund my money.

  34. I ordered 3 kurtis on 8th January 2017 and I got confirmation that within 3-5 working days I will get it delivered. But I have not got it yet. Plus I got one call yesterday. He told it will be delivered today. Now there is no response and when I go to tracking details it’s showing cancelled. How can no one respond and cancel my order? My order numbers are S578437793544 and S578437649591. It’s more than a week now.

  35. I have ordered for two bags from lime road using my debit card for which the amount was also deducted from my account. But till now I haven’t received any order confirmation or order details. Kindly fix it. Please get my money refunded back to my account.

  36. When I am trying to contact IVR there is no response. Its been a month and I’m yet to receive refund.

  37. Tomorrow I have ordered the item and already paid from my debit but its not showing ordered anywhere and also have not got any message. They have deducted my money. Limeraod is fraud. Please return my money. I am going to complain on it or put a RTI.

  38. I want to return the product which I purchased from your company because it’s size is too large and not fitted to me.

  39. The product was not satisfactory. So I wanted my money refunded. Please return your product and refund my money.

  40. In buy one get one offer I ordered brown lofers shoes but I get only one set. I did not get another set.
    Order date : 29/12/16

  41. My order no is c0007556780s1. Please return my order.

  42. My order no is 0007433325.

  43. The product was not satisfactory, hence I would like to return it but the customer care number you’ve provided has not been helpful in any sense. Please help.
    Order no : 0007348010

    1. The product was not satisfactory hence I would like to return it but customer care number you’ve provided has not been helpful in any sense. Please help me.
      Order no : C0007706188S1

  44. Still I have not received my refund amount. My order id is 0007120430.

  45. How do I give my bank detail so that I can get my money back?

  46. There is no response to mail regarding return and refund. Phone numbers are not working. Kindly respond.
    Order no : 0007131307

  47. Let me know if you have any active customer care number. I have been trying for the last 1hr in the numbers mentioned in site but there is no response.

  48. My order was not placed and amount was deducted from my account.
    Kindly fix it.
    Otherwise I will treat it as a cyber crime.
    Order no : 020006551870

  49. I ordered a karti and because of its poor quality I returned it. But after return they are not responding for the refund. This is just disgusting. Please help me out.

  50. How do I get my refund amount in lr credits of returned order?

  51. My order is not completed. Please check and return my order package.

  52. Order no : 0006793392
    Please cancel my order immediately and get my refund in my account.
    Shipment was in the name of Arpit Banerji.
    Room no : 307
    Aryan residency
    Greater Noida
    Payment was done by me by debit card on 15-11-2016.

  53. My order is not completed. Please check and return my order package.

  54. My order no. is 0006573000S1. Please cancel my order.

  55. My order no. is 000653762. Please return my order.

  56. I am unable to communicate with limeroad customer care from their given number. All numbers are switched off. Limeroad is a fraud in accordance with the scenario that I have seen so far.

  57. My order no. is 000647591S1. Please cancel my order.

    1. Please cancel my order numbers 0008257162. 0008257204 and 0008256617.

  58. Please collect the Kurti which I purchased by Lime Road and refund or replace the other and please reply me as soon as possible.

  59. I have purchased a shirt by invoice no 00019379 dated Oct 4th 2016.
    My order no is c0005927739.
    My tin no is 07120271327
    AWB : 97216407
    Shirt is very tight.
    Please refund my money.

  60. Suryavanshi Shivaji

    I have ordered shoes on offer buy 1 get 1 free but today my order in Gati Courier nasik,satpur received only one pair. So I was not collected that parcel.

  61. I had worst online shopping experience cause of limeroad. I asked to defer the date of return pick up and it got cancelled. I have to write several times to heretohelp customer support still they wont reply. Hence I even tried reaching through phone but that was also no use finally i got help after emailing HR regarding the issue. And now I didn’t get my refund money and there is no reply to mails even if sent to hr. Why do you have customer support if you cant really help them. Worst company ever.

  62. I have ordered a bed sheet but now I want to return it as it’s fabric is very poor and completely different from the 1 shown in the picture. Kindly return it as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

  63. I have placed a return request and I got call from lime road. Do you want to return the order? I said yes I want to return as color is faded. And then very next day status of my return was changed to cancelled.
    May I know what does it happened?
    Order no is 0005383246.

  64. I received an order product code PC10446440/PNB S 32 Dark blue on 12 Sep 16 but the product received was actually defected. Kindly return the product and credit the amount.

  65. I want to return an order on limeroad but when I logged into my account there is no order to show. How can i return the product?

  66. I have ordered buy one get one Free, but its company can give only one product provide,and get full payment by me and finally I call Customer Care but all numbers can not be reachable. Totally fraud online shopping service. Please don’t purchase on this online shopping website.

  67. My order no is 0005353331S1. I had ordered in buy one get one scheme. You check is this buy one get one order or not? Otherwise cancel the order.

  68. Customer care number is not valid. Then how can I contact?

  69. Very poor quality of product in lime road. I had shopped shoe and your delivered invoice no is 00002630 but sorry to say that completely poor quality. So never I will go for purchase any thing from LIME ROAD.

  70. Please cancel my order number 0005322682.

  71. LimeRoad — Regarding my Order No. 0005143909
    Hi Limeroad team,

    The product that you sent under this order is not at all similar to one shown in picture. More over you had mentioned easy return and in more info no return on this product, its totally contradictory.

    I want to return this product as soon as possible. Please help me to solve this problem.

  72. Today I ordered a kurti from lime road. And now I can’t cancel it. Actually my sister ordered it without my permission. So please tell me the process how to cancel my order.

  73. I tried to order a top using my debit card. The amount got deducted from my bank account but the order was not placed. I informed about the issue in the ‘Contact Us’ segment, demanding a refund. But I have not yet received any response. The customer care numbers are either not reachable or respond in a language other than English or Hindi. Being a loyal customer of Limeroad, such an unprofessional treatment was not expected.
    Is there any other way to reach you people and to make sure that I get back the money that was deducted in an unjust manner?

  74. Dear customer care
    I have ordered buy one gat one free my order number 0005055633 but I had not received free one. Why ?
    Yogesh sharma

  75. Ravuri Vijaya Ranga Rao

    We have taken a product from your lime road. It is a hand bag. So we want to retake the money back as we does not like the product.

  76. I placed an order for wall clock a week before balance deducted from my account but not yet received the product or any relevant order from your side.
    Order no : 0004529852

  77. I called you on your office but it is a wrong number. I book my pant last 05 days before but on track status last three days in gurgaon place. Why limeroad not showing his contact number on web? Maybe this is fake site/ fraud ?
    Details of order no: 0004183430

  78. I always visit lime road but all the dresses I wish to purchase are of small size. I never get a dress of 4xl size. If you don’t wish to provide the dress then why do you send the notification. Very much upset with the service.

  79. Why customer care is not receiving my call?

  80. My order no is 0003652926. I return the product.
    AWB no : 60230962783
    When the money will be refunded in my bank account?

  81. I want to shop buy 1 get 1 free, but when I add it in my cart it shows only one item with showing discount, its means I can’t get buy 1 get 1 free, only single item will deliver if I order, can you clear this concept, and guide me how to get buy 1 get 1 free item?

    1. My order no is- c0007485473S1, but I have ordered buy 1 gat 1 free. But I had not received free 1. Why ? Please explained me its very urgent.

  82. I had returned the order on 1/3/2016.
    My order no is 0002844567.
    But till now I didn’t got my money back. Please help me to get the money back.

  83. Why are oyu so late to deliver my product. Your company is too irresponsible. I want my product immediately. During buying time there were no shipping charge but when ordered it was 79/charge.
    Order no : 0003006136

  84. I had bought a poly-laced Royal blue color gown. After it got delivered I returned the product, the amount has still not been refunded.

  85. I had ordered for dotted blue kurta online twice. How can you show the status as cancelled after taking my order, and also when I was available to receive my order on time? Do you guys fool people?

  86. You people just fool around public saying that there is a return policy foe every product we buy from lime road but the fact is that u people cheat us there is no such policy like that last time I bought two sarees from that one saree border was totally torn I tried calling u and even your return policy but nothing happened wastage of time and money again I bought two dresses for my daughter its the same thing one dress inner lining is completely torn. I think u people are trying to sell the damage piece with the good one by keeping the offer buy1get1free because both thing happened to me on this offer only

  87. Right now I was ordering from the section buy 1get1 free after filling all the queries while placing orders section came OPT may I know that what is this OPT. Without this I am not able to complete my order?

    1. For Order related enquiries/customer support please write to heretohelp AT limeroad.com

  88. I bought Mandarin collar printed kueta on 29 Aug 2015 on an offer buy 1 get 1 free. But I received only 1. Now my query is when I will get the next 1?

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