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Uttar Pradesh UP Police Helpline : uppolice.gov.in

Organisation : Uttar Pradesh Police [UP Police]
Service Name : Helpline
Headquarters : Lucknow
Industry : Government
Service/ Product : Police Services
Website : https://uppolice.gov.in/en.aspx

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UP Police Contact

Uttar Pradesh Police Helpline/Email

UP Police Helpline Numbers

Women Power Line : 1090
Control Room/ Emergency Helpline : 112
Fire Brigade : 101
Ambulance : 108
Child Helpline : 1098

UP Police Email IDs

Email For CCTNS Portal/UPCOP App Problems:

Email To DGP’s Complaint Cell/ Control Room :

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha:
Email: uppmsp[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in

Complaints Related To Cyber Crime:

Complaints Related Fire Services, NOC e-mail:

Complaints Related Traffic, Challan etc Email:

Email for IPS Data Problems:

Email for PPS Data Problems:

Web Administrator:
UP Police Computer Centre,
VII floor, Tower-4, Police Hqrs, Gomtinagar Ext., Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh,
Email : uppcc[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in

Email for Nominal Roll Portal Problems

Police Offices Email IDs

1. adgaco[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Anti Corruption Organization, Police, Lucknow
2. adgacoup[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Anti Corruption Organization, Police, Lucknow
3. adgcoop[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Cooperative Cell, Police, Lucknow
4. adgeow[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Economic Offense Wing, Police, Lucknow
5. adgfs[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Fire Services, Police, Lucknow
6. adghumanrights[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Human Rights, Police, Lucknow
7. adgint[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Intelligence, Police, Lucknow
8. adgisbf[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., ISBF, Police, Lucknow
9 adgkarmik[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Karmik, Police, Lucknow
10. adglo[dot]up[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Law and Order, Police, Lucknow
11. adgncrme[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G. (Police) – N.C.R., Meerut
12. adgphq[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Police Headquarter, Allahabad
13. adgptsmo[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G. and Principal,Police Training School, Moradabad
14. adgse[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Special Enquiry, Police, Lucknow
15. adgsecurity[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Security, Police, Lucknow
16. adgtelecom[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Telecom, Police, Lucknow
17. adgtraining[dot]up[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G., Training, Police, Lucknow
18. adgts[at]nic[dot]in A.D.G.,Technical Services, Police, Lucknow
19. aroadmin[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Administrattion, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
20. arocipher[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Cipher, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
21. arokarmik[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Karmik, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
22. arolegal[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Legal, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
23. arooperations[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Operations, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
24. arosignal[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Signal, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
25. arotechnical[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Technical, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
26. arotraining[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Training, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
27. aroworkshop[dot]rhq[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in ARO – Workshop, Radio Police HQ, Lucknow
28. aspephq[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Additional S.P. East HQ Police Headquarter Allahabad
29. asphqphq[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in ASP HQ PHQ Police Headquarter Allahabad
30. asphwphq[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Additional S.P. Hosing Welfare Police Headquarter Allahabad
31. atcstp[at]nic[dot]in I.G., ATC, U.P. Police, Sitapur
32. colkwaliganj[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in C.O., Police, Aliganj, Lucknow
33. colkwchowk[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in C.O., Police, Chowk, Lucknow
34. colkwmnr[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in C.O., Police, Mahanagar, Lucknow
35. colkwsrn[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in C.O., Police, Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow
36. coop_hq[at]nic[dot]in Co Operative Cell, Headquarter, Police, Lucknow
37. crstp[at]nic[dot]in Central Reserve Police, Sitapur
38. csknr[at]nic[dot]in Central Store, Police, Kanpur Nagar
39. ctjcplhqlu[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Joint Commissioner (Police) Commercial Tax, Head Quarter
40. cybercrime[dot]jl[dash]up[at]gov[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Jalaun
41. cybercrimeag[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Agra
42. cybercrimebh[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Behraich
43. cybercrimebi[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Bijnore
44. cybercrimebp[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Balrampur
45. cybercrimebs[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Basti
46. cybercrimebu[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Bulandshahar
47. cybercrimecd[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Chandauli
48. cybercrimede[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Deoria
49. cybercrimefi[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Firozabad
50. cybercrimegb[dash]up[at]nic[dot]in Cyber Crime Cell,UP Police – Gautam Budh Nagar (NOIDA)

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