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VIT Vellore Contact Address, Phone Numbers, Email IDs

Organisation : VIT Vellore Institute of Technology
Service Name : Contact Address, Phone Numbers, Email IDs
Headquarters : Vellore
Industry : Education
Service/ Product : Admissions, Examinations
Website : https://vit.ac.in/contactus

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VIT Vellore Contact

VIT Vellore Institute of Technology, Contact Address, Phone Numbers, Email IDs

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VIT Vellore Address

VIT Vellore Campus:
Vellore – 632 014
Tamilnadu, India
Tel: 91-416-2243091 / 93
Fax: 91-416-2243092

VIT Chennai Campus:
Vandalur – Kelambakkam Road
Chennai – 600 127
Ph : 044 3993 1555
Fax : 044 3993 2555

Admissions Office:
Director – UG Admissions
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore – 632 014,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone: + 91-416-220 2020
Fax: +91-416-224 5544, 224 0411
Email: ugadmission@vit.ac.in

Admissions Office:
Dr. Ramasubramanian V
Director – PG Admissions
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore – 632 014,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone: + 91-416-220 2188
Fax: +91-416-224 5544, 224 9955
Email: pgadmission@vit.ac.in

Dr.V.Samuel Rajkumar
Director – Placement & Training
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore – 632 014.
Tamil Nadu.
Tel: 0416 – 2202846
Fax: 91-416-2243092, 91-416-224 0411

International Relations Office:
Dr. C. Vijayakumar
Director – International Relations
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore – 632 014.
Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: 91-416-224 3118
Fax: 91-416-2243092

Key Officials

ChancellorDr. G. Viswanathanchancellor@vit.ac.in
Vice President (Chennai Campus)Mr. Sankar Viswanathansankar@vit.ac.in
Vice President (AP Campus)Dr. Sekar Viswanathansekar.office@vit.ac.in
Vice President (Vellore Campus)Mr. G.V.Selvamgvselvam.vp@vit.ac.in
Executive DirectorDr. Sandhya Pentareddysandhya.office@vit.ac.in
Vice ChancellorDr. Rambabu Kodalivc@vit.ac.in
Pro Vice-ChancellorDr. S. Narayananprovc.vlr@vit.ac.in
RegistrarDr. Sathiyanarayanan Kregistrar@vit.ac.in
Dean, AcademicsDr. Jayaraman Gdean.acad@vit.ac.in
Dean, Academic ResearchDr. Ramesh Babu Pdean.ar@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Advanced SciencesDr. Mary Saral Adean.sas@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Bio-Science and TechnologyDr. Pragasam Vdean.sbst@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Saravanan Rdean.scope@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Civil Engineering (SCE)Dr. Shantha Kumar Sdean.sce@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Chemical Engineering (SCHEME)Dr. Shishir Kumar Beheradean.scheme@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Electrical EngineeringDr. Sivabalan Sdean.select@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Electronics EngineeringDr. Kittur Harish Mallikarjundean.sense@vit.ac.in
Dean , School of Information Technology and EngineeringDr. Balakrushna Tripathydean.site@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Mechanical EngineeringDr. Vasudevan Rdean.smec@vit.ac.in
Dean, School of Social Sciences & LanguagesDr. Velmurugan Gdean.ssl@vit.ac.in
Dean, VIT Business SchoolDr. Subhashree Pdean.vitbs@vit.ac.in
Dean,VIT School of Agricultural Innovations And Advanced Learning ‘VAIAL’Dr. Babu Sdean.vaial@vit.ac.in
Dean (Freshers Affairs)Dr. K. Ramesh Babudean.fa@vit.ac.in
Director, Alumni AffairsDr. Elizabeth Rufusdirector.aa@vit.ac.in
Director, School of Architecture (V-SPARC)Dr. Jaffer A.A. Khandirector.vsparc@vit.ac.in
Director, CO2 Research and Green Technologies CentreDr. Senthil Kumar Adirector.co2@vit.ac.in
Director, Centre for Innovative Manufacturing Research [CIMR]Dr. Vasudevan Rdirector.cimr@vit.ac.in
Deputy Controller of ExaminationsDr. Murugavel Rdeputycoe@vit.ac.in
Director, Centre for Crystal GrowthDr. Ezhil Vizhi  Rdirector.ccg@vit.ac.in
Director (Event Management)Prof. A. Ruban Kumararubankumar@vit.ac.in
Director, Men’s HostelProf. S. Prabakardirector.mh@vit.ac.in
Director, Ladies HostelsDr. S. Sumathydirector.lh@vit.ac.in
Director, IIIPDr. M. Subajimsubaji@vit.ac.in
Director Centre for Biomaterials and Molecular Therapeutics (CBCMT)Dr. Geetha Manivasagamgeethamanivasagam@vit.ac.in
Director, Centre for Disaster Mitigation and ManagementDr. Nagamalleswara Rao Kdirector.cdmm@vit.ac.in
Director, Faculty & Staff WelfareDr. Margret Anouncia Ssmargretanouncia@vit.ac.in
Director, CNRDr. A. Nirmala Gracedirector.cnr@vit.ac.in
Director, International RelationsDr. C.Vijayakumardirector.ir@vit.ac.in
Director, Ranking and Accreditation(RAAC)Dr. Partha Sharathi Mallickdirector.raac@vit.ac.in
Director, Centre for NanobiotechnologyDr. Amitava Mukherjeedirector.cnbt@vit.ac.in
Director, Periyar EVR Central LibraryDr. Shanthi  Cdirector.library@vit.ac.in
Director, PG AdmissionsDr. Ramasubramanian Vdirector.pga@vit.ac.in
Director, PlacementsDr. V. Samuel Rajkumardirector.pat@vit.ac.in
Director, Software Development Cell (SDC)Dr. Anthoniraj Adirector.sdc@vit.ac.in
Director, Automotive Research Centre (ARC)Dr. Porpatham Edirector.arc@vit.ac.in
Director, Students WelfareDr. Mahindrakar Amit Baburaodirector.sw@vit.ac.in
Director, UG AdmissionsDr. Kalaichelvan Gdirector.uga@vit.ac.in
Director, Academic CounsellingDr. Sasikumar S
Director, VITOL-InstituteDr. Ramalingam Ccramalingam@vit.ac.in
Director, Academic Staff CollegeDr. Indu Raodirector.asc@vit.ac.in
Director, SPORICDr. Rasool Mrasool.m@vit.ac.in
Deputy Director, TIFAC-COREDr. Elangovan  D
Deputy Director, PATDr. S. Karthikeyansiva.karthikeyan@vit.ac.in
Deputy Director, International RelationsDr.R.Seenivasanrseenivasan@vit.ac.in
Deputy Director, VITOL-InstituteDr. Stephan Thangaiah I Sstephan.thangaiah@vit.ac.in
Deputy Director, Electrical Maintenance and Projects in-chargeDr. Palanisamy Kkpalanisamy@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Alumni AffairsKanish T Casstdirector.aa@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, VITOLDr. Srinivasan Rrsrinivasan@vit.ac.in
Assistant Dean, AcademicsDr. Anthony Xavior Masstdean.acad1@vit.ac.in
Assistant Dean, AcademicsDr. RA. K. Saravanaguruasstdean.acad2@vit.ac.in
Assistant Dean, School of Hotel & Tourism Management (HOT) & Professor in-charge of Guest HouseDr. Suvojit Gangulyasstdean.hot@vit.ac.in
Assistant Dean, Academic ResearchDr. Vivekanandan Ssvivekanandan@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, UG AdmissionsDr. Muruganandam Lad.ugadmission@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Academic ResearchDr. Sivanantham Sssivanantham@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Centre for Innovative Manufacturing Research [CIMR]Dr. Ramanujam Rramanujam.r@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, HRMr. Thirumavalavan V Rthirumavalavan.vr@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director IISDr. Kuppan Ppkuppan@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, International RelationsDr.Brijesh Nair A Nbrijeshnair.an@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, International RelationsDr.Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalibruk.ghalib@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Ranking & Accreditation.Dr. Vijaya Krishna Kariasstdirector1.raac@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Ranking & Accreditation.Dr. Sumathi G.Nasstdirector2.raac@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Software Development Cell(SDC)Dr. Balasubramanian Vvbalasubramanian@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Software Development Cell(SDC)Dr. Naga Raja Gnagaraja.g@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Software Development Cell(SDC)Dr. Senthil Murugan Bsenthilmurugan.b@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Software Development Cell(SDC)Dr. Vijayakumar Tvijayakumar.t@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Aarthy S.Laarthy.sl@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Gokul Kumar Kkgokulkumar@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Naiju C Dcdnaiju@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Priti Talwarpriti.t@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Sankar Ganesh Ss.sankarganesh@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Sharmila Nsharmila.n@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareProf. Subashini Rrsubashini@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Sudhakar Nnsudhakar@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Students WelfareDr. Sujatha Rr.sujatha@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, VITOL-InstituteDr. Mohan Kk.mohan@vit.ac.in
Asst. Director, SystemsMr. C. M. Mohan Kumarad.systems@vit.ac.in
Asst. Director, CC&MRMr. Arun Kumar Nadc@vit.ac.in
Asst. RegistrarMr. Kandaswamy Sharma Vara@vit.ac.in
Associate Chief Warden, Men’s HostelsDr. Sivakumar Sacw.mh@vit.ac.in
Associate Chief Warden, Men’s HostelsDr. R. Mohanasundaramacw.mh@vit.ac.in
Chief Finance OfficerMr. K. Baskarcfo.vlr@vit.ac.in
Chief Warden – Ladies HostelsDr. P. Deepa Sankarcw.lh@vit.ac.in
Chief Warden, Men’s HostelsDr. M. Shiva Shankarcw.mh@vit.ac.in
Controller of ExaminationsDr. Mohan Ganesh Gcoe@vit.ac.in
Nodal Officer for Institution of Eminence (IoE)Dr. Partha Sharathi Mallickpsmallick@vit.ac.in
Nodal officer for National Digital Library (NDL), National Digital Library of India (NDLI), VIDWAN and Indian Research Information Network System (IRINS).Dr. K. Adhinarayananadhinarayanan.k@vit.ac.in
Centre for Industry Institute Interaction (CIII)Mr. A. Balachandranciii@vit.ac.in
Co-ordinator, Entrepreneurship Development CellDr. B. Murali Manoharbmm@vit.ac.in
Finance OfficerMrs. A. Uma Maheswarifo@vit.ac.in
General Manager – Technology Business Incubator (TBI)Mr. A. Balachandranvittbi@vit.ac.in
Incharge, VIT Community RadioMs. Subashini Rvitcr@vit.ac.in
Assistant Director, Centre for Sustainable Rural Development and Research Studies [CSRD&RS]Dr. Sundara Rajan C R
Placement Coordinator for Non B.Tech UG ProgrammesDr. Anu Baiselanu.baisel@vit.ac.in
Placement Coordinator for Non M.Tech PG ProgrammesProf. Manikandan Nmanikandan.n@vit.ac.in
AICTE – Institute Induction Programme Cell coordinatorDr. S.L. Aarthyaarthy.sl@vit.ac.in
AICTE – Institute Induction Programme Cell coordinatorDr. N. Sharmilasharmila.n@vit.ac.in
AICTE – Institute Induction Programme Cell coordinatorMr. D. Parthibanparthiban.d@vit.ac.in
Purchase OfficerMr. Sasikumar Kpo@vit.ac.in
Physical Education DirectorDr.Thiyagachanthan N.Vnvthiyagachanthan@vit.ac.in

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