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CUTN Covid-19 Counselling Helpline : Central University of Tamil Nadu

Organisation : Central University of Tamil Nadu
Service Name : COVID-19 Counselling Helpline
Headquarters : Thiruvarur
Industry : Education
Service/ Product : Covid Services
Website : https://cutn.ac.in/counselling-helpline-numbers/

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CUTN Covid-19 Counselling Helpline

Central University of Tamil Nadu, CUTN Covid-19 Counselling Helpline

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Counselling Helpline Numbers

CUTN Contact

Central University of Tamil Nadu, Neelakudi, Thiruvarur – 610 005, INDIA
Telephone : +91 4366 277230
International : +91 4366 277230
Email : info@cutn.ac.in

Counselling Cell

The counselling cell of the university has been functional from January 20th 2020. The Counselling cell is executing its duties from the University Health Centre. The functions are carried out under the supervision of the medical officer. The counsellors are present in the Health Centre from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Students come from varying backgrounds and each individual carries their experiences along with them. Everyone faces problems/obstacles and everyone deals with it differently. Some are able to cope some aren’t. This is a space where students can discuss the difficulties faced by them or share their thoughts about a situation which requires clarity.

We assist students to asses their abilities, identify & overcome problems ,adjust better and enhance their overall mental health. The Counselling Cell strives to help students overcome mental health challenges /obstacles. We want every student to feel inclusive ,protected and cherish their life here and later on

Students can approach the counsellors to discus any issue that’s bothering them. The counsellors after assessing the issue provide individual counselling sessions. The duration and number of sessions are decided based on the issue.

The counselling cell intends to create a comfortable environment for the students so that they can open up without any apprehension. The Counselling cell has been established to enhance their mental health , reduce their stress and to nurture a conducive environment for growth and success.

Some of the areas explored in the cell are:
** Homesickness or adjustment problems
** Academic difficulties
** Unresolved conflicts
** Eating Disorders
** Body Image issues
** Low Self-esteem / Personality issues
** Family, relationship conflicts
** Anger / Aggression
** Sleep problems
** De-addiction
** Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviour
** Depression/Anxiety
** Thoughts and feelings of suicide

“The counsellor’s office is an open, receptive and safe forum to share any problem. There is absolutely no stigma attached to a visit to the counsellor’s office. The information shared by students will be confidential.”

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