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JSS Academy Mysore Student Support Centre Contact : jssuni.edu.in

Organisation : JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research
Service Name : Student Support Centre (SSC)
Headquarters : Mysore
Industry : Education
Service/ Product : Student Services
Website : https://jssuni.edu.in/jssaher/jssaher-academics/student-support-center.html

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JSS Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre (SSC) is a completely confidential service devoted to supporting the emotional well-being of students. The centre is Located in the JSSU Campus, Mysore, Karnataka.

The Student Support Centre (SSC) is a completely confidential service devoted to supporting the emotional well-being of students.

Student Support Centre Contact

Three Ways to Contact Us:
Visit the SSC during Office Hours for initial inquiries and to schedule an appointment.Student Support Centre is open from 10.30am to 1.30pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 10.30 to 2.00pm Saturdays

Call during office hours
Phone: +91 9448143137

Send us an email : ssc@jssuni.edu.in

SSC gives appointments in advance. Please factor in around 4 -5 days waiting period for appointments. We will make every effort to give you the earliest available slot. Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Support Centre Services

SSC offers the following services to its students
** Complete privacy and confidentiality in its services, unless the student permits disclosure. All files and records stay within the SSC
** First line of intervention and counselling for any issues that may be causing concern to you or anyone you know
** Appointments with trained clinical psychologists who have experience working with this particular age group
** Appointments and referrals, if thought necessary, to a visiting psychiatrist at the same Centre
** Website with relevant resources, information, emergency contact numbers, etc.
** Awareness drive and outreach programs
SSC does not offer emergency services:
Contact emergency services (JSS medical emergency ) when you or someone you know:
** is considering immediate harm to self or to others has just harmed self
** is undergoing extreme emotional or behavioural distress that is affecting normal day-to-day functioning.
** has alcohol or drug-related medical complications.
** exhibits sudden and acute behavioural or emotional changes.
** drop us an email: ssc@jssuni.edu

Student Support Centre Aim:
Aims to provide Comprehensive services under one roof to the students. JSS University is a university that is constantly striving to maintain international standards of excellence, certainly in academic output, but equally in the holistic emotional, mental, and physical well-being of its students.

The World Health Organization has identified depression as the single largest contributor and leading cause of mental and physical disability across the world. It is the second leading cause of death (by suicide) in the 15 – 29 years age group. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, a suicide is committed in India every five minutes and a third of all suicides in India falls within this age group.

The Student Support Centre has linked with the WHO campaign on raising awareness around mental health and aspires to contribute to public education about issues that affect young people, such as sexual abuse, suicide, and substance abuse. etc..

Student Support Centre Objectives

** To offer practical and constructive support to students in adjusting to a new environment as well as social or personal challenges that are specific to their age group and circumstances.
** To spread awareness about ways to cope with academic pressures that often lead to mental health difficulties, and to assist students with the academic concerns that emerge from dealing with any short or long-term health condition.
** To treat mental and physical disabilities as not merely a pathological problem but as a more complex situation that requires the care of specialists who offer constant support through long periods of treatment and recovery.
** To help combat the general social taboos associated with anxieties and depression on campus, and to foster a positive outlook among students.
** To establish the University campus as a student-friendly safe space that is sensitive to physical and mental disabilities.

** Mr. Vishwanath Prasad completed his Masters in Social Work, specialization with Medical and Psychiatry, (MSW) from Bangalore University, and has an M.Phil. in Social Work from Vinayaka Missions University, Salem, Tamilnadu.
** Mr. Prasad began his career in the field of Psychiatry Counselling. Since then, he has worked with Mentally ill Persons, Transgender, Abuse People, Trible Community Problematics Family’s, and Couples in Several Hospitals, NGOs, Rehabilitation centers and Govt. intuitions that deal with Mental Health and Wellness of each persons.
** We proudly say that he his the one of the Team member to implement MANO CHAITANYA Program : Integrating Mental Health into Primary Health Care in Karnataka.
** To the best of our Knowledge, it is the first Program dedicated to integration of Mental Health care in Indian Public Health Care (PHC) institutions and possibly worldwide.
** He aware about the Strength in Vulnerability. He Considers and Believes in Taking Therapies will heal person come out their Social and Psychological problems.

SSC Guidelines

** SSC operates on an advanced-appointment basis. Kindly factor in a 4-5 days waiting period for appointments.
** If you cannot make it at the time of your appointment, please inform us in advance (preferably, at least a day earlier) so that we can give the slot to someone else in need of it. If you wish to reschedule the appointment, we will try to give you the earliest available slot.
** If you miss an appointment, please note that the next appointment will be given only after a week.
** Please ensure that you are on time for your appointment to avail yourself of the full session.

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