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H & R Johnson Mumbai Contact Number & Email ID : hrjohnsonindia.com

Organisation : H & R Johnson (India)
Service Name : Contact Number & Email ID
Head Office : Mumbai
Industry : Tiles
Service/Product : Ceramic Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Industrial Tiles
Website : https://www.hrjohnsonindia.com

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H & R Johnson Contact Number & Email ID

Call : +91 22 40647300
Email Id : tiles.customercare [AT] prismjohnson.in

H & R Johnson Contact Address

H & R Johnson (India)
7th Floor, Windsor, C.S.T. Road, Kalina,
Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400098 India.

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FAQ On H & R Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions On H & R Johnson
1. What is Johnson Endura?
** Johnson Endura is brought to you by H & R Johnson (India) is the country`s largest manufacturer of Industrial, Pavement and Specialty tiles such as Cool Roof SRI tiles, MaxGrip ‘R-value’ tiles, Swimming pool tiles, Antistatic tiles, Antibacterial tiles, Tac Tiles, etc.
** Johnson Endura offers virtually all types of interior and exterior tiling solutions.

2. Why is Core Johnson Endura 10mm tiles recommended for paving & Exterior applications?
** Johnson Endura is a vitrified tile manufactured using special non-ferrous clays, processed and fired at ultra-high temperatures of 1170-1200oc.
** This process causes the raw materials to fuse and form a Compact mass with low water absorption of less 0.5% resulting in a very strong body (flexural Strength 35N/MM2) with a very hard surface (Mohs’hardness of 7).
** The surface of the tile is either Matt or textured to provide excellent non-slip property.

3. Which are the application areas recommended for Johnson Endura 10mm tiles?
** Johnson Endura tiles are recommended when there is a need to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and Functionality.
** With its comprehensive exterior flooring solutions, the 10mm core Johnson Endura collection Is ideal for garden pathways, terraces, automobile workshops, educational institutions, warehouses Skyways, supermarkets and virtually any other outdoor area that encounters heavy traffic.

4. What are the other advantages of using Core Johnson Endura 10mm thickness tiles?
The 10mm thickness adds to the toughness and durability of the product. Furthermore, the “Super-Grip” series, a collection of unique textured surfaces, offers excellent non-slip property thus making it an ideal choice for use in public places with high traffic.

5. What if any object falls on Johnson Endura Industrial? Will the tile break?
** Johnson Endura Industrial tiles can withstand normal impact.
** They have been tested in automobiles Garage where various implements and equipment often keep falling with no significant damage to tiles.
** However, the tiles are not unbreakable and hence the extent of the damage if any would depend on the weight and shape and height of the fall of the falling object.
** We, therefore, recommend a gap of few mm between tiles of easy maintenance or replacement in the event of any damage.

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