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MVVNL Toll Free Number, Contact Address : Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam

Company : Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd. MVVNL
Facility Name : Toll Free Number, Contact Address
Head Quarters : Lucknow
Industry : Power Station
Service / Product : Electricity Power Station Service
Website : https://www.mvvnl.in/post/en/contact-info?cd=NAAxAA%3D%3D

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MVVNL Toll Free Number

CCC Toll Free : 1912
Toll Free No. : 1800-1800-440
Phone No. : 0522-2208737
Fax No. : 0522-2208769
Mail Us : cccmvvnl1912[AT]gmail.com

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Contact us :
Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited
Head Office 4-A,
Gokhale Marg,
Lucknow :- 226001

How to Apply for New Connection?

Guidelines for Determination of Load in case of Multi-storied Building/Colonies
(i) For domestic – 500 watt per 10 sq. meters of the constructed area or requisitioned load, whichever is higher.
(ii) For commercial – 1500 watt per 10 sq. meters of the constructed area or requisitioned load, whichever is higher.
(iii) For lift, water lifting pump, streetlight if any, corridor / campus lighting and other common facilities, actual load shall be calculated.
(iv) The constructed area calculated for (i) and (ii) above shall exclude the constructed area arrived at in (iii).
(v) Following diversity factors shall be considered for determining the maximum demand:
a) Non Domestic Area: 0.75
b) Domestic Area: 0.5

1. Multistoried building means a building having three or more stories excluding basement.
2. For car parking area, staircase area and balcony area, 50% of the area shall be taken for calculating the built up/constructed area.
3. Water tank area and Chajja projection area shall not be considered for calculating the built up/constructed area.
4. In case the sanctioned plan indicates two or more buildings in the same premises or the colony they shall be clubbed together to calculate built up/constructed area.

5. In case only a portion of the building / colony is constructed as against the entire building/colony sanctioned as per plan, and as per the sanctioned plan the built-up area of building/colony is more than 500 Sq. Mtr. or requisitioned load is 25 KW or more, then in such cases space for transformer shall be given and power supply shall be arranged on L.T. basis by installing a transformer in his premises at applicant’s cost and also an undertaking shall be obtained agreeing to convert to H.T. in future, when the requisitioned load of the building/ area exceeds 50 KW .

6. If the requisitioned load of the M.S. Building is 75 KW, the transformer rated capacity shall be fixed to the nearest available capacity i.e., 75 KW / 0.90PF= 84 KVA or 100KVA which is the nearest higher Standard rating as per BIS. However if the transformer capacity so calculated does not exceed 15 % of the lower Standard rating, the Licensee can permit the erection of lower capacity transformer provided the requisitioned load is within the transformer capacity.

7. The Licensee can provide higher capacity transformer if found necessary to cater to other loads in the area, instead of the transformer of capacity indicated above, the extra cost being met out by the Licensee.

FAQs on Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam

What is the condition for converting existing single point connection to multi point?
Ans : Conversion of Single point to Multi point connection in existing building or in buildings under constructions, where electrical load was sanctioned on Single Point and installation of electrical work has been completed or about to complete, will be done only if 51 % or more residents/Occupiers/owners/ allottees are willing for such conversion

What about new Multi Storied buildings?

Ans : All new domestic and Non-domestic Multi Storied Buildings (excluding multiplex, marriage halls and centralized commercial air conditioned Multi Storied buildings) shall be given individual connections on Multi Point model.

What about the terms and conditions and rate of electricity in Multi Point Connection?

Ans : The terms and conditions of supply and rate of electricity for each consumer will be the same as the individual consumer provided in the tariff order issued by UPERC from time to time and no extra charges will be charged from the consumer. The electricity charges shall be based on meter reading from the electricity meter and no other charges (like maintenance, common area facilities etc.) shall be charge from the electricity meter.

What will be the impact of cost on individual consumer for such conversion?

Ans : The individual consumer will have to bear connection charges and cost of meter towards such conversion

Who will bear the cost of any change in infrastructure of Multi Story building for conversion from Single Point to Multi Point?
Ans : Any Infrastructure charges required in building to convert it from Single Point to Multiple Point has to be borne by RWA/Builder/Developer as one time cost.

Provisions of 13th Amendment shall be applied to which category?

Ans : Multiplex, marriage halls and centralized air conditioned Multi Story Buildings shall continue to remain on Single Point and accordingly kept outside the ambid of 13th Amendment. Initially the provision of 13th Amendment shall be applied on residential Multi Storied buildings. After completion of conversion in all residential Multi Story Buildings, conversion work in commercial buildings will be taken up barring multiplex, marriage halls and centralized air conditioned, commercial Multi Story Buildings.

How can one proceed for such conversion/continuing single point?

Ans : The RWA with authenticated document should approach the Executive Engineer of concerned Distribution Division regarding continuing single point/bulk supply or getting Multi Point Supply. Alternatively this option form can also be submitted to multipointmvvnl[AT]gmail.com.

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