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The Chandigarh Traffic Police 24×7 Helpline Number : chandigarhtrafficpolice.org

Company : The Chandigarh Traffic Police
Head Quarters : Chandigarh
Industry : Government
Service / Product : Public Service
Website : www.chandigarhtrafficpolice.org

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Chandigarh Traffic Police 24×7 Helpline Number

In case of any traffic related emergency, problem or complaint, please call at Chandigarh Police (24×7) helpline number 1073.

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You may also contact us at the following e-mails/phone numbers
DSP/Traffic (Admin. & East Zone)
Phone – 0172-2658504 7087239006

DSP/Traffic (Central Zone)
Phone – 0172-2740969 9779580959

DSP/Traffic (South, R&D & Road Safety)
Phone – 0172-2679515 7087239006

Insp. Admn INSP Yaspal -9876154849

Central Zone INSP Ashwani Kumar – 9815171160

INSP. Kapil Dev, South West Zone & also Incharge CCTV, traffic police website – 9779580959

INSP. Satpal Singh, East Zone – 9501022568 / 9815184717

South East Zone INSP Amrao Singh & I/C Facebook & Whatsapp Cell – 9779580913

I/C, CTP INSP Manju Sharma – 9779580916

INSP. Geeta Devi, I/C, Challaning Branch – 9915999775

Email: igp-chd AT nic.in

Traffic Signs & Road Markings

Traffic Signs :
Traffic signs are divided into 3 main categories
** Mandatory/Regulatory signs
** Cautionary signs
** Information signs

Road Markings :
** Road markings compliment the road signs. Markings are painted on the road to guide and regulate the traffic.
** White paint is used for carriageway markings and yellow is used to mark restrictions.

Hand Signals :
** Hand signals are given by traffic police to control traffic in special/emergency situations.

About Us

The Chandigarh Traffic Police was sanctioned as a separate unit distinct from District Police in 1974. It is headed by Mr. Maneesh Chaudhry, IPS, Senior Superintendent of Police/Security & Traffic, who is assisted by Mr. Rajeev Kumar Ambasta DANIPS, Deputy Supdt. of Police/Traffic, South(Admin & East), Chandigarh,Mr. Krishan Kumar DANIPS, DSP/Traffic (Central Zone), several Zonal Traffic Inspectors.

The city is divided into four sub-divisions (see map) and traffic regulation in each subdivision is done by a traffic team led by a separate Traffic Inspector. The internal administration of the traffic police is looked after by the Inspector (Administration), who is also the Incharge of the Chandigarh Traffic Control Room, from where the toll free traffic Helpline (1073) is operated.Another Inspector is posted as the Incharge of the Challaning Branch located at Traffic Lines, Sector 29, Chandigarh where the compounding fee for traffic challans is received against receipt.

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  1. This is to your kind information, That me and my family was driving from Dhanas to Mohali on Dhanas Marbel Market Road at 4:30 pm, between that I met with some police men who were there for checking the speed of the vehicle’s and one of them stopped me and said that I was over speed when I told them to show me your system where the speed is recorded, but they refused to show me that recording and they cut my challan. I was sure that I am not upto 60 but they were not able to listen at all. I and my family were harassing by them, but the police men was strict to his wordings and not listen anyone, he was very rude. So, It is requested to cancelled my challan either show me the proof of that recording.

    Kindly note my details:
    Car number: CHO1AS 2455
    Challan number :57425
    In the name of challan: Sumeet Singh

  2. Today I have been challaned in front of PVR central mall Chandigarh for taking U-turn. First a traffic policeman is started shouting at me then his senior asked for bribe. When I refused he added clause 27 for dangerous driving and I explained my one year baby was on the other side of road and she was alone with some stranger and how could I take 1 km long turn so I carefully took U-turn with care and he also physically threaten me and he was out of his senses. I said I took U-turn in extreme circumstances. My name is Hitesh Kaushik challaned on 1st March 2019. My car number is hro3s 2478.

  3. मैं एक ट्रक का मालिक हूँ मैं कुछ दिन पहले RLA मे फीस जमा करवाने गया तो मुझे कहा गया कि मेरे ट्रक HP13B4933 का 9 जनवरी 2014 का कोई चलान चण्डीगढ 47सेक्टर मेंं हुआ है जिसका चलान नंबर 46325 है,लेकिन मुझे आज तक ऐसे किसी चलान के बाबत कोई समन प्राप्त नहीं हुआ है। कृप्या करके मुझे यह बताएं कि उपरोक्त चलान के बारे में कहाँ से पता चलेगा और यह कहाँ जमा होगा?

  4. Back Mirror should be on two Wheelers because So many accidents took Place because of this.

  5. Received online Callahan. Very shameful. I was bit back from line and road was Empty. How traffic police follow rules and how we are following it seems very shameful impression. I feel Chandigarh traffic police a black spot in our system.

  6. I booked for jumping red light at night around 7:30pm, Infact the light had turned green. Now I cant get my licence, they said, it is suspended for 3 months. Very unfair.

  7. आज 27-10-2018 को चंडीगढ़ मे मेरा चालान हुवा जो बिल्कुल गलत है (मेरी गलती थी साइकिल ट्रैक पर मोटरसाइकिल चलाना ) लेकिन ट्रैफिक पुलिस ने मेरा चलान मोबाइल फोन चलाने का और मोटरसाइकिल कि लाइट बंद रखने का काट दिया जो सरासर गलत, है चंडीगढ़ ट्रैफिक पुलिस ये दोनो रीजन चलान के साबित कर दे. और जो मेरी गलती थी उसका चलान तो उन्होने काटा ही नही.

  8. I am coming toward IT park and my car stereo having to call feature and I am on call while driving as I am not aware that, Calling on the car stereo is also not legal.

    Traffic police stopped me and they are asking for my DL, as they want to challan due to call while driving. I told them, I am not aware of this, in future I will not do.

    I have one question if this is not legal, why companies are allowed to provide such system preinstalled in the car. This should be banned.

  9. I was driving in cycle track. Mr Daljit Sardar did my challan under rule 35. Then he also marked rule 27 dangerous driving I was coming with the speed of 10 KM. Can you tell me, why?

    1. Same happened with me in sector 34.

  10. I am a senior citizen and advocate. I was coming to sector 39 from furniture market. There was a naka for traffic violations. I was very comfortably driving at 55 speed. I was not stopped at naka but when I was to cross the naka a haryanvi constable without nameplate jumped in and very rudely cornered me like I was a criminal. I am heart patient and had bypass surgery recently. He spoke in a offensive and threatening language in spite of telling about myself and my health. I just asked him to satisfy me about overspending but of no avail. He seemed to be a communal cop having problem with a turbaned sardar. He forcibly took my driving licence and after handing it to someone else vanished from the spot the dealing officer was quite gentle. All this happened at around 4.45 PM today 9th September. I would like to bring this to the notice of seniors to take action. I still feel humiliated and shocked at such cop. The officer that issued the challan must be knowing that cop. Hope for redressal of my grievance.

  11. I salute Chandigarh traffic police for their management and for maintaining Chandigarh a neat and clean society but I have a query that the traffic lights on front of 16th Government Hospital, they display the timer only and only on red light but not on green and we have therefore given a challan on that too so please set a timer on green too its a humble request to do so.

  12. I am from Chandigarh, received a challan on 24/07/2018 and book number 5218 by Chandigarh Traffic police against car number CH03K0554 which was sold by me to Mr.Jaswant Singh, Chandigarh in year 2006 but I don’t know why traffic police still update seller’s and purchaser’s address. At least I contact to Mr. Jaswant and received a photo copy of RC. Now I want to ask a question that who will pay fine.

  13. Yesterday my Scooty was impounded by Chandigarh traffic police because I forget all document at Kharar in my resident. I showed all scanned copy of documents to office in my mobile phone by even that he impounded my Scooty.

    He asked me to go to court and release Scooty. When I visited court sec 43 today, they asked me to go to sec 29, then I go to sec 29, after paying Rs.300/- fee, they asked me to pick Scooty from sec 23.

    I have all documents available, at the time of challan I asked to give me 1 hour time so that I called someone to pick documents from home, but they refused. Everybody knows the reason because if I showed the documents how they earn extra income.

    Chandigarh Traffic police is really corrupt and harassing public.

  14. The traffic police is becoming to high headed these days! Neither they listen to you! Like today even when I was in my speed limit they still pulled me over and handed me the challan and when I insisted them to give me any kind of proof(as I was sure I had not crossed the speed limit) they just made me listen on the walkie talkie thing! You want to make money or likewise complete the number of challan but still at least don’t cheat the public! As simple as even crossing in the green light too they sometimes unnecessarily create problem! Someone should take action. Though they are a public servant but that does not give them the right to harass someone!

    1. You are absolutely right, in these days most of Chandigarh traffic police cops are corrupted and they behaves in very bad manner some times they pull over the keys from car.

  15. When traffic police puts up drunken driving nakkas at several locations in Chandigarh there is a huge jam there, and some body in the jam have an emergency, what to do? It’s a big question mark. Like, today I was with my wife who is pregnant, stuck in big jam at drunken driving nakka, I was blowing horn repeatedly, but of no use but instead when stopped at nakka, the police guys on duty started arguing with me that why I was blowing too much horn, instead they could have approached me in jam and help me out. WHO WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE SOMETHING WRONG WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO MY WIFE AT YOUR NAKKA POINT?

  16. What if anybody park their vehicle in such a way that my vehicle can not be taken out specially in market?

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