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Tamilnadu State Blood Transfusion Council Chennai Customer Contact Number : tngovbloodbank.in

Company : Tamilnadu State Blood Transfusion Council
Head Quarters : Chennai
Industry : Health Service
Service/Product : Blood Banks, Blood Donation,etc

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Website : www.tngovbloodbank.in

TN GOV Blood Bank Customer Contact Number

Phone Nos: 28190261 / 28194917/ Board No: 28190467 / 28190891
Fax No.: (Pd) 28190465 / 28193515/ Jd (Bs) 28191909
E-Mail: Bloodsafetytansacs AT Gmail.Com

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Contact Address

Tamilnadu State Aids Control Society
Tamilnadu State Blood Transfusion Council,
417, Pantheon Road,Egmore
Chennai-600 008,Tamilnadu, India

Contact Phone Number

Name Designation Phone Ext. E-Mail Id
Dr.C.N. Maheswaran.I.A.S., Project Director (i/c) 2819 0261 2819 0891 / 235 tansacs.pd@gmail.com
Mr. Sampath T Consultant (Voluntary Blood Donation) 2819 0467 2819 0891 / 406 sampathcd@yahoo.co.uk
Tmt. Sumathi T Quality Manager 2819 0467 2819 0891 / 406 qualitymanagerbs@gmail.com
Mr. Thangavelu T Quality Manager 2819 0467 2819 0891 /406 qualitymanagerls@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why one is not allowed to donate blood before attaining the age of 18 years?
Physiologically there is no harm in donating blood in the early age. The reason is legal, 18 being the age of consent in our country.

2. Why is my finger pricked before donation?
To estimate “haemoglobin” content in blood. This is the component of the red cells which transport oxygen in the human body to all the organs and tissues. If the level is low, it is not wise to give blood.

3. I’ve been deferred before. Should I try again?
Yes, you can, most deferrals are temporary–not permanent.

4. Is blood donation very painful?
No. Not more than a prick of an injection needle.

5. Does it take long time to donate blood?
It should take up not more than 20 minutes of time including time for rest and taking refreshment.

6. How much blood do you take?
Blood banks take only 350 ml of blood as your gift of love.

7. How often may I donate blood?
You may donate once in 90 days (upto 4 times per year)

8. Why 3 months interval has been stipulated though donated blood is recuperated within 21 days?
As an additional precautionary measure for safety of donor.

9. What is the liquid in the bag into which the blood is taken?
It is called anti-coagulant and prevents the blood from clotting. It also helps to preserve the blood cells. It is known as CPDA (Citrate, Phosphate, Dextrose, Adenine) solution

10. Why the above laboratory tests are not performed before donation?
As per Government of India norms test to be carried out after the donation

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