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WOW Express Customer Contact Number : wowexpress.in

Company : WOW Express
Industry : Courier Service
Service/Product : Delivery Service
Website : www.wowexpress.in

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WOW Express Customer Contact Number

Interested in knowing more about the most happening logistics startup in the country

Email : Write to us at info AT wowexpress.in

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Innovative Logistics Kolkata Contact Number

Contact Us: +91 8080 122 000
Time : 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Other Contacts Mail ID

Business Inquiries: info AT wowexpress.in
Investor Relations: jayesh AT wowexpress.in
Join our Journey: wowjobs AT wowexpress.in

Service Marshals :
** With nearly 5 decades of cumilative experience in the field of last mile delivery , e-fulfillment, warehousing, e-commerce and customer service, the founding team is extremely passionate about the business and is working towards realising their dream of building a company with a ‘Soul’, a logistics company that is most valued not just in India but across the globe.

** So, If you are passionate about e-commerce or logistics or customer service & have the ‘Cheetah’ within you – We invite you to be a part of this trailblazer ‘WOW’ team.

Contact us : at wowjobs AT wowexpress.in

About Us

Because there’s no other expression on earth that in one single moment expresses ecstasy, delight and amazement! And those are the emotions we know, are going to be seen on the faces of all our customers, partners and employees. These are the sounds of exclamations from overjoyed and delighted voices as we move ahead with a carefully crafted personalized service and technology innovation that will create not just ripples but waves!

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  1. Shashi Kant Dwivedi

    Hi Team,

    I want to take your Franchise in my area Robertsganj up 231216. Please Suggest me the process.

  2. I ordered from nykaa but still haven’t got any attempt of delivery neither any executive contacted me. It shows an attempt was made to deliver the product at 1 a.m. i.e., midnight. If you are so lazy to complete your kras why not sit at home. And let it be someone who can take the job seriously in your place.

  3. Siddharth Kumar Sharma

    Respected Sir my self Siddharth Kumar Sharma belong to district gopalganj Bihar sir l looking a new company courier franchise for gopalganj city please sir can you help me.

  4. Sir, we have 3 offices, their addresses and delivery pincodes have been shared with you. If you give us the opportunity to do business, we will be obliged to comply with all your conditions.

    1. Sir/Madam pls update

  5. I ordered my products from Nyka and this poor shopkeeper courier the products from this wow courier ( the worst service ever ) and it always says that CONSIGNEE is not available while I am eagerly waiting for the call and my courier.
    I complain to Nykaa also but they didn’t listen also.
    Till date, they haven’t delivered my courier and keep on saying that consignee not available while I am at my home all day and night.
    Even customer care numbers does not respond and cut the call in just 5 mins waiting.

  6. OOOPS.. Despite WOW being so notorious, not sure why the companies still get to choose WOW for their deliveries. We ordered a product from NYKAA, the product is never delivered to us; but the system shows delivered. There is an OTP sent by WOW, but the system marks it as delivered without getting OTP from the customer. Pure cheats!!

  7. I ordered a product from NYKAA,,wowexpress didn’t deliver my product,,,but the status has been showing that the order is delivered.but I didn’t receive any product.i complained it many times,,no one bothered,,,,waste of money,,,I lose my money,,fraud people,,,,very worst courier ever

  8. Poor servie,,
    nyka order nyx-55667076-9137678 showing that courier partner attempted to call me bt I didn’t replied.Even I didn’t got any call. I haven’t received my courier its already 9 days

  9. worst service…always late delivery

  10. worst service…

    NYK-55288237-1743964 , delivered today by
    WOWEXPRESS , AWB #C01006855160 ,
    That delivery man is worst ever , he didn’t wanted to enter in my house , didn’t carefully listened my address instructions , his behaviour was so rude , unprofessional and he even threat my mother !!! He Threatened my mother that he will complaint in office against her so she would not be able to order further again and i would not be able to order on any other online sites also , no other online delivery service will deliver me in future !! What is this ??? I didn’t expected this kind of unprofessional and threatening behaviour from the most loved women brand !! This is the height of such behaviour of a delivery man !!!
    Please take an action on my complaint . I am expecting better service from you . Please do not send him in my address . Hope you will understand .

  12. Complete fraud and cheats. You shouldn’t run a delivery service at all. Your tracking shows my Nykaa package AWB P01007526414 has been delivered on October 27, but no delivery was made to me at all. No delivery person even called up for the OTP. I have mailed twice, but you have not even acknowledged it. I called up at least four times and got through to cust care executive once who said someone from the Kolkata office will contact me but nobody has done so till now. It was my mistake that I chose to pay before hand. Now my money is lost.

  13. very bad service

  14. Worst delivery service. My package from Nykaa was to be delivered by Wowexpress. For 3 consecutive days I would receive test message in the mory that the package is oit for delivery, but at the end of the day it would say delivery failed. But no-one contacted me. The second incident happened when my package, again from Nykaa was in the city for 3 days, but was not delivered until the fourth day. My third package again is due for delivery again from Nykaa, it has been out for delivery once and then again at the end of the day it said delivery failed. I did not receive any calls again. Not again this morning I have received a message saying reattempt delivery, hoping it gets delivered today. The customer service number keeps you on hold, cannot talk to any service agent. It seems like Wowexpress doesn’t want to improve their services as they keep on giving same experience to the customers. Please go for other services but not Wowexpress. Wowexpress is the worst delivery service provider.

  15. I am to receive a parcel from Meesho, the parcel was never attempted to be delivered but shows that 3 attempts was made, and customer refused, customer no answer, when I wasn’t even called, which is a lie. If you are so lazy to work then sit at home.

    1. HI Team

      Still not attempt but system showing attempt So please support my tracking ID CC0004338367

  16. I have ordered from mesho and the order no is is 53244023_1_7eb and AWB CC0004307561 should be delivered from wow express . I got message out for delivery again they have sent undeliverable . I am trying to contact through email and phone no response at all . No one picks the calls or lines are busy the worst worst worst service I have ever seen the name should be worst service

  17. I placed an oreder AWB CC0004274299 on 12th oct,20 and was expecting to be delivered on 16th oct,20 but haven’t received till yet.

    On tracking, it says consignee didn’t response. Neither i received any call nor any message regarding the order , still i’m waiting for your call. I got a phone no. on message but when i’m trying calling to this number, it says number is invalid.ARE U MAKING A JOKE?

    I’m very disappointed by the service provided by you. Even i raised my concern through mail but didn’t get any response.

    Kindly, have a look to this case and take some quick action.

  18. Very very poor service

  19. worst worst worst worst service bcoz of wow express my client disappointed. Its been 2 weeks since your tracking system is showing the product is in the city. Then why still not yet delivered? nonsens. bcoz of wow express my customers spoiled relationship.

    1. Exactly worst workers ever

  20. Such a pathetic service. I tried calling their Customer Care number for more than 100 times….it never got connected.

  21. I have ordered from mesho and the order should be delivered from wow express . I got message out for delivery again they have sent undeliverable . I am trying to contact through email and phone no response at all . No one picks the calls or lines are busy the worst worst worst service I have ever seen the name should be worst service

  22. Worst service 😠 don’t have manners to receive calls why you fellows are working I don’t understand

  23. Very worst service they are not giving on time even they are not receiving calls even if they will recieve they will only say u will get and delivery man are also like that I got one boy number for enquiry but his number is switch off very bad service

  24. Pathetic behaviour/Unsafe for women …. The delivery guys were so rude to me didn’t even came to drop my Parsel at the exact location. The way they looked at me was kinda scary. Idk what were they whispering about with each other after looking at me. It made me so uncomfortable and felt really very unsafe.

  25. Very bad serivce my document is not delivered did not come to my address and send the document retune that it’s very bad

  26. This wow express cheating the customers

  27. Worst service. They do not contact with us but mention in their statement that customer was not available. Liars

  28. Very very bad service and irresponsible Delievery boys.Pls improve your service as soon as possible.

  29. Vry bd delivery service late delivery and erisponsibel delivery boy
    Call the custom coming in half n hour bt after tht didn’t go nd said thr customer we unavailable. Our order gets cancel thn

  30. Vry bd delivery worst worst. Delivery boys r also the same category without going without informing they say customer was unavailable nd order gets back nd order is going cancel gain nd again.They r liars . They called the customer nd they gave all the information after tht diliveey boy didn’t go there to give the order or didn’t answer the customer calls.

  31. Worst service from wow express. i have never face such problem I’m facing from wow express. Nothing wow here. The worst logistics services.

  32. Worst delivery services provided by WOW EXPRESS…. my parcel is with them since 4 days and they are putting up false report that the consignee is not available and is not responding… Though I havent recieved any call or message from their side :( Kindly be particular and improve your services for a better future of the company.

  33. Pathetic service i’m so angry with this service For past 3 days every morning its shows out for deleivery message and then every night it end up as failed delievery..there is no phone call no attemps of delievery and after 3 days my order has been returned without my permission ..i contacted through contact no. , them they listen to problem and then cut the call..i request plss don’t waate customers time like that and why bug companies like nykka is collaborating with such irresponsible service

  34. Pathetic Services. Courier not delivere yet. I do not know how are they surviving in the marker

  35. Where is my order.no that is AWBP01006578484 and order no is NYK49954223-7506145. I made several call to your contact no.And answer is. All executives are busy we shall give u call.

  36. orst service ever it showed me out for delivery yesterday and they told that I customer was not available which is not true delivery. Even they did not call to customer and today the delivery partner showed me that refused the customer..

  37. Dear Sir, Greetings of the day

    Please deliver my Product within 1 hrs am order some product from meesho for my customer but still now it not delivered customer is too angry bcz tomm. Rakshabandhan he wants this product so please deliver immediately. My AWB N. is CC0003838438


  39. Unprofessional attitude of staff, speek very badly seems uneducated staff, no knowledge. There is no Wow factor dont have contact no. Of there staff even i.e courier delivery boy/ executive. Land line no. No one picks up, no one answer e- mails.Work on it.

  40. Worst Delivery Partners,they dont deliver the courier on time and shows fake details while tracking they did not deliver my courier and it has sent back to warehouse,never ever trust such Apps

  41. Frauds
    Cheaters etc they are why this company is still using by the leading brands. Stop making your customers troubled.

    Please all who have bad experince register a consumer complaint on this wow express delivery and also on companies who are using them as thier delivery partners

  42. Worst delivery partners ever. I never recommend using this crap

  43. Indra Kumar Vishwakarma.

    Hi Team ,
    This is regarding my courier with shipment AWB#CC0003685958 ,
    This was out for delivery on 20th may 2020.
    I got a call from one of the delivery boy ,and he informed me that he will be coming by 2PM ,but he didnt came and now he is not receiving my call.
    When i tried his number from my another number he received and told me that the product was not good so i kept it in my office.When i asked why you open the box than he cut my call.
    Please help

  44. not accepting calls,for complaints


  46. I didn’t get my order on time, worst service ever of wow express

  47. P01005989419 where is my order

  48. Whenever my courier partner is wow express I know I have to do several follow ups for the same. I have order 2 products at nykaa 1 was delivered by blu dart even they called me that I received that or not and on other hand wow express don’t even called me.
    I’m still waiting for my order please revert that where is that Oder and when I can receive it. How many times and how many days I have to follow up for my Oder. I’m really fed up from wow express, this is not first time I’m facing this problem every time wow express do this. I request to nykaa team to remove wow express from your delivery partner. Kindly inform my delivery status. Do I receive my Oder in this year or not ?

  49. Worst service ever it showed me out for delivery yesterday and they told that I wasn’t available which is not true delivery for nykaa

  50. Your NYKAA AWB#P01005758055 is out for delivery and will be delivered today by WOWExpress. Please don’t make any additional payment for delivery charges…where in the hell is my order..

  51. The worst delivery service. I am following up with them from last three days but from there side they dont take initiative step. Still i havent received my order.

  52. I Have a courier with wow express service. very worst in service. the contact persons number is not there. the delivery person number is there but not picking the phone call. very very worst in service. kindly check what happen about my parcel.
    AWB#BBC002623. useless airway bill number.

  53. Varnika Shrivastava

    My order from nykaa has arrived from last 10 days and i didn’t get it till now. Please tell your dilevery man to contact me and dilever my order ASAP. My order id – NYK-40189693-6001897. And please provide me number pf dilevery man.

  54. Wow express my order from nykaa nyk-39437239-6338796 is not delivered on time…my shipment is shipped in my hub Ranchi or not….when I get my parcel….

  55. yesterday my product of nyakaa is out for delivery but i have not received. very poor service.

  56. Such the worst delivery service ever. Every one is facing the same problem, consignee not available. If you cannot do your work then shut down your ridiculous company or i could say that you people are stealing our orders by not delivering our products. Its not wow express. Its thief express

  57. Below msg show me but not delivered very poor service

    Your NYKAA AWB#P01005419158 is out for delivery and will be delivered today by WOWExpress. Please don’t make any additional payment for delivery charges।।।।।

  58. such a worst courier service,, this should be changed by Nykaa or else it will adversely affect their business, if this delivery delay will happen again to me I will never order from Nykaa….

  59. I need a response right now… i tried calling your number but no use… scuh a pathetic service that you provide to your customers… fraud people you are

    I have order a product from Nykaa on 21Dec2019 and i got a msg stating that the product is out for deliver and after sometime i got a msg that product was deliverd

    I have not received any call from the delivery boy at all and i dont know to whome he deliverd.. later today when i was tracking the product i found the delivery boy number and tryied calling him and found that the number is not in service

    How can you people cheat like this …. i want call from you my tracking no NYK-39090587-5005135

  60. Wat kind of service is this, my parcel from nykaa. Is out for delivery since two days ,nd at d end of the day it says consignee not availble,although im waiting for it all day. Very bad service, even delivery person number not availble, i tried to find out the number through tracking number but that number says ,its wrong number. Very disappointed,it could be urgent parcels also . This kind of service is disgusting,nykkaa should stop from wowxpress.. Very bad.. If ur person dont want to work plz shut down ur company.

  61. Worst courier service… I ordered from nykaa(order no NYK-38218601-8142165) wow express AWB# no P01005068190 from last 3 days getting mgs..product out for delivery and then I get a mgs consignee not available, wherein whole day am at home.courier boy do not take any attempts to deliver the product at my address from the last 3 days.Today I call the courier boy (getting his no from wow express website by tracking my order no)…..He misbehave with me regarding this product delivery….Useless service from this courier. Nykaa do not use this delivery partner. Wow express should look after abot this matter because their delivery agents just play with their reputation

  62. I have never experienced such kind of experience with any courier service,but wow express is pathetic ,the products which I have ordered was shipped from Bangalore itself on 26/10/19 but still the status is on transit ….the products which was imported have been delivered to me on three business day’s but inspite of the products shipped from Bangalore they dint deliver either update in the tracking and have to call the customer service million times who never picks the call I wonder even they exist or not

  63. Order IDNYK- 33711189-4674797
    Delivery Partner WowExpress
    AWB Number P01004604573

    I placed an oreder on 12th oct,19 (payment done online) and was expecting to be delivered on 14th oct,19 but haven’t received till yet.

    On tracking, it says consignee didn’t response. Are you making any joke? Neither i received any call nor any message regarding the order , still i’m waiting for your call. I got a phone no. on message but when i’m trying calling to this number, it says number is invalid.

    I’m very disappointed by the service provided by you. Even i raised my concern through mail but didn’t get any response.

    Kindly, have a look to this case and take some quick action.

  64. I have ordered products from nykaa NYK-32693281-7294815 on 29 sepetember and i payed online for this
    And i got message that out for deliver deliver but the courier not even one calll he did to me.till eveng message came delivered failed bcoz customer not reciving calll AWB P01004444858 today is october 10 no update nothing regrding products and courier guy. Just fake
    Nykaa support should take update for deliver products i have called them many time nd they also.said to reattempt but from wowexpresss which is not at all wooowwww…….cheater
    Before i order products but always did COD thot dis time i wll do online payment…but forget that if prodcuts not get then our money waste..bcox nobody wll do nthg nor nyka nor wow express….now wll.never do online payment never ever …..bcoz in COD they come for cash bcox they neeed money after giving products
    If payment online for them no wory they got money now products deliver or not
    Not their concern…….worstttttt service………..

  65. My NYKA order no NYK-31534460-7011930 which should be delivering by the WOW courier AWB no P01004343124 , the message is come to my phone that the order should be deliver on 15 SEP 2019, at Around 16:12 I got the message that your order is delivered but no delivery boy came to my address to deliver the parcel than I track the shipment the number which was given on the tracking details us switched off, kindly provide me my order as soon as possible

  66. This is my a/w no P01004044078.When are you gonna deliver the product.It has reached my nearby area 4days ago when are you planning ti deliver it. I don’t even go outside and cancelled my chores because of the fear that my product wont be delivered. Stop playing and start delivering the products.

  67. This is regarding sanpada branch of wow express .. and about my parcel from nykaa stores which is to be shipped to my place at cbd belapur.. Why my courier delivery is getting rescheduled again n again without my confirmation or without contacting me ??
    Why no one is contacting me or attempting delivery at my place ?
    Why no customer care number is responding ??

  68. AWB NO : P0059065454
    My order with Zivame on 6th august,it suppose to reach me at my office in between 10am-5:30pm on 11th august,i am kept on following up with the excutives nobodyis providing proper details on tracking its been out for delivery since yesterday but i did not recieve any update from the delivery boy.
    i want my shipment to be deliever on urgently on above mention time.

    Very poor service you are providing,Unhappy customer!

  69. Such a worst service.. the courier person is not even calling and writing as office is closed whereas my office is open till 11pm everyday.. such wrong commitments made by helpdesk executive also.. when called at customer care they are saying our person will call you within half an hour and it’s been more than 1hour bit still no call is received. Also when I tried to call at customer care the number is showing in waiting for more than 3 minutes From Saturday onwards I am waiting for my parcel to come. I have paid the amount prepaid.but no one is there to solve the issue.

  70. My order from nykaa has yet not been delivered and the delivery boy updated that consignee is not available and is not picking up the calls.
    They didn’t call me, didn’t attempt to deliver my parcel. I had placed the order on 4th of Aug and today is 10th Aug.
    When you people cannot deliver any product to customers then why are you even working? What’s the purpose of running a delivery company when you do not deliver any parcel?
    Pathetic service.

  71. My order from Nykaa has not been delivered. No information. It is showing failed delivery even when the courier person did not contact me (or) come to deliver. I don’t know what you are upto. What kind of a courier company are you running? It is even more disappointing to see that Nykaa is not taking any steps to change their incapable delivery partner. I am sure not to order from Nykaa till they take some action against this courier company. Where is my order?

  72. Your services is really awful. You make customers fool by putting remarks on non delivery. Repeat attempt Nobody call me and add status that customer asked for future delivery, even not responding and all other reasons of not delivering products on time. If you can’t run your business better to close your services.

  73. AWB#P01003613930
    Courier Company: WOW Express

    Your services is really awful. You make customers fool by putting remarks on non delivery. Nobody call me and add status that customer asked for future delivery, not available/Consignee not responding etc and all other reasons of not delivering products on time. If you can’t run your business better to close your services.

  74. This is the worst delivery experience I’ve ever got. I had ordered from Nykaa and delivery person didn’t even call me and updated the status as not able to reach to the consignee. And not just once it happened thrice.

    I just saw it happened with many other people too and they know very well about it that’s why they don’t provide contact details of the Courier person in any messages or tracking too.

    Nykaa you really need to change your delivery partners as M super irritated because of this and surely other customers would be as well. I am honestly not going to order from Nykaa again until they take any action on your delivery partners. Nykaa’s products are very good and trustworthy but this is going to effect your purchase too for sure.

  75. Worst experience. My order has reached my city. Yet the delivery person has not delivered and upon that these idiots sent me a message that I had requested future delivery which is a lie. This had happened several times before also. And I had told nykaa people not to dispatch my products through wow express so many times. If you don’t have any business sense. Just shut down and sit at home.

  76. Kindly let us know the status of my below tracking number and order number on priority:-

    Tracking ID :P0001252070
    Pickup Date :13/06/2019
    Origin :NEW DELHI
    Destination :DELHI
    Status Time :14/06/2019

    Shipment Arrived at OKHLA (Destination Branch)WOW Fri, 08:15
    Bag inscanned at OKHLA (Destination Branch)WOW Fri, 08:08
    Gate Pass Closed from DELHI HUBWOW Fri, 06:20
    Gate Pass Created for OKHLA from DELHI HUBWOW Fri, 06:19
    Bag Ready to dispatch from DELHI HUB (Destination Hub)WOW Fri, 03:50
    Shipment inserted in bag at DELHI HUB (Destination Hub)WOW Fri, 03:49

    Shipment Arrived at DELHI HUB (Destination Hub)WOW Thu, 23:38
    Bag inscanned at DELHI HUB (Destination Hub)WOW Thu, 23:34
    Gate Pass Closed from PAHARGANJ BranchWOW Thu, 19:11
    Gate Pass Created for DELHI HUB from PAHARGANJ (Origin Hub)WOW Thu, 19:08
    Shipment inserted in bag at PAHARGANJ BranchWOW Thu, 19:04
    Pickup Done from PAHARGANJ BranchWOW Thu, 19:01


  77. They provide worst service to their customers. My package was not delivered to me as delivery guy said he was not able to contact me but the guy never called me. WORST EXPERIENCE.

  78. I have been waiting for my order from NYKAA. AWB Number is C01003531278. Neither any delivery person came nor any SMS. While I checked in Nykaa shown as refused delivery, which is totally wrong. Please arrange delivery asap. Also why don’t you provide any contact number of delivery and re-confirm by call if delivery person has given the message for refused delivery.

  79. I missed my delivery because that guy not even called me and lied to nykaa. Worst service I have ever seen from any courier. Nykaa please figure out your delivery process.

  80. I have ordered on 12th June, delivery status is out for delivery, however no delivery boy has arrived as of now, worst delivery service ever. My order number is P01003398141. Deliver it ASAP.

  81. Worst online shopping web site.

  82. The worst and waste delivery service I’ve ever known. I have ordered from NYKAA and got for delivery on 7th of June. From then I am keep tracking, but there is no proper response and I even called the service center. They didn’t connected the call too and I didn’t got any call call from any delivery agent. NYKAA management should look into this issue with delivery. Worst experience ever.


    1. Till now, I did not receive my shipment and any call.

  84. I have been waiting for my order from NYKAA. AWB Number is C01003340508. Neither any delivery person came nor any SMS. While I checked in Nykaa shown as refused delivery, which is totally wrong. Please arrange delivery asap. Also why don’t you provide any contact number of delivery and re-confirm by call if delivery person has given the message for refused delivery.

  85. My order from Nykaa has not been delivered to me since 9th May. I have been calling up Nykaa but they are not responding.

  86. In respect of this order number NYK24087248-4631383, I have placed my order on 2nd of May 2019, and today is 11th May, so we can consider it as almost 2 weeks but still I haven’t got my order. I have been noticing this this type of pathetic delivery service from long time, every time WOW EXPRESS, the courier company do the same irresponsible stuff.

    You chose world third class courier company ever neither they are picking up calls nor they are taking complaints and coming to nykaa customer service, you only assure us that you have forwarded my concern to the relevant team but nothing happens. I have been chasing nykaa and wow express constantly for urgent delivery but nothing is happening.

    Infact, I cant even track my order from the nykaa app itself, how pathetic it is. Isted of execution, I am receiving poor customer service.

    Please train and tell your courier company to call at least if they cannot attain a delivery. This is minimum common sense one should have to inform via media. Nobody has enough time to sit back at home and wait for the parcel to arrive without any information.

  87. I am waiting for my order from 12 days. Order ID is NYK-24360530-1777886 and AWB is C01003309770.

  88. Worst Service.

  89. Delivery boy started yelling at me when I asked him to come at second floor for delivery, he was not ready to come at 1st floor even, as I was in office and my mother was at home who can’t walk properly and also the delivery was made 10 days late. Worst service provided.

  90. What a wow service wow courier is providing! I had ordered products from Nykaa and till now haven’t received because your courier boy has mentioned-couldn’t able to contact on given number which is such a lie because now I see that this is a tendency of wow express courier service to report like this. Others are also suffering from same shit. Can you guy deliver the products as soon as possible?

  91. My order is not delivered but showing not delivered due to customer not responding. Worst service ever.

  92. I have ordered a product from nykaa on 3rd May and there is no delivery till now and delivery boy is not calling and it shows failed delivery. I want my product immediately. Worst site.

  93. It’s been more than 20 days and I haven’t received my order yet, it should be delivered to me today but now the status says it will take more days to deliver, I have to attend the wedding so I’ll be going out of town, could you please deliver it to me by tomorrow, I believe the parcel has arrived Gurgaon warehouse. My tracking ID is P0104138297. I can’t check the status online because it’s not showing anything. Kindly deliver the product to me by tomorrow, I.e 12th of May’2019

  94. Wow express in Lucknow is worst! My courier arrived at Lalkuan on 7th May &amp from 9th of May, no updates about my parcel. It is to be delivered to Hazratganj which is near to Lalkuan and these people don’t even bother. There is no contact number and they are not updating on the order status too. Worst courier service I have come across. Will be escalating the matter to consumer care.


  96. Worst delivery service. They don’t even provide contact number of delivery boy. I have ordered product from Nykaa. It was out for delivery on Saturday 4th May 2019. But daily I am getting one message that product could not be delivered. And nobody is taking proper steps. Nykaa please change your delivery partner. Worst people are working over there. They are running some Fraud business.

  97. I ordered from Nykaa, 3 days back but I have still not received the order. I got a notification from WOW Express that the consignee was not responding even though no attempts were made to contact me. My tracking number is P01002795092 and SHANAZAGN Prakash was supposed to deliver the package. The order is prepaid and this is so disheartening to know that Nykaa doesn’t have appropriate tie ups with the deliver service. Also provide the contact number of the deliver boy when the package is out for delivery.

  98. This is ridiculous. I always have a problem with your courier service. I got a message yesterday at around 11am saying that my product is out for delivery with no phone number of the delivery agent included in the message. I was home all day, I did not get any call and at around 10:30 pm I got a message saying that my Nykaa shipment has been delivered. I called Nykaa customer service and Wowexpress customer service both say it is delivered. This is very misleading and worst customer service. I have been asked to wait that I will get a call back. I need to know where my product was delivered.

  99. Yesterday, I received message that my courier is out for delivery but I didn’t get a call from courier guy. The same message, I received today it is out for delivery but I don’t receive a call from the courier guy. From past 2 days, I am waiting at home thinking I will receive my courier but I am wrong. I need my courier by tomorrow that is 15th March 2019. My AWB number is P0104127224.

  100. I find both Zoylo and their Wow shipping are cheaters. I placed order number 000009602 for medicines with Zoylo on 6th March 2019. The order was confirmed and there was no information of delivery time. No Response for my repeated
    calls and hence order was cancelled by me. Received conformation of cancellation of the order on 8th.

    Surprisingly, I received SMS from WOW on 13th that my order will be delivered and keep the money ready. When I tracked the AWB Number of WOW, It is found that the parcel was shipped on 9th and was at delivery point on 10th. They are trying to deliver and found incomplete address.They have been trying to deliver from 19th to 13th march in vain. This is very ridiculous and both the companies are unreliable.

  101. Your courier boy did not call my number, he was mentioned as I am not available in home, he did not come to my house. How to mention as I am not available in my home? Please train the delivery boys as if he did not get the address just make a call (or) at least give missed call. This is worst service I ever seen. Please SMS your courier boy number to me then I would be able to call him. My tracking number is PP0001408921.

  102. How idiotic people you are! You messaged me that I will be receiving my product today and again messaged me that I am not responding the call.You didn’t even call me once about the order and make a blame on me that am not responding? So, cheap you guys and your services. If I don’t receive the product by tomorrow I will definitely take a legal action on your company and the guy who has to deliver my product will surely face the worst. So stupids you are!

  103. I have received a message (Dear MR AJAY JAKKOJU, your BMP EGROUP ‘s shipment with AWB number P0186120755 is out for delivery and will be delivered today by WOW Express). Then I checked the status for the same and status is showing that my products have been delivered and also got message (Dear MR AJAY JAKKOJU,your BMP EGROUP ‘s shipment with AWB number P0186120755 is delivered to you at 17:45:25 by WOW Express). But I haven’t received any product. I want my products to be delivered tomorrow otherwise I will force to take legal action against this courier company.

  104. AWB number is P0260009321. I got a message yesterday around 5:30 PM that my courier is out for delivery and after some time got another message that delivery attempted at your office address and your office is closed and attempt timing is at 2:30 PM. What the hell is this man? Courier is out for delivery 5:50 PM and delivery attempted 2:30 PM. Why they guys are doing like this and you are not providing any contact number of delivery boy. I want delivery boy number who found my office closed.

  105. My order track ID P0104123055 is out for delivery on 21st February 2019 but they update on their site that consignee not available infact I received no call from your courier, it is annoying. Now my order is in reattempt mode I will wait till 22nd February, afterthat surely I will file a complaint against you people.

  106. Really bad service. I ordered products worth thousands from nykaa and the delivery was failed saying wrong address. They didn’t try to contact me at all. When I contacted nykaa they said courier partner will help and the courier partner WOW EXPRESS said nykaa will help. So pathetic. At least provide me the number of delivery boy.

  107. Really poor service. It is my 4th parcel which is not delivered and the courier partner does not make any efforts to call leave a message (or) contact in any way. On Nykaa, it shows that your contact number is switched off whereas I never even switch off my phone. It’s been such a terrible experience I have tried every possible way to reschedule the delivery but no efforts are being made by the courier company.

  108. Sent a parcel to Mr. Siva Kumar who is in Chennai with an order from Rediff.com. The tracking information says it was out for delivery on February 16 at Nugambakam and the employee’s name is V. Koteshwaran. The last message says UNATTEMPTED on the same day. Today is February 18th night and no information about package delivered. This order is to be delivered to a store. Their work time is 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM, Monday to Saturday. Kindly deliver the package at the earliest. It is important. The airways bill number is P0001249336.

  109. It is a worst courier company. I have received a message that my products have been delivered but I haven’t received any product this how they treat there customer very bad service and never order anything from this courier service. AWB# P01001938060. I want my products to be delivered tomorrow otherwise I will force to take legal action against this courier company and nykaa.

  110. I had my package delivered today and I sent one of the domestic workers at my home to collect the package at the gate since I wasn’t at home. She didn’t bother to look at the amount which was just 86 rupees but I gave her Rs.200/- hoping for a change of Rs.110/-. The courier boy named Inderpreet Singh (I checked online who delivered my parcel) somehow managed to convince her that the change to be given was 10/- and left with an extra due amount of Rs.100. Although it seems like a small amount but you should at least tell your guys to be responsible enough. This is so unprofessional.

  111. Worst courier. I got message “sorry could not deliver as house locked”. In reality house was never locked. Delivery boy never bothered to come. Surprising that reputed brands like healthkart are hiring such courier companies. Pathetic.

  112. My AWB number is P01001840229. I received delivery failed message number of times. Please provide me the contact number of your delivery man soon (or) else I will file complaint against nykaa and your company as well. Amazon, Flipkart are delivering orders at my address but you guys saying it as incomplete address. Worst and dumb service I have ever seen. Very disappointed.

  113. I have ordered some products from nykaa but without any attempt to delivery I got a message saying that I requested for a reschedule. I never did that. Pathetic service at least provide the number of the courier guy. What kind of a service do you provide? and top of that your customer care number is of no use at all. My order number is C01002361505.


  115. This is the worst courier and I should say it is all fraud being done by Nykaa and wow express. I have placed an order in Nykka and I got a message telling wow express will deliver it. When I checked my order status it was showing as delivered while I never received any products (or) call from the courier company then how can they deliver my products to anyone without even calling to the person who has ordered it. Customer number always tells as it is busy. Please don’t order any thing in Nykaa (or) wow express couriers. I just want my products (or) else I will file a FIR against your company that you guys are fraud and taking others money without providing them the service that you guys are being paid for.

  116. I have ordered some product from Nykaa. My order number is NYK-18862240-6333514. Kindly provide the courier boy contact number. Yesterday without calling, it said product undelivered. Courier person should call and inform about it. We are at home all time. So kindly provide the delivery person contact number.

  117. Worst service. When I track my package, it says undelivered future delivery. I am pretty sure I didn’t get any calls. I paid extra 150 bucks for faster delivery and still it has been 5 days and not delivered. The product reached my nearest location of wowexpress on Sunday and today it says undelivered-future delivery. Track code is PP0001369698. I am looking forward to delivery as soon as possible.

  118. My order got cancelled without letting me know. I waited for whole day just to receive the parcel and now they are saying that delivery got canceled because customer refused to accept. How am I supposed to know if nobody is calling me to collect at my door step. At least give us number of that delivery boy. Worst courier service.

  119. I live in Mysore and I had ordered from Limeroad. Everything reached me on time. My mode of payment was COD and I paid the due amount to the Wow courier boy. He said, he will come back and return the change. He never came back. I have called him many times. His phone is either switched off (or) not reachable. Very bad service.

  120. My order is out for delivery from destination hub but it has been 3 days already and I haven’t received it. After 7pm the status shows failed delivery, incomplete address. I ordered another product and it was shipped 2 days later through blue dart and it arrived on time. Then how is it possible that one courier service can reach the location which I provided and your service can’t and you quote the reason “incomplete address”. This is very disappointing! And this issue is faced by most of the people.

  121. Worst service delivery person with contact number +919663034463, this unprofessional person had collected Rs.400 extra apart from the parcel amount. My parcel account number is with AWB# C002756536. Delivery is at Mysore location. Actual amount is Rs.1198/-. Please take necessary action on such unprofessional executive and keep your organisation pride.

  122. Worst courier service I have ever encountered. I had ordered six articles from Nykaa. Twice I received a message that the articles would be delivered that day but in the afternoon, I received a message that delivery has failed whereas no one contacted me for delivery details. Delivery boys are lying.

  123. I had ordered some items from Nykaa. Order Number is NYK-18318478-7278427. Without the delivery boy turning up, message displayed that delivery failed. Pathetic service. If wow express is unable to carry on with courier services, should shut down. Even Nyka customer care is pathetic. No prompt response.

  124. Courier boys don’t even attempt for product delivery, still give a feedback that they could not locate the address. Customer keeps waiting because he/she receives a message saying product out for delivery. Later courier boys don’t attempt and sent back the product to the company saying location was not found. Why do we order online if there is no proper service for home (or) office delivery?

  125. Courier Document ID P0186056898 is not delivered but to our surprise, we found that delivery tracking is updated as Consignee refused. If it is not delivered to us then we are going to write our consignor M/s IOB Apollo Munich Health Insurance about this and will take it up further.

  126. AWB Number is P01001594269. The courier boy should call if there is any problem in delivery. It directly says delivery failed without making an attempt (or) else you should provide us courier boy’s number.

  127. One of the worst courier service on this planet. Product was not picked up from vendors place for 3 days which caused a delay. After that these people take 12hr+ to deliver the shipment which is well within 4kms of their storage place.

    When called to esquire response provided was they follow route wise delivery so obviously it will cause an delay I mean I would have delivered a product to Delhi form Bangalore in 12 hrs and these people fail miserably to deliver within 4 kms.

    Advice to Nykaa and general public drive your self to the place of delivery than relaying upon these guys. At least your product will reach well within the stipulated time.

    PATHETIC and OBNOXIOUS is a small word to describe this courier service.

  128. I had ordered from Nyakaa. I received a text message that I was not available so they were not able to deliver the consignment. How is it possible? Am I going to get dream that my consignment arrived (or) am I going to wait at the doorstep for my consignment?

  129. My tracking ID is PP0001349361 and according to the Infibeam online mobile vendor, my product will be delivered within 2-4 days. It has been 4th day and my order is still at the same place where it was on the day 1. Could you please provide an ETA?

  130. Worst experience ever with this courier service. One rude executive called me and asking about the address as I explained him the route and I mentioned about coming upstairs and deliver the package as I was unwell but he straight away denied to do so. Next he called me to come and pick up the parcel, I came out of the balcony and saw no one there, called him twice but he didn’t receive. After a while I called him he said he has been to the address and called me but I didn’t pick up the call whereas I got no call from him. Later I called him back requesting to deliver the package as I will not be available the next day now he gets really rude and started arguing with me saying “if I say something, being a customer you should remain silent, you shouldn’t call me and ask” on a pathetic note its a mere delivery boy saying me so. Look at his attitude. Dear Wowexpress are you working along with such mannerless people? It’s an utter shame. AWB is #P01001445328. Take proper action.


  132. Such a bad courier service, I had never seen. My order from nykaa to be delivered by the date 27th, now its 29th till now I am waiting for it but yet not delivered and on the status of nyaka they have written that they didn’t find my place. This is not my first order from nykaa. The delivery person even don’t contact me.

  133. Such a worst service. They won’t inform you prior for delivery. If there is any problem regarding address the delivery boy will not call you and they leave note that you were not available. Delivery executive number is not provided and there customer service centre is totally shit they will tell you the time which they want and your parcel won’t be delivered and it’s a courier partner with nykaa, worst experience.

  134. Such a faulty company WOW express. I am supposed to get my parcel from Nykaa on 26th November. Today 28th November & please send me the contact number of delivery person to customer before the products out for deliver. Because sometimes I am not available in home. I will be available after 5 PM and my AWB number is P01001320835.

  135. I had a prepaid order from Nykaa that had to be delivered, which initially got delayed by 10 days then said failed delivery. No one has ever contacted me regarding the delivery nor any attempt was made. After lodging a series of complaints with Nykaa I finally received a call from these guys. After explaining my ordeal and being promised of the delivery in a day, they had the odasity to return my order without ever contacting me about it. Worst possible service ever. Externally unprofessional. Laid back. Irresponsible.

  136. I have ordered products from Nykaa, it was supposed to be delivered today and I got a message saying that Dear Shreyshi, Sorry to have missed you. We attempted delivery of your NYKAA E-RETAIL’s shipment with AWB number P01001285656 at 12:31:36 but could not be delivered because Consignee not responding. Whom to contact now to get my delivery?

  137. Very bad courier service, I have ever seen. My order from Nykaa shows that it has been arrived at Ahmedabad on 16th November, today its 18th November still I haven’t received it and courier company contact number also not available on website. I am also working with service provider company. And if courier is arrived at Ahmedabad so it will take maximum 24 hours to deliver at your place. I don’t know why Nykaa using this type of courier company. It can impact the reputation of Nykaa also.

  138. In the tracking time, it shows 11:44 AM. They arrived to my home and no one is there to collect the package. But I received the message around 12:48 PM that your shipment is out for delivery and will be delivered today. Then I received the message around 6:03 PM that state (around 11:44:19 could not be delivered because Future Delivery). It is ridiculous why the courier person not called me when he reached my home? I am just went to the shop near to my home which is walk able distance around 100 ft.

    If I received the message after 6:00 PM with all these details, How can I contact the customer service? If I contact, it says the default message that this service will work on 9:30 am to 6:30 pm only on Monday to Saturday. I have planned to give this product as gift to my loved one for this Diwali. After all why can’t you share the delivery person contact number to me? If I order a product in SWIGGY & Zomato for Rs.80, they are having my contact number and I am receiving the delivery person number too. Its Shame of your service and I am in very very bad mindset after I got this message from your company after 6:03 PM.

  139. Such a faulty courier company wow express. I am supposed to receive my parcel from Nykaa & it is dispatched from Nykaa on 11th October. Today, 16th October, I am tracking the courier & its showing me, it is returned. Neither I got a call from the courier person nor he reached our office. I request Nykaa, please change this courier company.

  140. Such a faulty courier company wow express. I am supposed to receive my parcel from Nykaa & it is dispatched from Nykaa on 9th September. Today, 12th September, I am tracking the courier & its showing me it is returned. Neither I got call from the courier person nor he reached our home. I request Nykaa, please change this courier company.

  141. My mother received and paid my orders today since I was out. She paid Rs.989 extra as she wasn’t able to read and also because she thought that all the items I have ordered were delivered. But the delivery person didn’t even care to tell my mother that she had paid extra. Simply took the money and freaking just left and this isn’t the first time I faced problems with there service, most of the time my orders are delayed. Horrible employees, horrible services, no customer care service. I don’t understand why Nykaa is still using their service till today even with all the complaints from there customer.

  142. I had ordered a package from Nykaa. I was supposed to get it on 4th September. I had to call the customer care. From there, I got the number of a person who is in charge in Pune. He told me, that the delivery boy will call me. I didn’t get any call. So, I called him back and he said the delivery boy doesn’t have a phone which is absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional. Today I called this person again which he did not receive. I had to call the customer care and repeat the same thing all over again.This is absolutely wrong and you are causing disservice to your customer. Feels like a punishment for ordering online and paying extra “delivery” charges. Please use COMMON SENSE and call your customer (or) share delivery boy’s number. If anyone in NYKAA is reading this PLEASE use some other courier service, you are going to lose a LOT of customers.

  143. Worst courier company I have ever seen. I have placed an order from Nykaa on 9th of August. Today is 21st August, I have not received my parcel (or) any communication from this fraud company. In My Nykaa app, in tracking details, its showing “out for delivery” from 18th August. Also I made several calls to wow express help line number but they did not receive my call.

  144. It is really worst, I have placed an order through Nykaa on 2nd August as per information received through Nykaa, the courier should reach to my place on 6th August, I have been waiting for my courier till 8th and called nykaa customer care, they told me there is some technical issue with wow express and they have given me customer care number of wow express to track the courier which is not at all my duty, still I called them by 6.45PM and I got a recorded clip saying that our working time is from morning 9 to evening 6 PM, and only one option letter for me is to wait till courier reaches at my place, really a worst experience.

  145. Worst courier service. Nykaa should not use this service for our order. They don’t respond. One can not reach them through phone (or) email. They will not answer. Delaying my parcel and telling me that I had asked them to deliver it tomorrow. Why would I? I am waiting for it. It was my birthday gift and would have reached me on B-Day only. But wow express who is not so wow totally totally ruined my birthday present.

  146. Your tracking ID shows delivery failed where as no body came to deliver the courier my society has CCTV as well as security register to mention the person want to visit my home but no information was there. The delivery guy didn’t turn up for delivery nor called nor redelivered to my residence the next day. Please deliver my shipment at the earliest, My AWB ID is p01000683054.

  147. Yashika Manchanda

    I have ordered from nyka with the AWB C01000904099. Shipment was arrived at the destination hub on 21st May,2018. I don’t know why it is still not delivered. In my last 2 orders, I had to cancel it because of the fake updates courier company made, Its really frustrating, I have already mentioned that the shipping address is of office than what is the point of attempting delivery after 7 P.M and according me that was also fake update. I cannot handle this shit now. Get this product delivered to me by today before 6, I had a flight to catch tomorrow. Kindly escalate.

  148. Very rude customer service. The delivery man only called twice and said he is returning the product and told me he cant deliver it and it was only 5PM and I know this message will go unnotice because no one from your courier service is going to take responsible and to be precise this took place in Dehradun.

  149. I have ordered in Nykaa. My order Numbers are P01000531979 & P01000532824. Both are not yet delivered though I am at home 24×7. Status shows “Delivery failed door locked”. My house is never locked. Please delivered both parcels without failed today as same already delayed. Please call me up immediately & give me the Mobile Number of your representative Who has posted status. I will wait for your call & Delivery today. Do not come on Sunday. If not today then Delivered without failed on Monday 14.05.2018.

  150. I haven’t received my parcel. Yesterday it was showing out for delivery. And today it is showing unable to deliver because they could not find address. Also they mentioned that I did not resound their call but I never got there call. I wonder if they are dedicated enough to provide good customer service as I am trying to find the address of there office in my city so that they unable to reach me I can pick my package by myself and got nothing. If most of the time they can not find address and not reach by phone they should provide delivery boys number in tracking so that at least we can reach him via call if they fail to reach us.

  151. Amazon does not have any control over their sellers as to which courier agencies they choose. The result the need to put up with a very inefficient agency like WOW EXPRESS. Think of this. A consignment reaches on 17th April at Chennai and it lies in the courier warehouse till 20th. When the seller is contacted, they give the status that it had already reached Chennai and it would be delivered within 2 days. The seller has given the PO Number but has not given the courier agency name. So, it can’t be tracked. This is the seller’s inefficiency. Net result: The buyer is angry with Amazon itself, as it is Amazon, which is the agency responsible for all, that is the seller and the courier agency. Reputation loss is for Amazon. That is my story of the hassles I had to go through in going to the courier agency, WOW EXPRESS personally, as the courier delivery boy went on leave and there was no alternate option WOW has to cut down the delay. 3 days of an article lying in the godown undelivered is supreme inefficiency.

  152. I have ordered from Nykaa and the package is showing in transit and Is there any local branch at Vadodara (Sayajigunj)? Since last two days and on raising a complaint on Nykaa, they told that the package is delivered as per Wow Express. But no package is delivered yet. Poor and pathetic service and shall never book from this app and nor this courier. I am going to complain in customer grievance and will take legal action against these people.


  154. My order number is P0065324304
    Delivery Failed on 03 Aug 17 Reason : – CID – RECEIVER REQUESTED DELIVERY ON ANOTHER DATE.
    SMS: 08:01 am
    We attempted delivery of your JABONG ordered on 03/08/17. Will retry in 24 hrs. Track using AWB P0065324304.

    Now concern is: Who call me before 8 am to deliver my product?
    It is a third class service.

  155. It’s been a week now since you received my order P0109010887 and your are not delivering it still. Don’t force me to take some serious action against you guys because I belong to a family of lawyers. I can really make your company black list.

  156. My order number is NBP12025418. My order should have been delivered on 12th March. On the same day I received a call from your agent telling that my ordered is going to be delivered. I waited for 2 hours but no one came. Then I called the same person. There was no one coming. My order was not delivered on that day. When I viewed and tracked in the official website I found a message saying that I suggested some other day for delivery but I never suggested any date. I was waiting for the delivery on that same day. Please help me to get my product.

  157. My consignment number is NDPNDP10904874, got an SMS in evening about delivery failure and later on checking at website,getting message as “Delivery Failed on 03 Mar 17 Reason is UNABLE TO FIND THE ADDRESS AND CUSTOMER IS NOT RESPONDING ON PHONE”, where as the fact as neither anyone called and the address is easily traceable as it has a very easy approach. I have already received consignment from Nyka twice then why this time alone this much delay? Please provide timely service.

  158. It has been whole day I was waiting for my order because I received a confirmation that it will be delivered today and they did not deliver it and now when I track the order the are showing that the receiver was not at home while I was in my home whole day. Very disappointing wow express.

  159. I have given order for NOKIA 1100 Mobile in Rediff-shopping.com. I received the message that item shipped on 18/1/2017 but I did not received the item. It is supposed to reach to me by 21/01/2017, but still I have not received the item. Please let me know the status. My item order number is 14073780.

  160. My Order number is 500811138 ordered from 07th January 2017. I have ordered hot brush. Please send it tomorrow morning before 11. Otherwise I will go the consumer court.

  161. It is the worst courier company ever seen. Since 09th Jan 2017 the shipment has reached their office and they have not delivered. Their office and my delivery address is just a distance of 5 minutes but still this company is not able to deliver.

  162. You haven’t even called me once for delivery and you were sending me message that delivery is not possible. My order no is P0030105130006.

  163. My Order No is 14047072 ordered from 03rd January 2017, Spiderman Watch Green SPD. I have ordered material 3 watch, But I received in 1 watch of the parcel packet P0001065788. I requested you to give my money for 2 watches i.e Rs.400. I will go the consumer court if you did not refund my money.

  164. My parcel no is P0010210825 ordered from nykaa on 13th Dec 2016. But still it is not delivered yet. I have ordered material for my marriage. Sent it fast as soon as possible because my marriage is on 23rd Dec. Otherwise I will make complaint in consumer court.

  165. This is the worst courier and I should say it’s all fraud being done by Nykka and wow express. I have placed an order in nykka and I got a message telling wow express will deliver it. It has been 18 days, still no reply from them. Customer number always tells as it’s busy . Please don’t order any thing in nykka or wow express couriers.

  166. Your executive is not responding my calls. He is just rejecting my call since yesterday. I want my product to be delivered as soon as possible. I am calling at customer care service. They are also not responding. Is this the way you treat your customer? I want my product to be delivered today. My order no is 800437507.

  167. Its been five days since your tracking system is showing the product is in the city. Then why still not yet delivered? My order number is P0010416919. Please revert asap.

  168. AWB Number : P0004279429
    It is urgent delivery for today. Please contact me ASAP.
    My request to you is that please deliver it by today.

  169. I request you to deliver my order by today, since yesterday I got message saying that “your item is out for delivery” but yet now haven’t received yet. If your delivery boy is not able to find my address he can call me in the registered number.
    AWB NO :- P0010449084

  170. My order no is P0065056521.
    I want my product within 2nd Dec 2016 please. My product arrived at your Paharganj Central Office and my delivery address is adjacent to Jhandewalan Metro Station.

  171. My Order no is P0001055169. Upon tracking it was found that the package has been not delivered as receiver was not available. Infact nobody has contacted me or none of the person has visited my place and I am yet to receive the package. I am just curious to know as to how many more days will it take for your service to deliver the said package. I am also informing you that in case I don’t receive the package today. I am going to cancel the order placed to me by quoting the very reason that is delay in delivery by the courier service

  172. I have not received my consignment from Jabong the tracking details are mentioned below.
    The consignment is lying at your Pune hub for the past 4 days.
    It says delivery attempted on 23rd which didn’t happen who came to deliver and when?
    it says again today out for delivery when is it going to be delivered?

    PUNE, PUNE 24 Sep 2016 12:22:42 Out For Delivery
    PUNE, PUNE 23 Sep 2016 21:00:12 Delivery Failed on 23 Sep 16 Reason:- @CID – COD AMOUNT NOT READY
    PUNE, PUNE 23 Sep 2016 12:00:04 Out For Delivery
    PUNE, PUNE 22 Sep 2016 19:07:53 Arrived
    PUNE, PUNE 22 Sep 2016 18:31:49 Arrived
    PUNE, PUNE 21 Sep 2016 18:32:15 In Transit to
    BHIWANDI, MUMBAI 21 Sep 2016 15:25:59 Picked up and Booking processed

  173. I have not got my order. It is very important for me and you also committed to give in morning for Rakshabandhan festival. Please send as early as possible.
    My AWB NO:C0001105427
    Courier Name: WOW Express.
    Please send it today. It will be more helpful for me.

  174. I have ordered 5 cosmetic items from nykaa on 2.8.16. Order no.is 800250858, package no.NBL518660261 and the tracking id given is C0010268058. Upon tracking it was found that the package has been picked and is being ready for dispatch. Today is 10th of August and I am yet to receive the package. I am just curious to know as to how many more days will it take for your service to deliver the said package. I am also informing you that in case I don’t receive the package today. I am going to cancel the order placed be me by quoting the very reason that is delay in delivery by the courier service.

  175. Order No: P0004213779

    KRPURAM, BANGALORE 23 Jul 2016 16:02:57 In Transit to
    HYDERABAD HUB, HYDERABAD 22 Jul 2016 20:40:43 Arrived
    HYDERABAD HUB, HYDERABAD 22 Jul 2016 20:38:03 Arrived
    HYDERABAD HUB, HYDERABAD 22 Jul 2016 20:36:46 In Transit to
    BASHEERBAGH, HYDERABAD 22 Jul 2016 20:34:11 Picked up and Booking processed

    Since saturday the consignment is laying in KR Puram Bangalore, no one is there to track.

  176. AWB# P0036001268

    I am waiting for this since 30th may. Please share the details. I can’t see any tracking info in your website, it says no data found. This is very annoying!

  177. Can you tell me the address or contact number of asif nagar wow express at Hyderabad. because during the time of giving delivery address I have by mistakenly given a wrong pin code. But the address is correct. But still I haven’t got any cal or message from the courier service nor any updates in tracking status.
    Tracking id- P0004198891. Please help me out.

  178. AWB NO:C0001095000 DT: 09.07.16


  179. MAnisha Bhalerao Yawalkaranisha bhalerao yawalkar

    I have booked an order to ptm for morsel stainless steel pack of 3 stylish tooth brush holder .ptm intimated that my item has been shipped. You can start tracking it in 24 hours. After tracking it shows AWB no P004181577. Its been 2 weeks & I still don’t get my shipment. Please stop your courier service. I request Pay TM & shop clues vendors not to use this couriers otherwise your brand name will be spoiled.

    AWB Number: P0004172914
    Courier Company: WOW Express

  181. Your delivery executive didn’t call us and no one came to my place but he messaged me stating no one available at home which is ridiculous, ask the courier boy to call me and come home TODAY as it’s very urgent.
    AWB number: P0010234593 courier service: wow express

  182. You guys have such a worst service. its been 1 week & I still don’t get my shipment. Please stop your courier service. I request Pay TM & shopclues vendors not to use this couriers otherwise your brand name will be spoiled.

    AWB Number:P0004166574
    Courier Company: WOW Express

  183. Mohammed Javeed Ahmed

    AWB NO : P0004127352
    Your courier boy did not called my number, he was mentioned as I am not available in home, he did not come to my house. How to mention as I am not available in my home. Please train the delivery boys as if he did not get the address just make a call or at least give missed call.

  184. Your executive came and without calling to our no he returned the product,We all are unavailable on first floor, Even he did not use the gate well. Please arrange a call its very urgent.

    AWB Number: P0004044301
    Courier Company: WOW Express

    1. From the Website:

      Customer Care:
      Email : Write to us at info AT wowexpress.in
      Call Us : Or simply call us on +91 8080 122 000

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