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Directorate of Postal Life Insurance Delhi Customer Care Toll Free Number :

Company : Directorate of Postal Life Insurance
Head Quarters : Delhi
Industry : Insurance
Service / Product : Insurance Services
Website :

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You can now ask your questions about this Customer Care Contact detail. Please go to the bottom of this page.

Postal Life Insurance Customer Care Toll Free

Toll Free Number: 18001805232
Email ID : pli.dte AT

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Contact Details for Circles

Andhra Pradesh :
O/o CPMG, A.P. Circle,
Dak Sadan, Abids,
Hyderabad 500 001.
Phone : 1800-11-5699,040-23463606
Email Address : ddmpliapco AT

APS Directorate :
C/o 56 APO
Phone : 1800-11-5699, 26140257
Email Address : jdpli AT

Assam :
O/o CPMG, Assam Circle,
Meghdoot Bhawan,
Guwahati 781 001.
Phone : 1800-34-5305, 0361-2547385
Email Address : pli_assam AT

Bihar :
O/o CPMG, Bihar Circle,
GPO Complex,
Patna 800 001.
Phone : 1800-34-56107, 0612-2225020
Email Address : admplipatna AT

Chhattishgarh :
O/o CPMG, Chhattishgarh Circle,
Raipur 492 001.
Phone :  1800-23-31614, 0771-2236388
Email Address : ddmpli.raipur AT

Delhi :
O/o CPMG, Delhi Circle,
Meghdoot Bhawan,
Link Road,
New Delhi-110016
Phone : 1800-11-5232, 011-23620831
Email Address : admplidl AT

Gujarat :
O/o CPMG, Gujarat Circle,
Ahmedabad 380 001
Phone : 1800-233-55232,079-22866806
Email Address : pligujarat AT

Himachal Pradesh :
O/o CPMG, H.P. Circle,
Kaithu, Shimla 171 009.
Phone : 1800-180-8047,0177-2629005
Email Address : ddmplihp AT

Haryana :
O/o CPMG,Haryana Circle,
107, The Mall,
Ambala 133 001.
Phone : 1800-180-1373,0171-2603537
Email Address : ddmpli_dop AT

J & K :
O/o CPMG, J & K Circle,
Meghdoot Bhawan,
Jewel Chowk,
Jammu Tawi 180 001.
Phone : 1800-180-7046, 0191-2543585
Email Address : jkddmpli8 AT

Jharkhand :
O/o CPMG, Jharkhand Circle,
Ranchi 834 002
Phone : 1800-345-6058, 0651-2480112
Email Address : jhddmpli AT

Karnataka :
Karnataka Circle,
Palace Road,
Bengaluru 560001
Phone : 1800-425-0232, 080-22862223
Email Address : ddmplibg AT

Kerala :
O/o CPMG, Kerala Circle,
Thiruvanathapuram 695 003
Phone : 1800-233-2074, 0471-2303005
Email Address : ddmpli.keralapost AT

Madhya Pradesh :
O/o CPMG, M.P. Circle
Dak Bhawan,
Hoshangabad Road
Bhopal 462 012
Phone : 1800-233-2074,0755-2550603
Email Address : ddmplicobhopal AT

Maharashtra :
O/o CPMG, Maharashtra Circle,
GPO Building,
Mumbai 400 001
Phone : 1800-22-5232,022-22624470/1689
Email Address : mahapli AT

North-East :
O/o CPMG, N.E. Circle,
Shillong 793 001
Phone : 1800-345-3656,0364-2226430
Email Address : ddmne AT

Orissa :
O/o CPMG, Orissa Circle,
Vidhan Sabha Chowk,
Bhubaneswar 751 001
Phone : 1800-345-6550, 0674-2390003
Email Address : ddmplior AT

Punjab :
O/o CPMG, Punjab Circle,
GPO Bldg.,
Chandigarh 160 017
Phone : 1800-180-2105, 0172-2702231
Email Address : ddmplichd AT

Rajasthan :
O/o CPMG, Rajasthan Circle,
Sardar Patel Marg,
Jaipur 302 007
Phone : 1800-180-6655,0141-2379212
Email Address : pliraj AT

Tamil Nadu :
O/o CPMG, Tamil Nadu Circle,
Anna Road,
Chennai 600 002
Phone : 1800-425-6334,044-28520308
Email Address : ddmplitn AT

Uttarakhand :
O/o CPMG, Uttarakhand Circle,
Dehradun 248 001
Phone : 1800-180-4196, 0135-2652226
Email Address : ddmpli.dehradun AT

Uttar Pradesh :
O/o CPMG, U.P. Circle,
4, Hazratganj,
Lucknow 226 001
Phone : 1800-180-5456,0522-2613126
Email Address : ddmpliup AT

West Bengal :
O/o CPMG, West Bengal Circle,
Yogayog Bhawan,
Kolkata 700 012
Phone : 1800-345-5655,033-22120710
Email Address : ddmlikol AT

About us

Directorate of PLI under the Department of Posts is the apex body for formulation of all policies, products and administration of the Post Office Insurance Fund. The procurement of business, after sale service and all types of claims management are performed in the field, i.e. Circles. The Office of Director, PLI, Kolkata under the Directorate of PLI functions as the Central accounting Office.The Investment Division, PLI is headed by the Chief Investment Officer, PLI and is located at Mumbai.

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  1. My PLI premium is Rs.830 per month but till date not received my PLI bond. I am serving in Indian Air Force and my enrollment number is 30th June 2010 and my trainee number is 8923812H.

  2. My policy number 690762L expired on 8th November 2017. Please tell me the documents required for renewal.

  3. My policy number APS389470-L Surrendered on 15th January 2018 at 785 FPO. Till not received any amount. You are requested to send my maturity amount please.

  4. I opened a PLI policy number aps1191891. A commencement date is 03/11. But I have not received the bond letter.

  5. My policy number is APS NM 235512L. I have already submitted my documents but till date I have not got any reply. Please do needful.



  8. My policy number Aps296704L gets completed on 21st October 2017. Forward of application vide 718 pli-corr/Fpo dated 10th November 17 but amount is not credited in my account till date. So I request to please solve this as soon as possible.

    1. Om-Prakash Meena UDC (Now Assistant

      GS – 172939F UDC ( Now Assistant) Om-prakash Meena of 531 SS and TC (GREF) PLI Number APS-897270-M dated 28.01-18 Rs.01 Lakh was sent dated on 03rd January 2018 through 811 FPO,C/O 56 APO and to be credited in my A/C number 306722 38797. But till it is not credited. I am facing financial trouble for taking neck treatment.

  9. My policy number APS 502987-L is matured on 25th November 2017 and all requisite documents are dispatched to pli Delhi on 23rd November 2017. But policy amount is not credited to my account.

  10. Ramgopal Singh Raghav

    My PLI Policy number APS-828572L has been surrendered in October 2017 along with all requisite documents, but amount of the ibid policy has not been credited. Therefore, you are requested to please resolve my above problem and amount credited to my bank account at the earliest please.

  11. My policy number is APS-991135. The amount debit from my account is RS 957. But in my payslip amount received to you shows as Rs.935. Where is the remaining amount of Rs.22.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      Can one revive a lapsed policy?
      If the premia are not paid for 6 months in case policy is in currency for 3 years (or) 12 months in case policy is more than 3 years old, then the policy becomes void. This needs revival to make it active. Revival shall not be allowed on more than two occasions during the entire term of the policy. Policy can be revived any time one year before maturity.


  12. My Policy number APS-418626L gets completed on 05th October 17. All documents have been dispatched by October 2017, but amount is not received till date. You are requested to credit my maturity amount.

    Army Number : 4577135H
    LNK Debasis Tiwari
    Mahar Regiment Centre, Saugor, MP-470001

  13. Durgesh Kumar Tripathi

    My policy number is APS 1437285 A. Due to some reason I have surrendered my policy on 23rd November 17. But still no no amount has been credited in my account. Please do helpful.



  15. My PLI policy number APS-NM-240258-L, matured on 15 Oct 2017. Original PLI bond with supporting documents send on 05th October 2017 but not credited my amount till date.

  16. My policy number is APS 1023189-L and gets completed on 12 October 2017. All documents along with original bond paper have been dispatched on 03rd November 2017. But amount have not credited in my account. I will request you for earliest action.

  17. I am the policy holder of PLI and my Policy Number is UP-209941-CS. How can I update my policy online?

  18. My policy number is APS-AE-335487-L and gets completed on September 2017. All documents along with original bond paper have been dispatched on 14 October 2017. But amount have not credit in my account. I will request you for earliest action.

  19. Sitaram Singh rajput

    What is the procedure to transfer my policy to civil post office?


    My policy number is GJ-265463-CS SUB-P.L.I. Case file for surrender request through barrack-pore post office of the senior post master Barrackpore H.O. CPC(PLI cell) barrack-pore H.O. Kolkata-700120. Letter number H-1/PLI/BKP.HO./2017-18 Dated at Barrack-pore the 22/08/2017 for taking action. All documents along with premium book have been sent in barrackpore post office. But till date I did not got any information from your office. I need the money urgently. You are requested to send my surrender amount immediately.

  21. My PLI numner is APS-290535L matured on 29th August 2014. But Arrear premium including internet Rs.3913/- is not paid. I am sending three reminders but no any action.
    Speed post Number : RE902140813IN

  22. My policy number is 315472-L. It has been dispatched on April 2017 in original document IAF STN Nagpur (MH). My policy amount has not been received in my account.

  23. My policy number is APS-724376-L. My maturity date is 08 August 2017. i did not received money. Please tell my status.

  24. I have migrated my account from Vijayawada to Tirupati and now I am not in a position to pay premium online. Could you tell me the reason? My policy number is AP-523310-CS.

  25. Bikas Kumar. Gupta

    Please credit my Yugal Suraksa maturity in my account. My policy number is APS-Ys-714833-A.

  26. Please help me to get my money.

  27. Hav Manjeet Kumar

    I have surrendered my PLI. My PLI number is APS-1406165-L and type of policy is EA. Date of surrender is 2nd May 2017 but didn’t receive the amount yet.

  28. Nk Baljinder Singh

    Please send the transfer documents.

  29. Since last 6 months I am trying to get my maturity amount. Till now I haven’t received it. I visited Lucknow FPO many times but no response. Please help me.

  30. My policy number is APS-948123-L surrendered on February 2017 and last payment premium date is 11/16. Original policy bond was forwarded to your office on February 16 but amount did not yet credited in my account.
    Surrender Number : 3899

  31. Manikandan K Nair

    My Policy is still not system oriented. Hence pass book is not yet issued in nearest post office.

  32. I want to know about my policy, policy number is APS-1478880-H, date of policy is 13/1/2014. Please help me.

  33. If I call customer care number there is no response.

  34. Devidas Vishnu Pawar

    My policy number is 506964-p. Please provide the amount.

  35. Ex Sub Ghulam Rasool Malik

    I request you to transfer my 3 policies APS-435548-L,APS-910486-L & APS-1409815-L to 1093 FPO, C/O-21 FAD, C/O 56 APO vide PAO. Please do the needful.

  36. SGT Suresh Kumar Singh

    My policy number APS316638 has been matured but still I didn’t receive my refund please help me.

    1. You can contact Toll Free Number: 18001805232 for queries.

  37. Sgt Suresh Kumar Singh

    I didn’t get any amount even after the maturity of my PLI documents. Please help me.

    1. you can visit the official website

  38. Sub Ram Sagar Seth

    Please intimate me DOM and maturity value of my policy number APS-739527-L.

  39. My APS policy number is 948960L I applied for loan. I want my bond paper please return.

  40. I opened a policy in PLI, my policy acceptance date is 07 DECEMBER 2006, but I did not receive my policy bond. My policy maturity date is 31 DECEMBER 2016. My PLI proposal number is 836208. Please help me.

  41. Please give me my PLI customer number.

  42. My policy is completed on 06th Mar 17. How can I process my documents?

  43. Who is the director of postal life insurance at present?

  44. My policy number is aps_503652_L. Please send my maturity amount to my account.

  45. I have submitted my original PLI bond paper with all documents by post two months ago which policy No is APS-278751-L and date of maturity is 10-DEC-2016.But amount has not been sent to my Bank A/C till. Please, tell me the reason.

  46. I have deposited only two month regarding my new PLI and I want to break it. May I?

  47. My policy no. is APS-886564L. I want to know its current status.

  48. My name is Phaniraj. My army no. is 15152507x. My PLI account no. is APS341139L. You did not show my policy details in my pay slip,so I request you to please show my policy details and also I loss my PLI bond and to request you to please send my new bond.

  49. My Army No. is 3189607w. My policy no. APS-532233 L gets completed on 08 May 2016. All documents along with premium book have been dispatched by December 2016 but amount cheque not received till date. You are requested to send my maturity amount.

  50. My Army No. is 5760345M. Please refer to policy no. APS 1577522L. I had opened policy bound during year 2015. But the policy bound has not been received. However monthly premium is deducting from my a/c every month. In view of all the above you are requested to send policy bound to me. So that I will continue the policy.

  51. Sunil Kumar Dwivedi

    I Sunil Kumar Dwivedi Rent.No. 061566844, Constable of Border security forces 25 Battalian. I have taken policy of RS. 100000/- duration of policy for 20 years from PLI in the year of 2006, monthly installment of RS. 397/-deducted with my monthly salary.
    But sir I have came to deputation in National Investigation Agency recent past. It is therefore, my monthly installment is not deducting in my salary.

    And one other problem is I had not received my policy documents from PLI so I have not know policy number. Therefore I am Unable to deposited my monthly installment. May please be issued necessary direction for search and informed to me my policy number for remaining as previously. At the earliest please. Kindly have a looked and do needful at your end.

  52. I am retired on 01 December 16. My policy number is APS 733271L. My policy transferred is my home station in Rewari,haryana but not deposited in my district area.

  53. Sewa Singh Panchkula Haryana

    I took a policy 4 years back for Rs 1200000/-. I deposited approximately Rs 240000/- . I require some money now. May I apply for loan against my policy? If yes then how much loan I can be granted?

  54. My policy number APS 1054857L gets completed on 17th Jan 2017. All documents along with premium bond blank cheque account number have been dispatched on 01st January 2017 but amount is not credited in my account. You are requested to send my maturity amount in my account.

  55. My service number is 932314-L posted in air force station Tambaram. My pli policy number is APS-956423A matured on June 2009. I am not getting my PLI bond. Please send my bond.

  56. To
    The Chief General Manager,
    Postal Life Insurance Directorate
    New Delhi-110021

    The Director, Postal Life Insurance,
    Chanakyapuri, 1st Floor, New Delhi-110021
    My policy number APS-868565-L matured on 29th October 2016 and all relative documents submitted. To Apo, but missing my one premium October 2016’debited my premium amount from my maturity amount, and credited my bank account.

  57. My policy number is APS/NM/184693L which was accepted on 20.01.97 and maturity value was due to be paid to me on 19.01.2017 after 20 years. But date of maturity mentioned in the policy documents is 19.07.2017. Please clarify reason as to why the same is not matured and paid to me on 19.01.2017.

  58. My policy number R APS-762955-L is due on 11th November 2016. Original policy Bond and cancellation cheque forward to your office on 31st October 2016 but amount is not yet credited in my account. But in your customer care all phone number is dead.

  59. My policy no APS 464957-N/103 is Matured on 12th August 2016. My document was submitted on fortwelium APO at 01st October 2016 but the amount does not get credited in my account till date. Customer care is also not picking up my calls. I am mentally stressed for economical problem in civil loan. Please take necessary action or adjust at the earliest.

  60. My Policy number APS-890165L gets completed on 31st October 2016. All documents along with premium book have been dispatched by December 2016 but amount is not received till date. You are requested to credit my maturity amount.

  61. MY policy No is AP-586356-CS. I am paying Premium amount Rs. 1005/- for the month of December,2016 through my debit card. I have not received Premium Payment Receipt (Customer Copy). I have Customer ID & Password. So please update my monthly Payment Receipts in Payment History.

  62. It’s been 7 years that I have opened an insurance but till now I have not received my bond paper. When I tried to contact FPO and the 99APO I was assured that my bond paper would be forwarded to my parent unit but till now I haven’t received it. False promises from many FPO officials have made me fed up. So I request you to please provide me a contact no so that I can contact you directly for my problems.
    AR/NO: 5018022W Rfn/Gd Stevenson Kharkongor Unit:14 Assam Rifles. C/O 99Apo

  63. Bhaskar Jyoti Nath

    I have got my loan sanction letter from PLI cell. But the post office (790 fpo) is refusing to pay me the money stating that fund is not available.

  64. My policy no is APS-1298311-L and my army no is 15190250f. I want to surrender my policy. I have sent required documents. What is the status of my policy?

  65. My policy is completed on 20th Dec 16. How can I process my documents?

  66. My Pli nos are aps1395807, APS 1395808 and APS 1395727. I have applied loan and send bond paper to director APS Pli c/o 56 apo on 05th June 16. But loan is not sanctioned why?

  67. My policy no is APS-1145952-L. For the policy year 2010 amount per month 1593 is debited from my salary slip up to 31/05/2012. Your letter date is 06th June 2012. Your ledger account stands posted up to 31st may 2011 having 12 NCsup to 31st may 2012. Please credit my policy. I am an army person retired on 01/06/2012.
    NO : 2791645M
    PIN NO 577524

  68. Please help me to fill pli form death case.

  69. My Pli starts at 2003. I got retired on 2016 Oct 21st. How much money can I get?

  70. I retired from the service in 2014. I didn’t transfer my PLI to my home. Now I wish to transfer. Where do I have to go?
    Please suggest me on this issue. I belong to AP.

  71. Vishali Naresh Pandhare

    Please check my status.
    My policy no is APS-33p2059.

  72. Which documents are needed to provide for death claim of pli of serving person?

  73. My policy no is DL_43574_CC.
    Please check the status as is that up to date or not.


    My policy no is kt-492511-p PSE.
    I need details of my premium upto July 2011.
    Reg no : 090440581

  75. My policy No is Aps/Nm 39176L and maturity date is 29th Oct 2016. All original documents of my policy have sent to Addl director general Pli cell Delhi through 949 Fpo.
    Army No : Jc 351738Y

  76. I have paid my loan against policy no. APS1089659A on 14th DEC 2015 some it rest is still due. I want to pay that please tell me the exact amount to pay at the end of DEC 2016

  77. My Policy number is APS 650375-C and proposal number is 704028. I want to know, what amount I got after maturity date and also current status of my Policy.


    I had submitted the death claim of pLI.
    I received your letter APS-729406-A/RN-03-16/Death claim 11 dated 19th Aug 16. So far there is no claim.

  79. My army no is 2602639x. What is my policy status?

  80. My pli policy no CA-9944-M(key-id320765)is already completed and 132157.00 Rs paid as arrears premium including interest RS.6143.00. How can i get this amount?
    My ADDRESS :
    GS-173977k ch/mechanic,
    Gopal Krishana soy,
    1063 Field workshop(GREF)

  81. I am paying a policy since 2006 but I never get my bond for this. That pli was done during my training time at Belgaum and my trainee no is 8610699 k. Now I am posted at Sulur. How can I get my bond?

  82. I have not subscribed after 01st Sep 2015 ie wef my retirement. I would like to get the policy closed before its maturity. Can it be possible?
    JC-273248W Ex Sub

  83. My policy no APS 327500 L is Matured on 28 Aug 2016. My document submitted on Barrackpore APO at 2nd week of Aug but the amount does not get credited in my account till date. Customer care also not pick up my calls. I am mentally stressed for economical problem in civil loan. Please take necessary action or adjust at the earliest.

  84. Please tell me how can I transfer the address of PLi.

  85. How can I take loan with pli?

  86. My policy No APS-506586L dt 16 Sep 2004 is matured now. Sanction for payment has already fwd to The CPM/Senior PM/PM, 1 CBPO(CASH) by PLI, Addl Dte Gen of APS, Sena Dak Bhawan RTR Marg, New Delhi-10 vide their letter No Maturity/15186/APS-506586-L/(key-id6 607754) dated 22 Aug 2016. There was clear cut instruction on the letter to pay the maturity after 15 Sep 2016. Though it has already passed a week no payment has been made till date. Here am feeling private policies and insurance companies are good enough where you get an easy access regarding your query. Here no contact of Pli section of APS is working. The phone is ringing but no one is picking up. Govt policy and its service is totally bogus.

  87. Devendra Singh Garh

    What is the status of my policy no?
    APS 623768L

    1. My policy no. is APS 1388570. What is my policy status?

  88. NK/ SKT Vikas Singh

    I have applied for PLI loan on 10th Jul 2016 but no answer reply received till date.
    Policy Number APS 1298732-L sum assured 900000.00 term EA-40
    Your customer care all phone numbers all dead. No response is given from your end. I need the money urgently. I am requesting your kind honor to do the needful and please sanction loan and send necessary documents at the earliest.

  89. Krushna Ch.Behera, At.Hirapur,PO-Ramikrishnapur,Via.Rameswar,Dist.Cuttack Odisha

    The Chief General Manager,
    Postal Life Insurance Directorate
    New Delhi-110021

    The Director, Postal Life Insurance,
    Chanakyapuri, 1st Floor, New Delhi-110021

    Sub:- Advertisement of Postal Life Insurance & Rural Postal Life Insurance in Print Media like; (Local Daily News Paper) / Electronic Media ( National & Local TV Channels) /Hoardings (National Highway) to Public Awareness- regarding.

    With due reverence and humble submission I beg to your kind information that advertisement of different Insurance Sectors has created much public Awareness in the society. PLI scheme was introduced by the Govt. of India in the year 1884. It is an oldest insurance in India. The scheme is administered & operated by the Department of posts and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) was introduced in year 1995. Now so many people were hesitant in PLI & RPLI Schemes due to non-awareness.
    Due to lack of Advertisement of PLI & RPLI in Print Media/ Electronic Media/Hoardings to Public Awareness, a large numbers of Government Employees as well Rural are in darkness about the schemes of PLI & RPLI.
    Considering the importance, I would request you to kindly take bold step for bringing out advertisement in Print Media / Electronic Media / Hoardings to enhance its field of business.
    With kind regards.
    Yours faithfully,
    (Krushna Ch.Behera)
    At-Hirapur, Po-amkrishnapur Via.Rameswar, Dist.Cuttack

  90. I want to surrender my policy. How could I?
    Tell me please.

  91. My policy no APS/nm/190591-L DUE ON 31.5.16.
    Original policy forward to your office on Jul 5 but amount not yet credited to my account.

  92. My pli number is 961399 L. My pli is completed date please receive all my money correctly.

  93. My pli policy detection on my salary but 10 months the deduction is stopped. Please tell me the solution.

  94. Addl Dte Gen APS
    (PLI Cell loan Section)
    C/O 56 APO
    Please send me my original policy bonds
    I am Deepak R Chougale retire from Indian army. My policy no APS -561312 -L maturity date 11 Aug 2015 and APS -891251 -L has been maturated,but I deposit my policy bonds in loan sec by 786 FAPO for loan purpose. I am able to process required me my original policy bonds.
    Kindly take action and help me.
    Name – Deepak R Chougale
    At post – madyal
    Tal -Kagal
    Dist -Kolhapur
    Pin -416218
    kolhapur HO 416003

  95. My policy no is aps/nm/111082-l
    Status please?

  96. I am Ex Sgt Naresh Kumar retired from Air Force on 30th Nov 2015. I have two pli policy no. APS-YS-1009450-A and APS-NM-168039A. Now I am settled at my home town kurukshetra and nor able to pay my premium due to non transfer of policy to Ambala circle. Try to contact toll free no. And phone no. Provided by local post office but till now no reply. Please advice me where to contact and how to pay my premium. If paying premium is so difficult how we will get maturity amount or insured amount if needed?


    My pli no is APS-834376-L .
    Maturity date 21/07/2016
    Pli bound deposit 20/06/2016

  98. Army pli office Delhi

    My pli no is APS-834376-L
    Maturity date : 21/07/2016
    Pli bound deposit : 20/06/2016

  99. Ashok Kumar Choudhary CHELAR

    Addl Dte Gen APS
    (PLI Cell Maturity Section)
    C/O 56 APO

    I had submitted my above quoted matured policy for payment through ArmyPost Office, Naval Base, Kochi-Pin-900498 and same to forwarded in your office Delhi Pin-908716 vide letter APO(K)/PLI/APS dated 11 May 16.
    Since more than 2 month elapsed, no intimation has been recd.
    Please release of matured amount to be credited in to my bank a/c 100010100025306 BANK OF INDIA,Vasco dagama, Goa-403801 IFSC Code BKID001000.
    In view of the above may I therefore request your kind honor to direct the staff concerned for expeditious action pl.

    Thanking you.

    Ashok kumar choudhary CHELAR
    Naval Base

    1. My policy no is APS/nm/190591-L DUE ON 31.5.16. Original policy fwd to your office on Jul 5 but amount not yet credited in my account.

  100. I AM applied for PLI loan on 10th June 2016 but no answer reply received till date.
    Po no.APS 892851 ,APS 892852
    Your customer care all phone no dead no response.

  101. Paritosh Kumar Dwivedi

    I have a pli no- cg-41740-cs. I had opened it in 2013, from opening to Feb 2014. I had credited policy amount i.e. 2350 monthly by hand in post office,but from April 2014 my policy amount is being deducted from my pay. PSE told me what is the status of my policy? Amount which is being deducted from my pay the same is being credited in my policy account or not?

  102. I want to claim for pli. My father got expired in the month of 24-04-2016. I am the nominee for that PLI and my fathers death was natural. So kindly let me know what are the documents needed to be submitted for death claim?

  103. My policy no is WB-233452-CS.
    I want to know can I pay monthly premium submit through online?
    If yes how can I apply this method?
    Kindly right answer send to me.

    1. Logon to India Post website, then register at PLI. After registration, you will get the user ID & password. Then you have pay online.

  104. I have two PLI Policy Nos as follows.
    No APS-1259562-L- monthly premium amount is Rs 1,905/-.
    No APS-1259631-L-monthly premium amount is Rs 670/-.
    I am a regular invester in said PLI policies since open the same. But, original PLI Policy bonds in r/o the a/m policies have not been received to me till date.

    Therefore, I request you to send the same policy bond to the following address at the earliest pl :-
    Hav Ramesh Chand
    1 Arunachal Scouts
    PIN – 910341
    c/o 99 APO

    1. To,
      Addl Dte Gen APS
      (PLI Cell Maturity Section)
      C/O 56 APO

      I had submitted my above quoted matured policy for payment through ArmyPost Office, 983 FPO C/O 56 APO and same forwarded in your office Delhi Pin-908716 vide letter APO/PLI/APS dated 10 Sep. 16.
      Since more than 2 month elapsed, no intimation has been received.
      Please release matured amount to be credited in to my APO a/c 2147772.
      In view of the above may I therefore request your kind honor to direct the staff concerned for expeditious action please

      Thanking you.
      Army No 14406742A
      Ex Hav. Pavan kumar
      Flat no. 104 K wing Ellora residency,
      Kivale Dehun Road
      Post:- Dehu Road
      Dist:- Pune (Maharastra)
      Pin 412101

  105. Subhash Chandra Bhatt

    My no is 4577428N. My pol no is 9692249.
    Q- What amount will be returned after maturity at above policy?

  106. krishna kumar Kshatriya

    My policy no APS-1024009-L
    Proposal no- 1165385

    Q 1- I want to know DT of maturity of above policy.
    Q 2- What amount will be return after maturity of above policy?

  107. My policy AP-195383-UC. Kindly let me know about my loan repayment status and what is the remaining interest amount need to pay to clear the loan account. I am waiting since November 2015. Please do the needful.

  108. My police No : APS-NM-215321L
    Date : 05 May 1998, Not shown internet (Arundal pet, Guntur)
    Due to this problem, I will not pay monthly premium last 2 months.

    1. I have two PLI Policy Nos as follows.
      No APS-AE-680082-L monthly premium amount is Rs 675/-.
      No APS-1084045-L-monthly premium amount is Rs 535/-.

      I have retired from service wef 01 jul 2016 and submitted application dt 13 Jul 2016 for PLI PRB but still now no any reply received from your HQ. My original policy No. APS-AE-680082-L also held with your HQ. Please expedite.

      Therefore, I request you to send the above docus on the following address at the earliest pl :-
      Ex Sub Dildar Singh
      BN-424,Balram Nagar, Safilguda

  109. My pli policy number was AP-410807-R which was taken in the year 2010. Since then I was paying premiums regularly. I got promotion and shifted to me new house. I have given request for updating my address along with relevant copies in vzm HPO on 13-1-16. It had not been updated still now. I request you to please update my details and please let me know the same. The details were given below

    Working address:
    S. Ramesh, Jr. Clerk,
    % Sr. DOM(Stores), East Coast Railway,
    WALTAIR DIVISION, Visakhapatnam.

    Communication/permanent Address:
    S. Ramesh,
    G-1, MIG-91, Sri Balaji Enclave,
    Alakananda Colony,

  110. Please issue my loan repayment receipt book of the PLI no aps1128243-l.

    1. From the Website :

      The Premium Receipt Book is issued to the Insurants for the deposit of Premium in any departmental PO, and there is a facility of recovery from pay for all employees belonging to the Central Government.

  111. My PLI insurance policy maturity date is last 30 October
    Where to deposit my bond from & how can I withdraw my money?

    1. Please fill the form along with policy and premium paid pass book to nearby post office. Current address and contact no. must be filled where the PLI correspondence can be done. They will send you one confirmation letter, take this letter again go to post office they will make the payment throw cheque.

    2. Chhiddan Singh Chahar

      My policy no AP-490253 gets completed on 15th Aug 2016. All documents along with premium book have been dispatched by 10th Aug 2016 but amount cheque not received till date. You are requested to send my maturity amount.

      Army No : 3189607w
      ex NK Chhiddan Singh Chahar.
      Ex unit 21 Jat Regt

    3. My policy number is APS1093819L. I want my policy bond.

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