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NatureHealz Gurgaon Customer Care Phone Number

Company Name : NatureHealz
Head Quarters : Gurgaon
Industry : Health Care
Products/Service : Naturopathy,Yoga Treatments

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Website : http://www.naturehealz.com

NatureHealz Customer Care Phone Number

Call Us : +91-8588872101, 8588872102
Email Us : info AT naturehealz.com

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Contact Address

821, Sector 47,
Gurgaon – 122001,
Haryana, India


Does NatureHealz offer its services at home?
NatureHealz offers remote consultations that you can avail in the comfort of your home. We also provide personal yoga services to people in their homes. The therapies however are available only in the treatment centre. Please check the Products & Services page for further details.

I would like to arrange for information sessions around Naturopathy where I live/work. How can NatureHealz help?
We would be happy to work with you. Please log your request through the Contact Us page or send an email to info AT naturehealz.com

What can I do to ensure my health issues do not resurface after a Naturopathy treatment?
A maintenance diet, yoga and therapy recommendation is given to all our patients at the end of the treatment period. Adherence to the same will minimize the chances of a recurrence of similar symptoms.

I am facing health issues but the doctors could not diagnose the exact problem. Can Naturopathy still help me?
Since Naturopathy focuses on holistic healing, the exact diagnosis of the issue is not required for treating a patient. The science treats the person and not just the disease. Thus, a lot of developing health complications are also set right during a Naturopathic treatment even though the person is not being specifically treated for it.

Is Naturopathy safe for children? What is the right age to start practicing Naturopathy?
Yes, Naturopathy is completely safe for children. The earlier we introduce our children to the importance of eating right, exercising and system detoxification, the more they will benefit in terms of good health in the years to come.

The food and exercise guidelines can be followed by children as and when they reach an appropriate age. Most of the therapies however should not be administered to children without the recommendation of a Naturopathic physician.

About Us

NatureHealz is our baby. Being from corporate backgrounds ourselves, we realize the challenges and hazards of modern day metropolitan living. NatureHealz is our endeavour to help you understand your body and incorporate lifestyle and dietary changes required for a healthy living. We believe our varied background and personal experience helps us bring a unique perspective to the treatment provided at NatureHealz.

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