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Chennai Metro Water Complaint Contact Number : chennaimetrowater.tn.nic.in

Company : Chennai Metro Water
Head Quarters : Chennai
Industry : Government
Service/Product : Water Supply Services
Website : http://www.chennaimetrowater.tn.nic.in/contact_whoswho.html

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Complaint Contact Number :

Central Complaint Cell : 45674567
Rain Water Harvesting Cell : 28454080

Related/ Similar Service : TN CMA Customer Contact Number

Head Office : 28451300 (20 Lines)
Fax No : 28458181
E-mail : cmwssb AT md2.vsnl.net.in

REGION Engineers :
REGION-I i/c : 26471466 –
REGION-II : 26590670/29022100

Area Engineers :

Designation Phone Number Email
Area Engineer – I 25991908 cmwssba01 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – II 25940719 cmwssbar2 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – III 25530100 cmwssbna3 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – IV i/c., 25984647/25984649 cmwssba4 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – V 25902651/25904310 cmwssbar5 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – VI 25517457/25517814 cmwssbna6 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – VII 26231869 cmwssba7 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – VIII 26211122/26212101 cmwssb8 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – IX 24995642/24996796 cmwssba09 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – X 28153803/28150059 cmwssbnewa10 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – XI 24867244 cmwssba11 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – XII 22331606 cmwssba12 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – XIII 24451121/24919772 cmwssba13 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – XIV 22422566 cmwssbarea14 AT gmail.com
Area Engineer – XV 24500262 cmwssba15 AT gmail.com

Contact Address :
Water Treatment Plant
Dr Subbarayan Nagar
Main Rd
094440 61861

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  1. The address of the residence, T Nagar, Chennai -17. There is a water tank which forms an obstacle for us to start the construction of our building and to stock the materials in the front of the place. I have already registered this as a complaint before 3 weeks, I have also informed about this to the Assistant Engineer but no action has been taken yet. He told that the complaint would be taken into account once the election gets over but no changes have been made yet.

    This is a kind request from my side to remove the sintex tank as we have to start the work soon.

  2. Ref: CMC No: 09/109/02605/000
    Sub: Unable to book water tanker online – reg

    We have been following the chennai metro water complaint number and email for the last one month to book water for the above given reference number. But we are not able to do so. Kindly consider this request very urgent and help us, to book water through online. Thanks in advance.

    M. Nagoor

  3. The concerned tax collector at the collection depot on 1st avenue ,Ashok Nagar,Chennai-83,refused to receive the water tax,on 11.11.19( customer No.10/132/92791/MSB).I could not follow her explanations.The concerned authorities will be appreciated if they are pleased to come forward with explanations for the refusal ,duly informing me online

  4. Sridhar
    For booking of metro water tanker lorry, the site is not opened for the twodays.

  5. I LIVE IN cHOZHAPURAM STREET IN WARD 181(ZONE 13) drinking WATER WAS CONTAMINATED WITH SEWAGE WATER ON 5 SEP19; THE cmwssb IS STILL FINDING SOLUTION TO RECTIFY IT; SOMEONE IS SAID TO HAVE PUNCTURED THE WATER LINE WHILE REPAIRING ELECTRIC CABLE IN NEXT STREET- For 10 days we are buying water tanker from the Board and private due to best known reasons.i want to know whether the Board found out the culprit and fined them – we the taxpayers have paid tax and still suffer If tax is delayed by one day they levy surcharge ; but now the matter is hanging for two weeks, still no solution is made

  6. Booking for 12000 and 16000 ltrs tanker opens at 12.00 PM – with 2 seconds it shows queue full for payment – within 45 seconds it shows BOOKING CLOSED. Is it ever possible that all tankers are sold out within 45 seconds???? I truly doubt if there is anyone to even look at the customer complaints. Does any official even look at this page???????? Is there any use complaining?????????

  7. I have received a water tanker 15 days before, but still it says Booking not allowed when previous booking is opened. Because of this I could not book again. Please help.

    1. swame things happens to me Anantha at Thiruvanmyur-booked tanker on 9th sep19 and water supplied on 10 Sep. When I tried to book another tanker on 15SEP. SAYS THE EARLIER BOOKING IS OPEN SO CANNOT BOOK ANOTHER TANKER WHEN THE EARLIER BOOKING IS OPEN. hOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM ?

  8. I have been trying to book a water tanker online with Dial for Water 2.0. Always receive the error Payment Queue if Full. What use is this system which is not helpful for citizens. Previous water booking, we were getting water at least once in 20 days. Now, zero water with Water booking 2.0. Any one from Chennai Metro Water reading this message, please take action before it becomes a huge public issue.

  9. For the past 4 days I have been trying to book a tanker. I am looking for a 12000 ltrs tanker. I wait from 11.55 AM onwards and click the very second the pay button is activated – within 5 seconds (12.05) it says Payment queue already full – and then BOOKING OVER for today. It worked very well for 2 weeks and now it’s back to just an eye wash. Anything good cannot last long. Only thing that will last forever and improve is corruption.

  10. Hi sir,

    I am not unable to open my online banking. Please do the needful..

    CNC No. 09/109/00420/000

  11. Hi sir,
    I am not unable to open my online booking. please do the needful…

  12. The online system is just an eyewash to public and they still continue the illegal supplies inside. You will never get a chance to pay online since you will get “Payment queue already full” error within a second of getting the pay option enabled at 8AM or 10 AM. I think the people who developed the system is working with vested interested people to allocate the bookings within themself. It’s better to inform public that there’s no water available instead of wasting everyone’s time. MONEY works in Tamilnadu without MONEY / BRIBE nothing works.

  13. R.Sridharan, Chennai-5

    In the new system of booking water tanker (Dial for water -2.0) is no use to the public. When open the site at 10 AM the system says check for status and awaiting payment verification. After some time it shows booking closed.What is the use of wasting so much time before the system. Even after struggle, I booked on 1st Aug ,19 and payment also made and conformed booking after successful payment. But the next day received a message stating that booking cancelled since payment was not successful and your payment will be refunded and credited to the bank account. In the old system most of my bookings were cancelled for no reason. However, service to the public has to be improved. People are suffering a lot.

  14. The booking number and date of booking and the destination should be listed and brought out for the public to know. There are possibilities that the booking order will not be maintained and the CMWSSB Division for water supply staff can misuse and supply to their own list/persons. The system of supply cannot be taken as per the booking date and order unless there is openness.If water is available in plenty none will bother.

  15. We have received the water tanker through online booking and not updated in system which resulted not in position to book again.The online booking system is being misused. Please do the needful.

    Booking Number : 190616140063
    Consumer : 14/168/04590/000


    As everybody complaining I also want to confirm that the system introduced by CHENNAI METRO WATER is of no use to the public. The follow up procedure is simply confusing as anybody wants to know the position of booking whether the particular booking number is in seniority or not. When we follow with our booking number, the reply is simply pending. My booking number is 190623100211 dated 23.06.19 9.45 a.m. After seeing the online complaints I come to a conclusion that we the public have to pray and the Rain water collection by vessels only give some relief not the Metro. Very sorry.

  17. We have received the water tanker through online booking and not updated in system which resulted not in position to book again

    Booking Number : 190613080014
    Consumer : 0810203729000

  18. I have booked a tanker on 15th May 2019 (Booking number is 190515090339-(9000 litres) and still I have not got the supply. Since then I have been regularly searching for the status and every”time I get message “PENDING”. Yesterday, one person called and asked my location details. When we gave the details he suddenly cut off. When we called him back to ascertain when we are likely to get the supply of water, the person denied ever making a call saying that it may be somebody else. How is that possible? Thee is some racket in the system needs to be investigated and stopped.

  19. I have to cancel my booking water tanker lorry. So, how can I cancel the water supply tanker?

    1. The booking for 12 and 16 thousand opens at 12.00 PM. The very second the pay button open I have clicked and with 2 seconds it says payment queue is full. Is there a shortage of water, or is the website down? How is it ever possible that the booking is closed within less than a minute?

    2. You cannot cancel and get a refund – in the home page where you book the tanker – it is VERY CLEARLY MENTIONED IN RED LETTERS. NO CANCELATION AND NO WAY YOU CAN GET A REFUND.

  20. I am unable to pay metro water bill online. Unable to access your site for online payment.

  21. Metro Water tanker has not sent even after 25 days of booking. Booking number is 190512080127 dated 12th,May 2019. Regular followup no use. Being sent around in circles. We are all senior citizens here. My Aunt who is 87 yrs old is bed ridden. Please help. Delay is inordinate.

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