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Municipal Corporation Faridabad Contact Toll Free Number : mcfbd.com

Company : Municipal Corporation Faridabad
Head Quarters : Faridabad
Industry : Government
Service/Product : Public Services
Website : http://mcfaridabad.org/contact-us-new.aspx

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MCFBD Contact Toll Free Number

Toll Free : 18001025953
N.I.T. Zone : 2411946

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Old Faridabad Zone : 2288174
Ballabgarh Zone : 2241849

Contact Address

Municipal Corporation, Faridabad
BK Chowk, Faridabad,
Haryana 121001

Important Contact Numbers

Name of post Name of Officer/Official Posting Detail Office Phone No. Mobile No.
Commissioner MCF Smt. Sonal Goel, IAS MCF Head Office 0129-2416464
Additional Commissioner MCF Sh. Vikram, IAS MCF Head Office 0129-2420095
CEO, Smartcity Faridabad Ms. Garima Mittal, IAS Smart City Office 0129-2410086
Addl. CEO (Smart City) Ms. Monica Gupta,IAS Smart City Office 0129-2410086
Corporation Secretary Sh. Jatinder Kumar, HCS MCF Head Office 0129-2416464
Additional Municipal Commissioner Vacant MCF Head Office 0129-2416464
P.A To CMC Smt. Ravi Vasudeva MCF Head Office 0129-2416464 9999432759
Camp Office Advisor Sh. Ashok Kumar CMC Camp Office 9871815014
Advisor to CMC Sh. S. L Madhan, Advisor MCF Head Office
Smt. Ruchi Sharma MCF ACMC Office 0129-2416464
P.A to CEO Smart City Sh. Dilbag Singh, P.A Smart City Office 0129-2410086
Joint Commissioner Sh. Parshant , HCS NIT MCF Head Office 01292411664
Sh. Virender Chaudhary, HCS Old Faridabad Zonal Office
Sh. Gagandeep Singh, HCS Ballabhgarh Zonal Office 0129-2241849
Chief Engineer I Sh.D.R Bhaskar MCF Head Office 9599780801
Chief Engineer II Sh. Ramesh Chand AMRUT/Sewerage Treatment Plant,BLB/FBD constituencies.
Superintending Engineer Sh. Birender Kardam MCF Head Office 9717170369
Circle Head Draftsman Sh.Sant Singh MCF Head Office 9599780877
Administrative Officer Vacant MCF Head Office
Nodal Officer C.M Window & Social Media Sh. Jatinder Kumar MCF Head Office
Nodal officer for AMRUT Project Sh. Ramesh Chand MCF Head Office
Nodal Officer C.M Window & Social Media and Right To Service & Information Act Vacant
Nodal Officer CM Announcement Sh. Ram Prakash MCF Head Office 9599780804
Nodal Officer for National Green Tribunal Sh. Vijay Dhaka MCF 9971673033
Nodal Officer for SBM and Stray Cattle & ODF Sh. Jatinder Kumar MCF Head Office
Nodal Officer for Harpath Sh. Vijay Dhaka MCF Head Office 9971673033
Nodal Officer (ITCELL/ Online Complaints) Vacant Nodal Officer (ITCELL/ Online Complaints) 9599780808
Nodal Officer (Online Payment) Sh.Satish Kumar Officer Incharge Accounts MCF Head Office 9873148949
Nodal Officer (AEBAS) Vacant MCF
Nodal Officer for Saral Services Ms. Sunita Kumari MCF Head Office 9599780893
Nodal Officer for PMAY & Survey of Infrastructure deficit in MCF Area Sh.Bhupinder Dhillon MCF Head Office 08510005896
Nodal Officer Birth & Death Ms. Srishti Babbar MCF Head Office 9871630470
Chief Town Planner Vacant MCF Head Office
Senior Town Planner Sh.Ravi Sihag MCF Head Office 9818300025
Deputy Town Planner Vacant MCF Head Office
Senior Architect Sh. Bhupinder Dhillon MCF Head Office 9599780816 9818606630
District Attorney Sh.Sohan Singh MCF Head Office 8284070057
Joint Director (Audit) Sh. Deepak Thapar MCF Head Office 8901023527
Financial Controller/ Officer Incharge of Accounts Sh. Vishal Kaushik MCF Head Office 9599780800
Medical Officer of Health Dr.Udaybhan Sharma MOH and Air Pollution 9050198001
Executive Engineers Sh. Dharam Singh Narvat Purchase ,Store and Vehicles. 9312020127
Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Div -I Ward No 1,3,5,10 Div -II Ward No 11,12,14,16 9914544004
Sh.Ombir Singh Div- III Ward No 13,29 and 34 Enforcement ,Badhkal,NIT 9811921735
Sh. Vijay Dhaka Div – III Ward No 15,17 to 21 Div – V Ward No 22 to 28 and Xen (HQ) 9971673033
Nodal Officer for SBM Sh. Shyam Singh Swachh Bharat Mission 9818643725
Sh. Raman Kumar MCF IT Cell,Electrical & Horiculture.
Sh. Ravi Sharma DIV-IV Ward No 2,4,35 to 40 9811407124
Naib Tehsildar Sh. Jagat Singh MCF Head Office 9971987986
Establishment Officer Smt. Sashi Arya (EO-I) MCF Head Office
Sh. Vikas Kanahiya (EO II) EO-II and Additional charge of ZTO Nit Zone-I 9959541399
Accounts Officer Sh. Vipin Kumar MCF Head Office 9599780815
Sh. Satish Kumar MCF Head Office 9873148949
Assistant Divisional Fire Officer Sh. Hari Singh Saini MCF 9466045293
Fire Station Officer Sh. Ram Singh Khatana MCF 9416220529
Sh. Satyawan Samriwal MCF 228444 8800811669
Zonal Taxation Officer (HQ) Sh. Rattan Lal Rohilla MCF 9212465656 9212465656
Zonal Taxation Officers Sh. Vikas Kanahia NIT Zone-I 9959541399
Zonal Taxation Officers Smt. Srishti Babbar NIT Zone-III 9871630470
Zonal Taxation Officers Sh. Vijay Singh NIT Zone-II 9599780891
Zonal Taxation Officers Sh. Anil Rakheja Old Faridabad Zone I,II 9599780896 9811625707
Zonal Taxation Officers Sh. Prem Prakash Ballabgarh Zone II 9599780894
Zonal Taxation Officers Smt. Sunita Kumari Ballabgarh Zone I 9599780893 9599780893
Assistant Engineer Sh. Surinder Khatter Ward No. 14 & 16. 2247525 9599780852
Assistant Engineer (Building / Survey) Sh. O.P Mor Assist to MOH for Sanitation, ODF including IHHL. 2288174 9999709038
Sh.Vinod Singh Ballabgarh 9599780844
Assistant Engineer Sh.Padam Bhushan Ward No. 18 to 21 and Solid Waste 9999001759
Assistant Engineer (Horticulture) Sh. Phool Singh Old Faridabad Zone Area 9599780871
Assistant Engineer Sh. Kartar Dalal Ward No. 3, 5, 6 & 7 9911629811
Assistant Engineer Jagdish Arora Ward No. 22, 26 & 27 9599780851
Assistant Engineer Sh.Hakimuddin Street lighting and other electric works 9599780808
Assistant Engineer Sh. Rajesh Sharma Ward No. 23, 24 & 25. 9599780838 9811330164
Assistant Engineer Sh. B.S Rawat Ward no 15 and 17 9599780925
Assistant Engineer Sh. Ashok Rawat 2241849 9911605723
Assistant Engineer Sh.Jeet Ram Ward no 15 & 17 9599780835 9599780835
Assistant Engineer Sh. Vinod Mittal MCF Old Office 9599780872
Assistant Engineer Sh.Birender Pahil (B&S) Old Constituency 9811330164
Assistant Engineer Sh. Tek Singh Dagar Central Store 9599780849
Assistant Engineer Sh. Nawal Singh SBM,SWM,JNNURM,TP Schemes,RWell line 3,4,5 and both Dadasiya RanneyWell lines ,STP Badashpur,Vehicle 9599780836 9810379848
Assistant Engineer Sh. Sushil Kumar (B&S) Ballabgarh Constituency 9891981947
City Project Officer Sh.Dwarka Prasad MCF 9467335737
Sanitary Inspector (Sanitation/ Subregistrar Birth & Death) Sh. Parmod Sharma MCF NIT Area 9599780903
Sanitary Inspector (Sanitation/ Subregistrar Birth & Death) Sh. Lal Chand Rawat MCF Ballabgarh Area 9599780902
Sanitary Inspector (Sanitation/ Subregistrar Birth & Death) Sh. R.S Dahiya MCF OLD Area 9599780900
Land & Licencing Officers Sh.Dalip Singh Zone-II, NIT 9999206989
Sh. Prem Parkash Ballabgarh Zone 9599780894
Head Draftsman Sh. Mukesh Arya Div-I, II, IV 9599780879
Sh.Prem Dass Div-III, V 9599780878
Sh. Rajesh Nandan MCF 9599780880
Planning Assistant Sh. Jitender Singh MCF 9911151850
Kanoongo Sh. Jagat Singh 9971987986
Add a Comment
  1. Dear Sanitary Office, Sector-21D, Faridabad

    Greetings for the day !! Need to bring to your kind notice the public nuisance getting created by the owners of Sector-21D, Faridabad, where the list of concerns are as below –
    01. She has kept street dogs in her place & these street dogs are creating lot of nuisance to we others living at 1st & 2nd floors with families.

    02. Lot of dogs waste (potty, urine, hairs, feces, food) are lying here & there in the compound of ground floor which is stinking on daily basis and creating health hazards to us & neighbours.

    03. MCF Garbage collection team refused to take the garbage from ground floor due to unwanted feces, potty etc. are packed into it & when MCF team refused to carry it, she dumps it into the corner of ground floor near to stair case which is a shared property.

    04. And when we complaint to her – she picks the bags & dumps it to the next vacant plot no. 1325 & create the same nuisance every time & said to us many – do whatever you want – “its my property & premises & I can live the way I wanted to live & you have no right to complaint about it”, whereas she is missing that this is public nuisence & punishable under section 268 / 290 of IPC.

    We request you to please depute your concerned officer to visit the facilities & explain to her & get it sorted the sooner the faster.

    Thanks & Regards
    Deepak Taneja

  2. To,

    The Commissioner,
    Municipal Corporation
    Faridabad, Haryana

    SUBJECT:- Violation of my Property ID No- P07005610780 details by someone else without my concern (Holder of New Property ID No-1BPUAEW9), Incorrect verification done by Municipal Corporation MCFBD (Faridabad).

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I, Hari Lal Dey, S/o Mr. Khirender kumar Dey, Owner of the House No. 53, Faridabad 121003 (H.R). I have been self occupied in my house for the last 25 years and pay Property Tax and Development Charges from time to time, but recently the wrong verification was done by the Municipal Corporation MCFBD (Faridabad). which is absolutely a violation of my Property ID No- P070056XXXXX issued to me by the MCFBD (Faridabad), which is a sheer case of violation of my personal details.

    To be true, I have never met or known Mr. Ram Veer Singh (Holder of New Property ID No-1BPUAEW9) personally or professionally.

    I request MCFBB (Faridabad) authority to look into the matter seriously & resolve the issue at the earliest.

    Please find the attached supporting documents for your reference.

    Thanks & Regards
    Hari Lal Dey
    Property ID No- P070056XXXXX

  3. I am a resident of House no 1-D/112, NIT Faridabad. There is a sewer line blockage in our lane for the past 2 weeks. The overflowing sewer water is now flooding the road all over and causing stinking smell and could be a reason for severe infection and disease and a serious health hazard for the residents living nearby. One of our neighbours Mr Umesh Nagpal, resident of 1-D/106 had logged a complaint in the Complain Register kept at the MCF Office near B.K. Hospital, however no action has been taken to date and the problem is persisting. Residents of following houses are impacted due to this sewer blockage:-
    1-D/106, 1-D/107, 1-D/108, 1-D/ 111, 1-D/112, 1-D/113, 1-D/114

    I request you on behalf of all the residents to pls look into this matter and help clear the blockage at the earliest.

    Mahesh Bhatia

  4. Makhan singh thakur

    Dog puppy is lying dead in front of house no 1055 or 1054
    From yesterday. Please clean the area.

  5. Dear Sir/Mam

    I complained many times that unauthorized Mobile tower install in residential area knows mobile tower create many dangerous radiation.

    We would like to lodge complaint on behalf of residing in the area near the address mentioned above against the installation and functioning of mobile phone towers installed on the said address ad thereby putting the life of residents in the vicinity in hazardous situation. All resident requested you to please take action of this.

    You’re sincere Faridabad Citizen
    Tower owner contact Number

  6. Sewer line near my House No. 1273, Sector 37 has blocked since past 10 -15 day. Public is facing a lot of Problem during morning walk in park due to Sewer water flowing inside the house and basement. There is no corrective action till now, I have personally requestedto our area JE Mr. Deepak Yadav but he is every day giving only assurance but no action till now. Once some people came to clean the line they checked and told we will come back with cleani g vehicle, But the line were not cleaned and no one come again to do the work properly. We request you to take immediate action and help to public /residents for living a healthy life.

  7. I have to bring it to your kind attention that In our area village budhena Ecogreen Company is NOT working as per norms. Its domestic garbage/waste collection is erratic and the vehicle comes only TWICE a MONTH. More so they collect over and above the prefixed charges.
    This is for your kind information and necessary action.


  8. Can I get the email address of xen mcf sec 46 faridabad?

  9. Dear sir

    Complaint Regarding Sewerage blockage our Office atNear Ganpati Dharam Kanta Ballagrh

    Sampark India logistics Private limited

    Nirmal Kumar purohit

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,

    It has been more than 9 months since concrete roads were broken to lay pipes in Baniya Wara, Ballabgarh.
    Situation is going worse to worse. Even emergency vehicles like ambulance, firetruck cannot move inside. People frequently get injured due to falling on these broken roads fulled with rain water, slush, sewage etc. Mosquitos, insects, rats etc are breeding and enter houses.
    Pl provide some visibility and timelines regarding fixing this mess. Pl also let me know contact of person responsible so that we can communicate to him/her directly.

  11. Dear Sir/ Madam
    You are requested to do the needful for the below stated problem i.e street light not working in Mohalla Sheikhwara faridabad old near Ishwar dass amir chand mehandi godam Just above the Pole of H No 71 Ward No 7 Mohalla sheikhwara
    with due regards

  12. Sir,
    I am living in Vijay Nagar colony,24 feet road, Rajpal STD Fistly the situation of cleaning in hole ward are so poor.so many garbage in all nali’s,the waste water not going properly in sewerage.too much smell also in nali’s.safai karamchari comes in month or miss hole month sometime,when clean the nail’s, they left the garbage in gali and did not shift in proper place. If we compliant to karamchari they have so many excuse.

    Secondly,the safai van provide by ecogreen energy Gurgaon Faridabad pvt.ltd. home facility, not coming daily and in time schedule, if we compliant them they have so many excuse. So kindly solve this issue and give the proper guideline to the responsible staff.



    Dear Sir,

    I have received water / waste water charges bill- cum notice 29/07/2021 and the payment amount was Rs 2349/-. Please note that I already paid the said amount on the same day as per given online site ulbharyana.gov.in. Later, Ifound that bill generate was in the name of RAJESH KUMAR but my name is RAMESH KUMAR DWIVEDIresident of HOUSE NO. 338, SECTOR -3 FARIDABAD-121004, HARYANA.

    You are requested to please correct my name in your online record. Please note that earlier also, we hadpaid water and waste water bills online at your office counter at dated 05/11/2019.

    This is your internal mistake so, i am requesting you please correct my name in your record.

    BILL NO. 271398
    BILL DATE-07/JUL-2021
    CONSUMER ID- 153244

    Ramesh Dwivedi

  14. Sir in sector 49 block D the tube well is nit working from last 2 to 3 days and no one responded on it. Daily basis we need to bring water tank for our daily need. So kindly support.

  15. Sir,

    This is to inform you that I Nitin Vasisht,Resident of M.C.F -55, Rao colony, Ballabgarh, Faridabad -121004, is facing severe problem of Sewerage jam and Sewer water mixed with drinking water supply is my area from last one month.

    Despite of various attempts of letting it solved with the help of Our area Parshad Mr. Deepak yadav(Ward -36), the problem is still persisting and almost all the people in our area are feeling helpless.

    As you are aware of the Pandemic conditions in the entire country and in such conditions these things are making our lives even worse.Almost 4-5 people died in our locality due to covid and many got ILL due to these bad water suplly and Sewerage jam issues.

    Please take necessary action towards the problem.I am tagging all responsible people in the mail for Quick action as from the last one month we are hoping of a solution but nothing happenend.

    Sir/madam i am a responsible tax payer of the country but left to die by our system either by this pandemic or if survived by drinking sewer water.

    Please help.
    Thanks and regards,
    Nitin Vasisht

  16. We are not getting water supply at our factory m/s Jindal Rectifiers plot no. 195, plot no. 163 sector 24 Faridabad 121005 for the last 1 Year We are spending thousands of rupees on water tankers to survive. Kindly look into the matter Trouble to get it corrected as soon as possible

  17. Dear sir /madom,

    I am living in ward no -10 dabua colony,27 feet road, near manav sewa school, Fistly the situation of cleaning in hole ward are so poor.so many garbage in all nali’s,the waste water not going properly in sewerage.too much smell also in nali’s.safai karamchari comes in month or miss hole month sometime,when clean the nail’s, they left the garbage in gali and did not shift in proper place. If we compliant to karamchari they have so many excuse.

    Secondly,the safai van provide by ecogreen energy Gurgaon Faridabad pvt.ltd. home facility, not coming daily and in time schedule, if we compliant them they have so many excuse. So kindly solve this issue and give the proper guideline to the responsible staff.

    Manmohan Singh

  18. Sir,
    We regret to bring to your kind notice that Garbage is being accumulated in our locality for the past so many days and no regular cleaning is being done by the local authorities. The rotten waste materials emanating bad smell thus making the people of the nearby area to wear a scarf around their nose. If the same condition prevails for few more days then there will be a chance of spreading disease. The condition is becoming worse day by day as many stray cows are gathering which is making very difficult for the passengers to pass by.. I Shekhar Chauhan. House No. 1465, Gali no 3 baselwa colony (Near by pass road )is un-aware of the reason why municipality is neglecting our area and why a permanent solution is being found out so that people dont throw garbage in open area.

    Therefore, It’s our humble request that the same may kindly be cleaned by tomorrow or day after tomorrow itself so that we can have a normal life soon.

    Shekhar Chauhan

  19. Sir,

    I am sushil from chawla colony ballabgarh ward no. 37 , alredy complain MCF office register 08-jan-2021 , Poor water supply & Overflow of sewage water (sewage water mix supply water)and alrey wrighten copy send by whatsapp, but no action till date .

    1. MR. SUSHIL

  20. I have been complaining for the last three weeks about the blockage of sewer line serving my front of House no-2850 & 2812 Sewage is stuck up on the line resulting in backing of water into the toilets & spreading in street, creating foul smell, mosquito breeding etc. and may spread denque fever.

    Kindely help us.Your early action in this regards will be highly appreciated.

  21. Dear sir/madam,
    My name is Devender Singh S/o Shri Om Prakash, I am a resident of Ramesh Colony, House No 6 Galli No 6 Sehatpur Village Faridabad Haryana 121003.
    Sir, in our Gali, there is the house of Shri Ganesh ji, in which he has tenants, and 1 cow is also.
    And the drain cleaning area is completely covered up by Shri Gansesh ji, the drain is not clear always and the drain water gets blocked and the drain water comes to the street and home. We have often prayed to them that please give them a place to clear the drain, but they do not listen to anyone.
    This water logging attracts mosquitoes and various other insects, due to which people are suffering from dengue, malaria and other diseases.

    We request you to solve this problem as soon as problem.
    Regard by,
    Devender Singh

  22. Respected Sir,
    Today at about 5pm; I went to Sabji Mandi, Ballabgarh to buy vegitable and when I entered from the north Main gate of vegetable mandi Ballabgarh and reached at first turn I as well as my car bearing number HR29Y5270 felt a strong jerk I switched off the car ignition and saw to go left side of car and found that main hole has not ant lid and same was not seen by me as it was at turn and due to negligence of MCF concerned officials my car suffered several damages ground side and I went to machanic, who demanded Rs. 5000 of repair, kindly compensate me in 7days of it, as same was happened due to sole fault/negligence of MCF. Otherwise I will file case against the MCF.

  23. Ashok punjani -Director

    We have not received Water bill of Carrier Engineers PVT Plot No 21 Sector 27A since One Year. kindly provide the same asap

  24. Hemant Kumar @ 9643803630

    We the residents of House No. 1814 to 1823 in Sector 8, Faridabad are facing Sewer overflowing problem opposite to our houses for the last 15 days. Matter has been brought to the notice of area SDO & JE but to no avail. This Sewer is inside Green Belt and because of accumulation of dirty water, Plants and Grass of Green Belt is damaging besides Foul Smell.
    Please arrest the problem on top most priority

  25. SEWER MAN HOLE IN FRONT OF h.no.1356-1357 sector 3 and h.no.1347 is lying open. some one may fall in it. please take urgent and appropriate action.


  27. I have been complaining for the last three weeks about the blockage of sewer line serving my front of House no. 2566 sector 7a Sewage is stuck up on the line resulting in backing of water into the toilets & spreading in street, creating foul smell, mosquito breeding etc. and may spread denque fever.

    Your early action in this regards will be highly appreciated.

  28. Street light not working in sector 21 c from community centre corner till h.no 380, 18 mtr road. Request you to please replace them on urgent basis.


  29. Resident of A block Sec.18HBC

    Street light on pole in front of house no 95, sector 18 HBC , FARIDABAD not installed at the time of changing electric pvc coted wire .

    Water supply is very poor for the day time.

    Please arrange to install street light and proper water supply.

  30. we are the residents of Parvatiya Colony, Near Bal Kalyan School, Ward No- 5, Faridabad, we have a complaint regarding water logging in our area. Due to sewage drainage our roads are filled with muddy/dirty water. This is not just creating issues for pedestrians
    but water is filling inside the houses also. It is full of smell and can create any harmful diseases.
    Please do something in this matter as it is creating a havoc for all the residents

  31. Water from the drain has been blocked for the last 1 year.
    Bata chock faridabad
    Bata railway crossing

  32. I would like to inform you that last 20 days drinking water pipe line are leaking at HBC Sector 10 Faridabad .so many time remind to his local office. Drinking water is continuously leakage.
    Some houses walls is moisture any time walls is falldown.
    If any accident happen then who will be responsible
    Please take proper action by MCF

  33. Illegal water connection at 311/7a,faridabad.

  34. I am residing in N.I.T, Faridabad, Our neighbor is a garbage collector.
    He put his garbage both side of our area. we have already given complain in MCF but no positive response received as on date. we asked him many time to remove the garbage but he is making heap of garbage there.

    I/we request you to please help us in this or suggest any action. also request you to please share any e-mail/ number where we can share our complain.

  35. I am from street number 12/3, Sanjay colony, Sector 23A, Faridabad. There is problem regarding the gutter flow last 2 to 3 months. Sewer water comes out through gutter hole and spread over entire street, road, park. Reason is that, sewer lines are choked. MCF members came and only drain out excess water using tanker. They have not clear choked sewer lines. After few day same problem raise again. Please request you to take necessary action regarding this serious and lead to illness issue.

  36. I have sent complaint regarding main hole gutter cover opening from 15th July 2019 but there is no action taken by MCF office. It is very risky as it gutter is on the main road someone can fall in gutter. Please cover the gutter as soon as possible.

    Address :
    Near Harsh Model School,
    Rajiv Nagar ,Near Sharma Dairy,

    Ward Number : 28

  37. I would like to draw your kind attention towards lack of Toilet and Hygiene in market of sector 15A.Though there is a SULABH SHAUCHLYA in this area but that too is far from our approach and proves to be costly for people on daily basis.This leads to various problems and diseases.

    So,I Request you to kindly look into this matter and fix mobile toilets for people(with a minimal charge for maintaining hygiene) having their office in that area. I shall be thankful to you.

  38. There is no water supply from last 12 days in our area which is Adarsh Nagar Melerna Road, Near Saraswati School Ballabgarh (Faridabad). Please take necessary actions asap.

  39. I have to bring it to your kind attention that Ecogreen Company is NOT working as per norms. Its domestic garbage/waste collection is erratic and the vehicle comes only TWICE a WEEK. More so they collect over and above the prefixed charges.
    This is for your kind information and necessary action.


  41. I am a resident of Faridabad. The main pipe of water supply runs along the side of my boundary it is leaking profusely causing damage to my house. I have lodged a complaint in your Sec 25 office and talked to SDO Mr.Kartar Dalal several times. The MCF staff came several times with JCB but all they did is to destroy my green belt. The problem remains as it is. My house is facing severe damage due to this.

  42. Sewer line near Maharana Partap Park has blocked since past 2 two months. Public is facing a lot of Problem during morning walk in park due to Sewer water flowing inside the park. There is no corrective action. Once some people came to clean the line using bamboo sticks, But the line were not cleaned properly. We request you to take immediate action and help to public /residents for living a healthy life.

  43. सीवर लाइन सफाई करवाने के लिये शिकायत है कृपा करके साफ किया जाए

  44. There is no water supply from last 4 days in our area which is link road old Faridabad, Near oil mill, Faridabad. Please take necessary actions asap.

  45. I am staying in house number 1080, sector 19 Faridabad, near Arya Samaj. Our house sewer outside does not have any cap on it as truck has destroyed it. Kindly take necessary action against, it has been two months. We have just covered it with some big cover. It is really very dangerous. It is disgusting that none of the people from MCF is listening to us. Please take action ASAP.

  46. Sector 14 park is facing 391 to 393, it is handed over by MCF to RWA. It is used by maid servants and come to park in the morning along with all the small kids and while they are at wor,k kids are left alone and they cry loudly and upto evening they have all natural calls and the park is used for this. All the maid servants get together in the free time and converse loudly and cleaning of hair and lice removal is done. It is acceptable to residents as they do not want to speak (or) these servants work at their homes. Fact has been brought to the president RWA of the pocket as well to the chowkidar but of no use. It is unhealthy more of nuisense and is disturbing from morning to evening as a open juggi and you are requested to do the needful.

  47. There is a dead dog lying in front of Sunflag Hospital and behind house number 606, Sector 16 for the last three days. Foul smell is spreading across. Please arrange for carcass removal immediately.

  48. More than 3 years back, Public Toilet has been made at Sector 9 market opposite to Canara bank, but yet to be inaugurated.

  49. 1.Smart city official and sanitary supervisor should visit Indore, Bhopal and Pune and see the progress made for maintain cleanliness for smart city by them.
    2.The officials and workmen upto grass root level is to be involved and encouraged for awareness for smart city.
    3.RWA Should be involved for door to door collection of garbage by concerned agency, as some of the RWA are not coming operating in MCF effort.
    4.Awareness thru display campaign to be increased.

  50. We are residing in sector 11 block A, which comes under MCF Faridabad, after regular claim of MCF Faridabad that no unauthorised commercial activity will run in residential area, many hotels under OYO Banner and also banquet halls are running in our area. We request the authority to kindly look into the matter seriously and close these commercial activity at the earliest to maintain the peace of residents.

  51. There is a drains blockage and damage problem in the Dabua Colony, Near Manav Seva Public, 27 Feet Road, Ward Number 10.


  53. I request you to notice that the Link Road, 24 Foot Road, Kheri Wazirpur, Naharpar, Greater Faridabad, RCC Road are not completed, approximate 200 meter areas are incomplete, there are also nursery schools. Please inquiry and and take necessary action.

  54. Sector 16 and sector 21A people are using their residence for offices. In this way they are using more electricity at their office like 6 to 10 computers, printers, scanner and photocopy machine etc. Other sectors of Faridabad, Haryana are not getting sufficient electricity. You are requested to please shift these offices to commercial areas.

  55. Please look in to the encroachments in Housing Board Sector 7A, Huge Malba On Road, Grill On House Number 2315-16, 2309, 2310, 2317-18, 2452 and 2453. They have exceeded the boundary wall, big issues for Commuters.

  56. I am from Sector 21 D, there is a park near GBN School. It is very sorry to say that there is a light installed in central of the park but the only 1/4th portion is working and left of all the area is dark and have a lot of monkey as running here and there today morning one old lady fell down in front of me, Please put the light connection properly to Ward Number 19.

  57. MCF employees/contractor need to clean drains and dumped malba over the wall into plot 117, Sector 21-A. Please have it cleaned.

  58. Kindly take some action on the huge garbage collection at Indra Enclave Colony Sector 21D in the vacant plots because there is no one allotted for garbage pick up in area due to which so many mosquitoes and flies are coming in our area. Kindly help us.


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