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Thangamayil Jewellery Toll Free Number & Email Address

Company : Thangamayil Jewellery Limited (TMJL)
Head Quarters : Madurai
Industry : Jewellery
Service/Product : Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gems,blue Stone,etc
Website : https://www.thangamayil.com

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Thangamayil Toll Free Number

Toll Free : 1800 123 0505

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Phone Number : 0452-2565553
Email : care AT thangamayil.com

Contact Address

Palami Center (2nd & 3rd Floor),
Near Ramakrishna Mutt,
25/6, New Natham Road,
Madurai, Tamilnadu 625014

Shipping Policy

The management of Thangamayil is happy to provide secured shipping to the customers for the purchased orders within the geographical boundary of India. The operations team and their associates strive in ensuring the delivery is made accurately in perfect condition and on time. At present the delivery is available in selected towns/cities.

However, on demand of customer, with an additional shipping charge, shipment can be made for other cities or interior part of some cities. For some parts of the city, customer may have to visit the courier office to collect the shipments. Do confirm it with thangamayil.com.

The user must provide the full name (as provided in proof), full address in detail, contact number of the recipient (user). The proof of recipient is verified with government approved identity proof.

Delivery Schedule :
Thangamayil aims to deliver the shipments in 7 to 21 working days, subject to the availability (Refer ’Product Availability’ section) of the products in the showrooms or at warehouse or in the factory. There may be some delay which may take more than 7 to 21 working days to procure or to design.

In such case, the customer will be promptly communicated and made aware of the situation. Delivery guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions of the shipping agent or the courier company. Any inaccuracy in the name or address or inconsistency of the recipient’s presence during delivery shall result in non delivery of the product.

Estimated duration for delivery indicated in Terms and Conditions commence from the date of dispatch and are for guidance purpose only and may vary invariably. The order will be processed to shipping only after the credit/debit card number given/provided is approved by the bank.

Shipment Procedure :
The shipment shall be delivered only to the specified delivery address confirmed by the user. Customers have the option of changing the delivery address any number of times before the order is processed for shipment. Once the shipment is processed, neither the specified receiver of the delivery nor the specified address for delivery shall be changed. Any number of products ordered for a single delivery address will be bundled together and shipped as single shipment.

In case of shipping the ’gifts’, the beneficiary must produce their proof of identification recognized as identification proof by the Government of India. Signature of the recipient is considered as acknowledgment and for verification.

The support team of Thangamayil may contact you to confirm your address, availability etc before shipping the product. The shipment can be tracked by the customer by checking with the courier agent. We are not responsible for any delays caused by courier agencies and/or due to time required for statutory clearances during the delivery process.

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  2. My application number is RJM19SGS978. I have opened a Monthly Saving Scheme at Rajapalayam Branch and regularly making every month payment due through online, yesterday I got a phone call from your Madurai Office stating that my November due Payment was not paid. But I have already paid November 2018 due on 09th November. I have informed regarding due paid on time and asked them to check and call me back and confirm the details of receipt. But from your side no response till today morning. Kindly check and confirm me the same at the earliest.

  3. I am getting messages from Thangamayil, how can I stop it?

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