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Airwire Broadband Bangalore Contact Number :

Company : Airwire Broadband
Head Quarters : Bangalore
Industry : Broadband
Service / Product : Broadband Service

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You can now ask your questions about this Customer Care Contact detail. Please go to the bottom of this page.

Airwire Broadband Contact Number

Call : (+91) 8904040303
Email Us : enquiry AT

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Contact Address

No.#39/6, 7th Main,
HAL II Stage,Indiranagar
Bangalore – 560038.

Contact Person :
Rajkumar :
Call Us : +91 90080 08099 / +91 99860 76801 / +91 80500 76801
Email Us : customercare AT

Terms and Conditions

** To avail this service, customers must provide Email ID / Address proof / Photo ID and 2 photos.
** The service is Per-Paid, You will have to pay in advance to use the service.
** Plans are for 30 Days.

** Plans are offered on feasibility in that service area.
** Service is offered on the best effort basis.
** Please see the details of your package or contact our customer support on – +91-9008008099


Plan – Free data Usage – Speed after free Usage –  Rate
Aw DISCOVER 1MbpsUL – 1 Mbps UL – Unlimited – 801.00
Aw DISCOVER 2MbpsUL – 2 Mbps UL – Unlimited – 1149.00
Aw DISCOVER 4MbpsUL – 4 Mbps UL – Unlimited – 1494.00
Aw DISCOVER 5MbpsUL – 5 Mbps UL – Unlimited – 2299.00
Aw DISCOVER 10MbpsUL – 10 Mbps UL – Unlimited – 2861.00
Aw EXPLORE 10Mbps – 100 GB – 1 Mbps – 919.00
Aw EXPLORE 10Mbps – 150 GB – 1 Mbps – 1149.00
Aw EXPLORE 10Mbps – 175 GB – 1 Mbps – 1494.00
Aw EXPLORE 10Mbps – 200 GB – 1 Mbps – 1954 .00
Aw EXPLORE 10Mbps – 250 GB – 1 Mbps – 2299.00
Aw EXTREME 20Mbps – 150 GB – 1 Mbps – 1724.00
Aw EXTREME 20Mbps – 175 GB – 1 Mbps – 1954.00
Aw EXTREME 20Mbps – 200 GB – 1 Mbps – 2299.00
Aw EXTREME 20Mbps – 250 GB – 1 Mbps – 2644.00
Aw EXTREME 50Mbps – 100 GB – 1 Mbps – 2644 .00
Aw EXTREME 50Mbps – 50 GB – 1 Mbps – 919.00
Aw EXTREME 50Mbps – 75 GB – 1 Mbps – 1494.00
Aw EXTREME PLUS 100Mbps – 250 GB – 1 Mbps – 2759.00
Aw EXTREME PLUS 100Mbps – 450 GB – 1 Mbps – 3449.00

About Us

** Airwire as a Brand of north east data networks Pvt Ltd. offers a one-stop shop for all your broadband needs with solutions.
** Airwire broadband will help you find the right solutions,the plan and the price you are looking for in just a few clicks.

** We also offer solutions on the most suitable plan on your interests and usage needs. Once you have decided on the plan suitable to you, Airwire will deliver, install and configure your broadband solution.

** All you have to do is choose the right plan and we will do the rest, including the documentation to get broadband connection. So why wait – get started on your shortest journey to your broadband solution by clicking on your choice.

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  1. This one of most worst internet services I have ever seen in the area like Bangalore. Even management people is just doing it unprofessional behavior. Not able to get single invoice from last 6 month. Not able to even recharge now. Even local area person not responding at all. Worst services.

  2. Worst broadband, when I call for disconnection to customer care that fellow is asking me to call the dealer for my area. He can’t take complaint and ask the concern person to call us. Worst customer service ever.

  3. When I try to log in, I am not able to. It says incorrect user ID. I am very much sure of the user ID. Somewhere something wrong!!!

  4. Pankaj Jangid CV Raman Nagar

    From last three day WiFi is not working at my home. Service provider never respond calls.

  5. It is really painful and frustrating to realize that you just got cheated for paying airwire for a new broadband connection. I got the connection last Wednesday only and today it is not at all connecting to internet while I login. It says incorrect username /password. I am 100% sure of my user name and password and even saved it while I got that. I tried calling all the available customer care numbers and the guy who came and explained about connection.

  6. I am airwire customer and facing lot of issues while getting help with the local agent. I am asking for my bill invoice but they are not providing at all even all the payment has been done.

  7. I am addressing a mail towards not able to use Internet connection even informed a week ago. When ever I called they inform that they have other work and busy. They are giving free of cost in the sense. Why after paying also they are not ready to response? Kindly refund the amount and I will go other Broadband connection. Why do I need to pay my 750 and wait for his confirmation if he is not able to provide a proper connection for customer? I will inform my surrounding people not to go for Airwire.

  8. This is the worst broad band network in the Bangalore. There is no proper customer care. All phone numbers mentioned are fake. They are doing mono poly business in the selected areas which means that they are not allowing other service providers like in Ramesh Nagar etc. Mono poly is not fair in this era also. No one questioned them. Please allow other service providers and improve your services. From last 2days net is not coming. If we complain, they tell that they are sending technician & from last 2days onward technician is on the way. I don’t know still how many days he will take to reach and resolve the issue.

  9. Worst internet services in Bangalore. Unfortunately, ACT is not there in my area Varthur. ACT is the best. Shame on Airwire.

  10. I have been trying to get in touch with the customer service for the past week. Internet is not working and no customer service at all! Nobody answers their phone. All the numbers listed here are either fake or the customer service doesn’t care enough to answer. But you guys call me a billion times to recharge though. This always happens immediately after recharging. But this time I am not going to renew my subscription. Don’t go for this provider.

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience to you. Updated website link & contact details are available below. Kindly contact Airwire at their new number.

      Airwire Broadband Website :

      Airwire Broadband Helpdesk :
      Call : (+91) 8904040303
      Email : enquiry [AT]

  11. This is really worst broadband I have ever seen before. There is no proper customer care centre and what ever the number they have given in the websites not responding. Few numbers are working but they are escaping by giving other numbers and that numbers are not even exits. I am suggesting to those who are for broadband connection please don’t take the connection of Airwire.

  12. This is really worst network provider. 2 days back I have raised the complete regarding internet not working. The complaint reference number isMYB00037C17-18/24. When I called customer care they tell we are not responsible for complaint. You have to call your area service provider. When I call service provider he tell we will sent technician. Past two days left no buddy came to solve that problem. Really I am fed up with this connection irresponsible people’s seating in this company no one cares the customer.

  13. The login page is not displaying. So I am not able to connect the wifi. Is there any solution?

  14. I’ve been trying to reach airwire. Nobody is picking up the phone. I paid the bill and Local airwire people won’t help me and they asked to call customer service.

  15. I recharged​ my Airwire account still internet is not working. Please provide the connection.

  16. I have shifted my house. Air Wire connections promised me that they will shift my internet connection to my new place. Till now no one came to do the changes.

  17. Kindly provide the service when the power goes. I am unable to use the internet when there is no power.

  18. My Customer ID is THALIATH. There are always frequent disconnection. After great difficulty we get the customer service number and get the standard answer Server Down. I am doing Online Share Trading and this unreliable Airwire Connection giving me huge losses. I am not able to sell the Shares in time. Kindly provide me compensation for this.

  19. I am not able to get the internet service when there is rain. Please rectify your devices.

  20. I took Airwire connection​ a month ago. Whenever there is a power failure, all my laptop, mobiles and tablets ask for username, password details to connect to WiFi. Moreover it shows our Chennai location address only when I try to book Uber or Ola.

  21. I have opted for a new connection almost 2 weeks back. The technician came and gave the connection and told I will be getting the username and password on my email along with the bill. It’s already been a week now and I haven’t still got any information. The technician’s number is now saying doesn’t exist.

  22. How do I cancel the subscription? I have already sent an email to customercare but email was not delivered. I have already paid till today and want to get service cancelled as I am relocating.

  23. I need my invoices and payment receipts.

    1. You can call help line number : +91 90080 08099 / +91 99860 76801 / +91 80500 76801 or you can write to customercare AT

  24. It’s not working most of the time and where is your Customer support?

  25. I have sent mail but there is no reply. I bought 40GB. Speed too worst. Customer care is the worst. I have ever seen such customer care.

  26. I am trying to recharge my wifi connection but your site is not opening. Please do needful to recharge my connection.

  27. My internet is not working.

  28. It’s the worst service I have ever seen. I’m running a organization and paid 3months rentals advance about 7k and safaring now with this pathatic Conn. Friends please don’t ever go for it. Every day it is getting disconnecting.

  29. I was promised to get 5 MBPS but I am not getting anything, even it is not opening any page.

  30. It is the worst service. Whatever you get problem they will not take any response and they will not respond you. Don’t wast your money. I am going to cancel my account.

  31. Air Wire is the worst network I’ve ever seen. Please don’t waste your money on this network.

  32. Airwire is the worst service provide. Never use Airwire in your life.

  33. I have ever seen worst broadband service. Don’t take this connection at all. They give false commitment and won’t give full information about the connection. Very worst service.

  34. I would like to inform you air wire access, I am unable to access internet form past 3days. I called one of your executive almost more than 100 times from past three days he dint pick my call, when I am first time call he respond saying that with in 30 mints it will resolve your issue.

    As of now, I didn’t receive any response form executive side. this is way of giving respect to the valuable customer. I am very disappointed your service as well way of reviving my call.

    Assume that what is the important of internet access form yesterday more than 100 times I call to your executive. Try to educate that person are else requite another person.

    This is the worst service in my experience.

  35. Air wire is the one of the very bad network and service provider.

  36. I have been paying 1200 Rs for 2MBPS Unlimited till 2 months back from past 2 months they have increased the charges to 2300 Rs for same and more over pathetic service. My 3G is very faster than this. It seems soon I will leave this provider.

  37. Airwire is one of the worst network. From past 15 days I am calling each person in airwire for disconnection and refund. But no one is responsible even the manager too. I need to put an end to this. Please let me know the compliant number.

  38. I had taken new connection 15 days back. Within 15 days I faced problem in 9 days. They were not responding in any case and also they were not giving proper service. Please don’t choose the Airwire broadband connection. It’s very worst and un-explainable problems I faced.

  39. Initially the service was good but after 2-3 months it’s horrible. I have 50 gb connection but these days I’m paying money only. Almost whole day no connection , and the customer care number is always busy. My 2g is running better than this. Worst kind of service.

  40. Hi Team,
    I want to relocate my airwire connection. Let me know your process. It will be happy if someone will call and assist me. Feel free to contact.

  41. I have been using the AirWire for the past 2 months. I’m not able to connect to the WiFi and it says “Service Authentication Failed. Network ID Disabled”.
    I have contacted the Service provider more than 25 times in the last 10 days, but no response.
    Please do the needful.

  42. I had taken connection before 19 days back and I was surprised in the connection because not even I got connection at least for 1 hour and they already collected 1 month bill and I am not even get proper connection. Please guys don’t go for this type of cheap and local, 3rd class connection and no response from net provider and customer care. Don’t choose local connection like this. Get connection from brand company so that you can use peacefully. The plans will differ from 200-300 but service is good. If you choose this you have reacharge 300-400 for mobile and you will get BP, tension etc.

  43. No one from customer care is answering the calls. I am experiencing very less speed.

  44. Can you give air wire broadband connection in my location?

  45. Network speed is worse than 2G. Your contact numbers are all showing busy. Your network is not promising during critical hours like Bandh, when we are forcefully need to work from home. No one to receive call or, not even caring to call back.

  46. I have broadband connection from Airwire. I am facing issue with very low speed, even when I have taken 20 MBps plan. This issue is happening from last 4-5 months , whenever I call either PALANI / PRASAD they never ever call, but do come home exactly to collect the monthly fees on time. The day when they take money is the best day. Then after that back to square one. I am really frustrated.

  47. I renewed my broadband connection on 30th for the next 1 month. But today it says my connection is expired.

  48. Worst service provider. My 40 GB data consumed with in 6 days without any use. Airwire people are cheaters. Better to go with other service providers else use dongle.

  49. I don’t know how you guys are servicing customer? I paid my connection for 20mbps and its working like 2g. So I want to know why you guys are cheating. So please do check out.

  50. I am trying to get new connection (Broadband internet) for last two weeks. Even I contacted local internet service. But I am not getting any response from the team. Please do the needful at the earliest possible.

    1. I’m trying to get connection for 10 days but no response.

  51. Worst ever service. I think there wont be any worst service provider than airwire. No one picks calls. Once you subscribe to this your telephone bill gets doubled. 4-5 guy visited my place to convince me. One was operations manager. I think this guy doesn’t have any knowledge about how internet works. I had to call at least 4-5 times in a week for compliant. They don’t have any guaranteed answer for any of the issues. In month I had called these guys around 60 times for booking compliant. On an average you will get uninterrupted connection for 2 hours. Then it will get disconnected and upon calling customer care they will say within half an our but it may take entire day. They are just cheating customers. Stealing money from customers.

    Opted for 5mbps speed and getting <3 mbps download and <1mbps upload speed. Better go for bsnl than this. If you dont have any other options, go with bsnl. or be without internet but not airwire.

  52. Could you tell the Andriod ‘APP’ name for recharging & change plan of Airwire broadband?

  53. I wish I have seen the reviews (at least one review) before I subscribed for this nonsense of a service. Wish you close down your business very soon. Does anyone pick up the phone at all? Call me for payment then I will take care of you guys.

  54. Can anyone suggest other broad band in Hosa Road apart from Airwire?

    1. Do you have hosanna road operator phone number?

  55. Swadhin Kumar Dash

    There is no internet from past 2 days at GK jewel city apartment, kudlu Bangalore. Also the contact nos plus toll free is a waste because no one ever picks up the call.

  56. Very bad service provider. Once in a week there will be problem with net server. No one response clearly. Just keep postponing try work. And keep on giving excuses..
    Planning to shift to some other service provider soon.

  57. I am subscribed new connection in Srisai Layout, Hosa road, ecity Bangalore. Initially Subscription form filled Amount of Rs.1000 taken on 27/6/2016 assured will be connected in with setup within a week. Till now service executive and his TL no one is responding clearly and every day telling there is line issue, technical issue and no status update till now.
    Every day I am calling them (till no. More than 100 call) there is same response only. Its been a month still the issue not solved.
    Can anyone explain if there is new line and connection for one locality and how much time will it take to set up and also what is solution of my issue?
    Suit against your ISP will best possible solution against?

  58. I think Airwire and North East Data have a pathetic habit of not answering calls. Half of the phone numbers provided are out of service or switched off or have put in a place from where they cant be answered. Ridiculous customer support..!!! Thinking of changing the service ASAP.

  59. Unsatisfied Customer

    I am subscribed new connection in Srisai Layout, Hosa road, ecity Bangalore. Initially Subscription form filled Amount of Rs.1000 taken on 27/6/2016 assured will be connected in with setup within a week. Till now service executive and his TL no one is responding clearly and every day telling there is line issue, technical issue and no status update till now.
    Every day I am calling them (till no. More than 100 call) there is same response only. Its been a month still the issue not solved.
    Can anyone explain if there is new line and connection for one locality and how much time will it take to set up and also what is solution of my issue?
    Suit against your ISP will best possible solution against?

  60. The Airwire is pathetic service and don’t go for this.


    Roll No : 002019
    I need actual bills to get submit in office. Please share bill at my address.
    201,Sri Sai Enclave 29th main 48 cross Poorna pragna layout Uttatahalli Bangalore – 560061

  62. Calls to your customer care numbers are not being attended. Why?

  63. How to pay the amount online?

  64. My internet server always became down after 5min. 5 min it will work properly and server down for 1 hours. What kind of service you are providing to the customers?

  65. My Internet connection is down since one week. No one picks up the phone. Service quality is pathetic.

  66. Does anybody in your company picks up the phone or you people have just given the no for troubling customers?

  67. How to check balance of Airwire in pc?

  68. Our customer ID is kamalsnco. We are unable to recharge because we are unable to contact distributor.

  69. One of airwire’s customer I have been facing problems with my connection. I have been trying to contact the distributor but his phone switched off from days. I am not able to contact the local distribution from days.

    1. From the Website :

      Email Us : enquiry AT

  70. I am trying to get new connection (Broadband internet) for last two weeks. Even I sent email also. But I am not getting any response from the team. Please do the needful at the earliest possible.

    1. Please see the details of your package or contact our customer support on : +91-9008008099

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