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UHBVNL Toll Free Helpline Number : Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam

Company : Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (UHBVNL)
Head Quarters : Panchkula
Industry : Government
Service/Product : Electricity
Website : http://uhbvn.org.in/web/portal/helpline-numbers

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UHBVNL Toll Free Helpline Number

For Electricity Supply complaints : 18001801550 (Toll Free)

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Contact Us :
Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (UHBVNL)
Vidyut Sadan, Plot No.: C16,Sector-6,
Panchkula, Haryana, India

Important Contact Numbers

RECEPTION PHONE: 0172-3019134
Sh. Shatrujeet Kapur, IPS Chairman -cum- Managing Director 0172-2572535 md.uhbvnpkl AT gmail.com
Sh. C. P. Dhawan PS to MD 0172-2566832 spsmduh AT gmail.com
Sh. Ashok Kumar Sharma PA to MD 0172-3019100(Fax) pamduh AT gmail.com
Sh. Naresh Sardana Director (Techncial-I) 0172-2560480 dirtech1uhbvn AT mail.com
Sh. S. K. Chillar Director (Technical-II) 0172-2583740 dirtech2uhbvn AT gmail.com
Sh. Rajesh Khandelwal Company Secretary 0172-2563094, 0172-3019116(Fax) csuhbvn AT gmail.com
Sh. Ram Chander Under Secretary (IR) 0172-3019123
Smt. Rajesh Kumar Sood Superintendent/Meeting Cell 0172-3019117 csuhmeeting AT gmail.com

Help & FAQs

What is an Energy Meter?
Energy meter is a device to measure the consumption of energy by the consumer.

How accuracy of the meter is defined?
As per IS 137779/ IEC61036/ ID13010 accuracy of the meter is defined by comparing the difference of energy consumption recorded by “Meter under test” and of “Reference Meter” with the energy consumption recorded by a reference meter.
Accuracy (%) = (EMUT – ERef) x 100 (E Ref)
The accuracy of both Mechanical and Electronic meter is defined by above equation.

Which is more accurate- mechanical meter or electronic meter?

Electronic meters are more accurate than mechanical meter. The best mechanical meter can have an accuracy of 0.5% whereas electronic meter are available upto accuracy of 0.005%. Almost all meters for industrial, grid, transformers and for bulk consumers are electronic meter.

How the meters are classified and what are the relevant technologies?

Meters are classified as following:-
Household single phase meter – Mechanical/ Electronic meter
a. Household three phase meter – Mechanical/ Electronic meter
b. Commercial Meter – Electronic meter
c. Industrial Meter – Electronic meter
d. HT Meter – Electronic meter
e. Grid Meter – Electronic meter
f. Reference Meter – Electronic meter

What is the meaning of fast meter?

In general if a meter is found recording more energy in comparison to other meter, it is called as fast meter. This comparison is quite misleading. As defined earlier a meter with positive accuracy error only should be called as fast meter

What is the meaning of down loading of parameter?
Various parameters measured and recorded by the instrument are finally downloaded for billing/ monitoring purpose. The downloading of parameter means transferring the parameters from meter to the records of the service company. Downloading can be manual i.e . by reading the LCD display recording on a notebook or using some gadgets.

What is the meaning of MRI reading?
The gadget used for downloading of is called Meter Reading Instrument (MRI). The biggest advantage of MRI reading is that it avoids human error in recording/ transfer of data.

What is AMR system?
Downloading of the parameters using electronic gadgets which are attached to the meter without manual intervention is called Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. The gadget attached to the meter downloads the parameter and than automatically communicate to the computer of the service company.

What is the EL LED? When it glows?
EL LED is an indication for unequal current flowing through phase and neutral. This mis-match can be either due to shortening of neural to earth/ leakage of current to earth/ the wire of two premises are touching each other.

What action consumer should take if EL- LED glows?
In case the EL.- LED found glowing, the consumer should get his wiring checked for the above mentioned defects

What is the significance of REV LED?
REV LED indicates the reverse flow of energy from consumer to the grid.

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